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Did you know some pokemon have very similar cries?

Charazard and Rhyhorn
Ditto and Polliwag

Who knows more?

Go to Veekun.com to hear the crys on your computer. Go to their pokedex page, and click mp3 here.

Current list:
Charazard ------ Rhyhorn
Ditto ----------- Polliwag
Areodactyl ------Vileplume
Goldeen -------- Caterpie
Mewtwo -------- Parasect
Machop -------- Omanyte
Girafarig -------- Porygon2
Machoke ------- Growlithe
Machamp -------Slowbro
Pidgeot ---------Chancey
Wartortle -------Tauros
Porygon -------- Victreebel
Seaking -------- Scyther
Bulbasaur -------Dratini
Ivysaur ---------Dragonair
Venasaur ------- Dragonite
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Yes, and there has been numerous threads about them. Do a search next time.

And I do believe that the cries have been ripped to MP3s, but I do not know the website.


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Nintendo did this to save memory in the game boy color games.
Also machop-omanyte.


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Pidgeotto/Pidgeot - Chansey
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srry, hit the post button twice.
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Lickitung-Hitmonchan - wrong
Magneton-Gastly - wrong
Zapdos-Kabutops - wrong

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There is a little similarity between Suicune's and Milotic's cries as I have noticed, or I must have misheard.


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some of them sound identical and others only sound vaguely similar, like one evolved from the other...

porygon and victreebel's cries sound no more alike than charmeleon and charizard's... same with porygon 2 and girafarig... they really don't sound THAT similar...

I think some pokemon that are in no way related have cries that sound like one evolved from the other. like, Heracross sounds like its the pre-evo of Scizor... and so on...

I really hate it that pokemon in the same evolution line no longer sound similar... similar sounds and pitches but the overall cry is totally different... I always thought it was cool that pokes in the first two gens had cries that grew more intense and fierce with evolution.

No one seems to notice how similar the Venusaur/Dragonite family sounds..
If i heard their cries and nothing else i'd say the evolution went like Bulbasaur-Dratini-Dragonair-Ivysaur-Dragonite-Venusaur...


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Since this thread is about cries: Is it just me or does Chatot's cry says Perappu? I just hear that it says its japanese name.