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Crossing Paths (541)


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very sad upsetting episode, although there was always something about dustox that didnt get my attention compared to the other tr pokemon which i love (and yes i love wobbuffet aswell lol) dustox just seemed odd compared to the others so im glad it left in a way, but i was used to seeing it so is missed. Yanmega taking its place has somehow caught my attention, i mean i didnt care about it in the games but now its my fave...weird.


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I loved this episode, Dustox is a great Pokemon and i will miss him
I wonder why nobody in the episode noticed that the other guy's Dustox was shiny. If I were in the pokemon world and saw a shiny of any kind I would be extatic. This episode reminded me of the episode "Bye, Bye, Butterfree" in so many ways. The 2 main reasons are: a) moth/butterfly, not too many differences; and b) the specific pokemon it fell in love with was one with an abnormal coloring. Of course with Butterfree the other one wasn't even the right color to be called shiny, but it still wasn't the right color.


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I'll always miss Dustox. I wonder when it's Seviper's turn....

Shadow XD001

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I miss Dustox and this was just like Ash's Butterfree, and I just hope this doesn't happen to Seviper. (although I won't get my hopes up)


It was a sad episode... Jessie's Dustox was very cute with the male Dustox


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Very interesting episode, and I enjoy witnessing Jessie's softer side and bond with Dustox. This episode reminded me of Bye, Bye Butterfree in so many ways


Aw. Jessie's Dustox was rotting away, it was always ignored. I'm glad they decided to release it.

Great episode. We got to see the human side of Jessie. She can actually be quite nice when she tries.

Well I'm glad Dustox got to leave and go it's own way, like Ash's Butterfree. 10/10


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I'm glad Dustox was released and is in a happier place now, it wasn't doing much with TR. Nice episode.

Hikari Paradise

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This was such a throwback to Bye Bye Butterfree. I'm glad we got to see a part of Jessie's past because the episode all the more meaningful. As for dustox, take cake care and enjoy your shiny mate.

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No Dustox in contests anymore.....


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This episode was ok... It was sad to see Jessie have to give up her Dustox. It was cool to officially find out that Jessie's Dustox was a female. It was cool to see a Shiny Dustox for the 1st time, the regular Dustox looks a lot cooler. This episode reminds me a lot of the time Ash's Buterfree left with its own mate. It was strange to see that it is actually possible to break a Pokeball into pieces, since Jessie did it. The Flashbacks of Dustox being a Wurmple and Cascoon were great.


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While the whole plotline with the lake and the various ways to fill it felt tacked on and filler, the flashback sequences and the insight into Jessie's advice about love was truly touching. Flashback!Jessie has a very unique look that I like. Maybe that hair will return one day :D

I teared up when Dustox left.


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Pretty good episode; I liked getting some new information on Jessie's past. I wish her mother would be brought up in the main series though.



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This episode reminded me of "Bye Bye Butterfree", where Ash released his Butterfree so it get together with the Shiny butterfee.....here Jessie released her Dustox to Austin's Shiny Dustox. But it's still a decent episode. I liked the flashbacks of Jessie's past, they were sad.
Michell did a great job vocing Jessie in this episode, she captured Jessie's emotions nicely.


Jessie's Dustox looked so cute with its little bows, although it falling in love with an alternate colored version of its species was slightly reductive imho. While I also appreciated more of Jessie's backstory, it seemed to clash with events from her past that we already knew about. But regardless, Jessie's goodbye scene with Dustox made me tear up a bit.
Hmm, i could have sworn I posted in this thread already...

Anyway, feels were felt during the duration of this episode.


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Definitely one of my most favorite episodes ever!It was awesome to see Jessie's flashback and she looked cute as a child.The scene where she breaks Dustox's pokeball was emotional.It was heartbreaking to see Dustox leave.This episode was pretty well done.10/10. :)
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