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Crossing Paths (541)

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
I just watched this episode on youtube and it's one of my favs, the end part was a biot sad too, woulkd write more but dinner's ready/


Dreams = Reality
i thought this episode was alright, i showed a bit of jesses emotional side, a side of team rocket we really dont see, though i was kind of frustrating that she released dustox, since i a way she has very few pokemon
Well, she'll get a new one soon - I'm sure of it

Pax O'Brien

I Has a Pink Party!
I was torn up when Dustox left... it was sad. I welled up a little, but not as much as Bye-Bye Butterfree. I bawled when that happened. That was when I was about 10. Long time ago.

(p.s. my first post ^.^)


Dreams = Reality
Well, perhaps the reason why I also balled my eyes out in Bye-Bye Butterfree, was that it was Ash's first ever capture! And I happen to have a large soft spot for Butterfree... But seeing as it was only Jessie losing a Pokémon, and perhaps because I'm also older now, it wasn't as bad, tho still sad....


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This was an awesome episode. For the dude that said michelle's voice annoys them? You've gotta be on crack man. I think she did an excellent job in this episode. I mean, did you not hear her voice cracking when she cried? That was some intense emotion man. Screw you idiots who think michelle can't voice act. I think you need to get your ears checked. I think she's amazing. Someone said that michelle needs to voice jessie lower like rachael did. Uhh from when? Season one? Rachael voiced jessie low in the first few seasons and gradually voiced her higher and higher. I think michelle just took over where rachael left off....with her higher voice. Sorry I don't mean to sound all angry here. I apologize. I'm just sayin' that I think michelle is great. I met her at a con and she was really cool and nice and sweet to talk to. So those of you who don't like her can go float.


Dreams = Reality
Jumping on the band wagon here, but yeah michelle is awesome!


Your Big Buff Bro
Well, I was referring to Jesse's childhood. Because I haevnt seen/heard much of her past. I just only knew that she was poor and shy. And I needed to know how this continued on to make her be part of TR. Or There might be more details that Im missing or havent been unveild yet. I already know James and Meowth's story.


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It is too bad Dawn didn't get her badge,. What would she do with it anyway?


I'm still waiting for Tears for Fears and all the episodes after that to air in my area of Australia, however I just saw this one on Youtube. It was a great and moving episode, and it's sad to see Dustox go when it had been with Jessie since early Hoenn. I liked this episode better than the Bye Bye Butterfree one, I thought it was better done and it told us more about Jessie's childhood.


burning it down
I agree, I actually cried at this episode unlike Bye-Bye Butterfree. It was very emotional and I hope Astin returns as a guest characters as a Top Co-ordinator!


I actually cried when Jessie released Dustox. It was such an emotional episode. :(


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I teared up and got sniffly,..but nowere near as bad as butterfree
part that got me the most was when she smashed the pokeball.

pikachu and piplup singing at the first was cute :p
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