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Crystal-Emerald Equivalent


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Chances are, Ninty's making a Crystal-Emerald equivalent game for D/P.
This thread is just for guessing what the name and legendary will be.

That's the problem, because it's pretty hard to find a stone or metal that tops diamond and pearl AND has a pokemon that looks like it has the stuff on it.

The name baffles me, but my money is on Giratina, because he seems to be the third in the pair, being part-Dragon and distorting dimensions in his area

Still...... A NAME!!!!!


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Opal's white though, and Girantina's dark and stuff. Pokemon Onyx would work because it's black.


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Opal's more of a greyish colour if I remember correctly.

Everyone's said it'd be Opal w/ Giratina, I guess it makes sense.

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
I dunno about Giratina. They have to work around the national dex to make him availible pre E4. I wouldn't be surprised if they made it Mesprit, or another of the lake trio like suicune in Crystal. Don't got a name though.


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Me and my friend where discussing about this before and the best we could come up with was Opal lol.I think that Opal would possibly be the closest that you could get to a Diamond and Pearl.As for the pokemon on the front cover,I would guess that it probably would be Arceus.That would be my guess.

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
On the contrary, on april fools day the webmaster of marriland.com made a sweet box art for it and it looked real and everything. I bet kids would buy it.


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My money is on either Giratina, Cresselia, or one of the legendary trio.
I don't really know the gems/stones that would go with them.
But here is my reasoning:

Giratina, because he is the third counter-part to Dialga and Palkia.

Cresselia, because I think "she" is the ruler of the legendary trio. Not totally sure why I think that, part of it has to do with the colors.

Legendary trio member, because if you think of it... they would have to somehow incorrporate a national pokedex pokemon into the Sinnoh dex. So, it could be one of the legendary trio - like in Crystal.


Cool Trainer
If Diamond Version's exclusive/mascot pokémon was Dialga, and Pearl Version's was Palkia, my money is on the next game of the 4th gen being called Pokémon Girasol - a type of Opal - 'cos previously the name of the gemstone has appeared in the legendary's name!

However, the gemstone girasol might be a bit confusing/unfamiliar for kids, esp when compared to such commonly heard words like diamond and pearl...:(

Considering Crystal was assymetrical (imo) in that it starred one of the three legendary doggies... 'tis possible the 3rd game could centre around one of the psychic-elf/pixie/sprites.

My only other idea would be a mother-of-all-games headlining Arceus with a kickass story etc etc.
I'd seriously have to go with: 1) Opal, 2) Onyx, 3) Obsidian, or 4) Jade.

For Opal Giratina, for Obsidian Giratina, for Onyx Giratina, and for Jade...hell if I know. Some kind of grass or water type I'd suppose. Maybe Celebi or the new grass legend.
Little kids will buy it if it has Giratina on it. When kids I saw play find Giratina, they were "OMG, what iS that!!!???, I WANNA catch it!!"

Yep, definitely.


It will be giratina, one hundred percent.

and it will be opal version. Not to mention, giratina finishes up the trio of dragons, and is the rebellion pokemon. Plus, girasol is a type of opal, and what are the first letters of giratina's name?
Giratina will make the sales fall very low-it's ugly and no kids want to buy a game with such an ugly pokémon on it.

On the contrary, Giratina will boost the sales beyond most. Why? How many little kids do you know don't like dark and evil stuff like that just to think they're cool. None. They'll love giratina, nintendo did good on that. They aren't going to buy some fruity moonbird, or some psychic little chipmunk.
It probably will be Giratina with some color based on it. It makes the most sense and they'd fix it so it appears before the Elite Four. It'd actually be quite interesting =)


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i agree, girasol could easily be the name but still i hate 2 admit it but pokemon is still 4 younger kids, so it'll probably be opal. Im sure pokemon already planned this out and are working on the final touches of Pokemon Opal/Girasol or watever they choose 2 name it. Cresselia though is a close second runner, i also believe that it has 2 do wit the pixes cuz notice how all the pixies have that little water thing in all of their caves? so does cresselia on her island so i wouldent be surprised if it wuz cresselia though it would suck cuz most pokemon players are guys and we want the kool tough legendary not the small pink female one. but yeh im almost 100% on girasol giratina, watch it come out like next year 4 japan nd maybe 2 years 4 us kidna like crystal kinda took a while.


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I'd seriously have to go with: 1) Opal, 2) Onyx, 3) Obsidian, or 4) Jade.

For Opal Giratina, for Obsidian Giratina, for Onyx Giratina, and for Jade...hell if I know. Some kind of grass or water type I'd suppose. Maybe Celebi or the new grass legend.

Hm, I like the sound of "Pokemon Obsidian" more than "Pokemon Opal".


Worst case scenario it would star Bidoof.


Veteran Trainer
Name...Opal sounds right but isn't Opal white? I've never heard of Girasol or Obsidian. Would Pokemon Charcoal work? It's black so it could be like Giratina.

The legendaries I think would be on the cover would be Giratina, Cresselia, or Mesprit.

Giratina is part Dragon, it has control over something, it has similar mask like Dialga and Palkia plus it looks similar to them. It could be the legendary.

Cresselia, I'm not sure of. It just seemed likely because of the story they could tell with Darkrai and everything.

Mesprit is worst-case scenario. But it does make sense. One, it's in the Sinnoh Dex so there are no loopholes with it. Two, it seems to be midly seperated from the other members of the trio. It roams around while the other two just sit there plus Mesprit came up to you before the battle with Dialga/Palkia.