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Crossing the Battle Line! (535)


I call you honey
The claim that Dawn should have won against Maylene seems ridiculous. Perhaps the match could have been made closer, but it is clear that the writers did not so much as entertain the thought that Dawn would win.


Hikari hypothetically defeating Sumomo here would've added an unnecessary plot element since she had no use for the Tobari Gym's badge, unless she had given it to Satoshi. I do wonder now if he would've accepted it from her, however.


Well-Known Member
I thought that the point of Dawn battling Maylene was to make Maylene feel better but it wasn't a fair fight because Dawn used two Normal types against Maylene's Fighting pokemon.


Alola Shill
Great battle and ep; I love how Dawn was able to decently hold her own even though Maylene was obviously stronger. It shows Dawn’s flexibility that she’s able to adapt her Contest techniques to a Gym Battle and utilize them in ways that can turn out effectively. Just fun to watch, which after all was the endgoal.

Ash training Staravia to learn Brave Bird was fun too, and it’s always nice to see Brock’s words of wisdom and advice.


Holy Cow!
Dawn vs Maylene was a great battle. Specially since Dawn brings her contest techniques and makes the battle more interesting. Always liked the monkey vs monkey match (Meditite vs Ambipom). I wish we got to see more pokegirls battle like this.