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Crossing the Battle Line! (535)


Team Awesome
At least we got something different for a change with this episode, with Dawn battling Maylene first. It kind of reminded me of May's practice battle at the Mauville gym back in season seven, but at least Dawn's battle was pretty exciting too.


Gray Trainer
atleat, it was something different, but it did look that dawn held back and that she did not give it her all in most of the battle


Dreams = Reality
The whole point of Dawn battling was get Maylene's Spirit back and in sync with her Lucario - it would have been stupid if Dawn battled hard and fast....


Hadou Aprentice
But you've got to admit, Dawn was completely out of place as far as battling in a Gym was concerned. I think the writers particularly wanted to emphasize Ash's Gym expertise instead of Dawn, and used the encouragement battle as a comparison to Maylene when she's not at top form, against the Maylene who versed Ash.


Dreams = Reality
Totally - and Dawn's self-doubt shows everyone that she's really not cut out for the gym battles!


Well-Known Member
I felt dawn diddn't give it her all.


It was a mistake when Dawn said that she asked first Maylene to battle her.
I remember that Ash asked first!


Well-Known Member
It was a mistake when Dawn said that she asked first Maylene to battle her.
I remember that Ash asked first!
i know right!!!!!!!! Ash asked at the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a total waste of an episode!!!!!!!!

Shadow XD001

Well-Known Member
I don't think this was a waste. Ash was fine with dawn going first, anyway. It was nice to see dawn try a Gym Battle because it was a new experience. Obviously, though, she lost. I'd much rather have Ash battle in this episode, but this episode was interesting.


I liked the fact that someone other than Ash fought a gym leader.

I disliked the fact that Dawn lost, horribly. She was no match for Maylene who was supposed to be weak...

A 6/10 just because of the battle.


Man of Mystery
Wow, Dawn got demolished. But she did go into a battle against a Fighting-Type Gym Leader with 2 Normal-Types so it was expected. Overall this was a good episode.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Not a bad episode, it was nice seeing another person of the main cast battling the Gym (Next we will see James doing it lol, although he did double team with a gym leader if that counts). Sinnoh is breaking all the rules lol, too bad Dawn lost but she did okay for her first time ever in a gym battle.


The Marauder
I really liked the idea of another person battling a Gym Leader instead of Ash. I also gotta give props to Buneary after its battle against Meditite. It really held its own against it.



Well-Known Member
Picking up where last episode left off, Maylene requests Dawn to give her a day to get ready for their gym battle, which Dawn agrees to. During that day's time, both Ash and Dawn do a little training. Ash works with Reggie to teach Staravia Brave Bird (Paul's Electabuzz is watching), while Dawn gets the help of Pikachu and some of Ash's other pokemon to be gym-battle ready. Staravia initially has trouble getting the hang of Brave Bird due to not having a moving target to focus on, so Ash volunteers to be the target. Ash narrowly dodges a few Brave Bird attacks, which I honestly wouldn't have taken too much notice of, since, as Brock tells Reggie, this is how Ash trains. But the surprise on Electabuzz's face and and the guilty look on Reggie's face (as Reggie says, he thinks maybe he should stop Ash, but of course you know he's not going to; Reggie is a really cool guy!) makes me stop and realize again how neat Ash really is. Electabuzz's and Dawn's expressions are particularly memorable for me b/c of how earlier in Sinnoh, both have thought Ash to be reckless in a negative way (well, Paul more than Electabuzz). But seeing Ash train, they realize how special that quality is; Ash knows what he's doing. Electabuzz's acknowledgement is much more important, as it marks a step forward in the Ash/Paul rivalry.

That night, Dawn talks to Ash and Brock about feeling a little nervous, to which Ash tells her how nervous he is going into any gym battle. Brock also gives a few encouraging words about some of his experiences as gym leader. I think this scene is overall quite beautiful, even if some of the things our heroes say are a little corny; but when Sinnoh ends, I think this scene so far is the best one to remember about the friendship among these three in this region.

The next day, Reggie is there for the gym battle, which almost doesn't happen as Dawn freezes when it's her turn to call out a pokemon. I like this scene very much, b/c it highlights how gym battles do have their own intense pressure that differs from contest battles. To be honest, I've at times felt gym battles are easier than contests, since you can challenge the gym leader whenever you want, plus can come back if you lose. But it's nice to see that gym battles do have a tough atmosphere as well, where all eyes are on you and only you for a long time, rather than 5 mins. Reggie's reaction is just so neat, as he observes Dawn's hesitation but makes no move to do anything. He's a very perceptive, laid-back guy; only very confident people who have been through many, many tough times and are self-reserved act this way (meaning, not me. Ha ha). Reggie is sympathetic, but I think he figures Dawn will work this out, or at the very least it's not his place to interfere.

Ash comes to the rescue, telling Dawn to lighten up and then reminding Maylene she's the gym leader (which I think means Maylene should be the one conducting the battle atmosphere, and encouraging Dawn to be relaxed). Maylene thanks Ash, and soothingly informs Dawn she can start whenever she's ready. The battle gets underway, and it's more entertaining than I thought it would be. Only thing I wish is that Ampibom didn't get 1 hit KO'ed by Lucario's Bone Rush, but otherwise everything is fine and fun to watch. I especially liked to see Ash so enthusiastic; he's on his feet for much of the match, almost as much as the referee.

The first time I saw Ash compete in a contest was pretty fun, and I think the first time seeing Dawn compete in a gym battle compares nicely.
I've never seen the first part of this arc, so this was the very first episode I've seen with Lucario in it!

When I first saw this episode, I immediately fell in love with Lucario (not in that way!) and his awesomeness! Lucario = The most awesome Pokemon ever!

Whenever Lucario used force palm, I always thought of Star Wars:
"Use the force(palm) Luc(ario)!

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
What would have happened if Dawn had beaten Maylene?


Ace Trainer
This goes to show us that just because Dawn looks good battling doesn't mean she was prepared for an actual gym. I felt sorry for her poor Pokemon.


No longer posting
This episode was very cool. It was cool to see Dawn have her 1st gym battle ever, with Maylene, so that they would both regain confidence in themselves again. The battle was really cool. Not very surprising that she lost the gym battle, but she did however put up a good fight. It was cool to see that Meditite knew Drain Punch. Too bad Buneary lost this battle after Drain Punch and Bounce collided. It was cool to see Ambipom block Drain Punch with its tail and finish Meditite off with Double Hit. It was cool to see Lucario using Bone Rush to defeat Ambipom. It's not surprising that Ambipom lost easily to Lucario. Lucario vs Piplup was a good battle. It was cool to see Force Palm for the 1st time, and that ended up being the finishing move.



Cute and Creepy!
Battling was pretty different the way Dawn thought it was. Usually she's always turning the attacks into something more big but that takes up too much time. Watching her and then watching Ash battle is like watching day turn to night.