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Crusade's Order Tornaments

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Welcome to Crusade's Order, A guild where you will train to become a powerful knight by undergoing rigorous training you will become a legendary knight with a strong reputation through our kingdom. The Knights and our Crusade will Rise! This is our tournaments thread where our knights will do battle monthly in various metagames and tiers to find out whose the best.


1. Follow all SPPF rules, of course!

2. Be active. Thread activity is of utmost importance, and many guilds die because of a lack of it. Therefore, there will be a requirement of at least two posts per month for you do stay in the guild, unless you inform us (the leaders) of extended abscences. That being said, make sure your posts are on either the topic of pokemon or the topic of guild affairs, because otherwise they would be spam. If you’re not following this rule you will not be allowed to participate in wars, major tours or even mini-tours.

3. Be loyal. If you leave the guild 5 times, you will no longer be welcome to join.

4. Don't cause drama in the thread or the Xat. If you don't like how something is being handled, take it up with the leaders PRIVATELY! We're here to keep everything running smoothly, and help you in anyway we can, but stirring up trouble of any sort will not be tolerated. If you do, the authority present will take action as they see fit. This includes flaming, trolling amongst other things. We understand there will conflicts at times but don’t let it take over the guild or you will be dealt punishment swiftly.

5. When you post battles, PLEASE use the correct forms. A simple tweak to the way you post battles makes our job infinitely easier, and if you post a battle with incorrect form, it will count as a loss for you, and a win for your opponent. If you don’t post a battle with a proper form it will be consider null and void and you will not get any Rank-Up points.

6. This is a primarily a PO/PS guild, even though all users are welcomed to join.


First tour lgi


The current Other Metagame of the month on PS, Abillity Shift has but one simple change- All abillites are listed alphabetically, and the abillity each pokemon gets is shifted down one. This means Adaptabillity pokemon like Basculin now suddenly have Aerialte as an abillity, Yveltal has the pathetic abillity of Defeatist, Kyogre gets the hilarious Drought, and Darmanitan's Zen Mode turns into Adaptabillity. For those of you unfamiliar with the metagame, here is the smogon thread on Abillity Shift: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/ability-shift-other-meta-of-the-month-yay.3503100/

As a note, Genesect, Shaymin-Sky, Yveltal, Kyogre, Lucarionite, Kangaskanite, Gengarite, Blaziken, and Blazikenite are all unbanned. Regigigas, Slaking, Meloetta, Ampharosite, and Gyaradosite, however, are all banned. Standard clauses apply (Sorry, Moody fans!) All move combos are legal, to reduce confusion. This means that you can use, say, Water Pulse Aggron with it's new Dream World abillity not that you'd want to

1. Follow SPPf rules and whatnot
2. Matches will be Bo3. It's therefore advised that you have multiple teams so you won't get CT'd.
3. Each round will last one week, if a match isnt finished it will go to an activity win.
4. This must be played on PS, because PO doesn't have the tier.
5. The tier is currently seeing frequent tier changes. Any tier changes will be announced in this thread and be effective immediately.

To sign up, post In. Signups will last 1 week or until we hit 12 participants.

Mean Mr. Snorlax

Creds to the smelly Turpoopiefire for the cute banner.​
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I n


All accepted 6/12


Because I'm Happy.
guess i'm in.



Also, Shadow Tag and Imposter are officially banned. Pokemon that get these abillities skip down to the next abillity (Shed Skin or Infiltrator, respectively. This also means Meloetta is unbanned.


Alright, quick 8 person tour it seems.

Mean Mr. Snorlax vs CrystalNinetales

Creeper vs Ger9119

Manectrifier vs Turbopiefire

Eliteknight vs Aeon

You've got til the 19th to complete your matches. Good luck.


Beat Crys 4-0 and 3-0 GGs

should probably have more than one team when you fite.


the 19th passed so idk about this tour now... so who won?

No one, yet. I can't update now but und 2 starts some time tomorrow. If you havent finished your battle u have til then to.
I have had no response from aeon in since the initial contact. I provided times where I would be able to battle with no response about when he could be able
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