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Cruisin' for a Losin' (354)


Yeah I know that most of these posts are more than year ago, but I find it puzzling that Ash's behavior in Brave the Wave isn't heavily critiqued (some posts certainly did so, but not as much as here), while May's behavior is touched upon quite a bit more. I mean Ash is the more experienced and more well mannered than he was in the Kanto days, yet he lets Treekco battle to the point where he's seriously wounded (not to mention telling Brock to shut up).

Not that I'm complaining about it, but I think that someone who's still growing as a trainer/coordinator should be allowed some immature moments as well.


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May was way too cocky and pushed Bulbasaur way too hard in this episode, I'm glad the contest judges said something.

But overall, I liked this episode, just not May's attitude.


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This episode was good. May shouldn't have used Bulbasaur. May was very arrogant in this episode, especially to Ash. She was arguing that Coordinators were superior to Trainers, when really they're both equally great. Bulbasaur was definitely very shy for her 1st contest. She got stage fright. May really deserved the talking to by the judges for her bad attitude during the contest. Ash really showed he cared by talking to May afterwards about what happened and the judgement errors she made.



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Yeah I know that most of these posts are more than year ago, but I find it puzzling that Ash's behavior in Brave the Wave isn't heavily critiqued (some posts certainly did so, but not as much as here), while May's behavior is touched upon quite a bit more.

I know I'm replying late but Ash was very heavily critiqued in Brave the Wave, Mandrine Island and with alot of other episodes too. He's just a kid. But everyone makes mistakes. Yes, even girls.


Savannah would've been a character I would've liked to see again. Actually, I don't remember if we do but I doubt it. Drew wasn't such a total *** in this episode so that's good for him I suppose and Savannah wasn't a totally useless coordinator.


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Savannah was really nice in this episode and I cheered in some cases more for her than for May - that seemingly had a total different kind of personality than before. The battles were great too and I thought it was really good to see May losing again - this gave her even more character development and experience.

And was it me, or where those cheerleading moms quite reminiscent of Gary's Cheerleaders squad.


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I might get shunned by a good number of people on this site, but... I really don't like this episode. Why?

1. May didn't go through character development (until the end at least), she went through character DERAILMENT. It eerily looked similar to how Ash behaved in Brave The Wave, except much worse, and at least it made more sense in Brave The Wave because Brawly was a tough Gym Leader. Also, when I said "character derailment", I was referring to when May yelled at Ash only because he was trying to help.

2. The battle. As Brock pointed out, because of May's derailment, Bulbasaur gets understandably nervous, and does May care in the slightest? NO! Because of May's derailment, Bulbasaur can't fight, and for some reason gets paralyzed by Shock Wave, which DOES NOT cause paralysis! And when May loses, another character gets derailed: Contesta. All 3 judges are WAY too hard on her and accuse her of being an abusive trainer, but at least Nurse Joy, and Sukizo to an extent, had the right. Contesta has no excuse because he has seen May perform before! Also, it made her cry (I would, too...). At least Ash was kind enough to help her understand.

3. Team Rocket. I would be much more interested in the subplot where Team Rocket sells these giant ribbons than what we got. Good old-fashioned TR comedy without having them being annoying sometimes.

The reason I'm posting about this episode is because due to the inspiration from Mr. Enter's Animated Atrocities, I made my own with this episode:

I'm not going to be surprised if anyone disagrees because they are opinions after all.
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It's not every day that an episodes title speaks so loudly about what happened in the episode.
With the way May was acting, she was literally crusin' for a losin'


Savannah's Flareon's Swift and Ember appeal was amazing in my opinion, but I wasn't impressed by Drew's appeal; Roselia's Petal Dance was just so cliche at that point. Drew's Masquerain was really impressive against Savannah's Lairon in my view and I cackled at Jessie forcing Meowth and James to make those giant ribbons; it was hilarious.

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Wow Savannah's appeal with Flareon making a blazing Swift attack was pretty and May lost because her Bulbasaur was inexperienced. I liked how Drew won the whole contest in the end however. :3


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Ah,May was more human here.Her loss made her a realistic character.I kinda wanted Savannah to win but Drew winning isn't bad.May yelling on Ash?!?Not the May I like.But at least she understood her fault in the end.Overall I loved the episode.^^

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"For a change"? She lost Slateport's Contest too so it's not like she was on a full winning streak up until this Contest.

I think he meant that since she had won her last two contests, that she was on a minor winning streak until her loss in the Rubello contest. ^^


Lol at May losing. It was essentially her fault for using her newbie Bulbasaur, who clearly lacked experience. So the loss made me laugh.
May's loss was deserved since she got big-headed. I liked seeing her get humbled + Drew winning the Contest was my favorite moment.
Eh, it was cool to see May so confident in her victory. I was a tad upset that she lost the chance to get her third Hoenn ribbon due to that old gal's Lairon. Then again, she used her newly caught Bulbasaur.


Okay, so May was acting like a know-it-all before the Rubello Contest. So she learned a lesson when she lost. Everyone, even Ash, loses sometimes, so May will improve after this Contest. I liked the scene where Ash was mentoring her; it seemed to boost her confidence a little bit. Team Rocket wasn't here very much, but it was still enjoyable. I loved Drew's new Masquerain too.


May was being a real jerk and wasn't using her head. She was past due for a good humbling and I pleased she got it. Not mention the chewing out she got from judges was icing on the cake.