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A monument to all your sins


Paladin of the Snow Queen
Battle! Trainer (Kanto): 11
Battle! Trainer (Johto): 8 -
Battle! Trainer (Hoenn): 11 +
Battle! Trainer (Unova): 13
Battle! Trainer (Kalos): 15
Battle! Trainer (Alola): 12


It's not a game Kate.
so ..............


It's not a game Kate.
A new Doctor Who Exhibition is being planned for the Welsh Capital by BBC Studios in association with Cardiff Council.
The new Experience is currently in development at Cardiff Castle, in the centre of the city, and due to be operational by the summer of 2019.
Cardiff previously hosted a Doctor Who Exhibition at a location near the TV studios where Doctor Who is made. It closed in 2017 leaving Cardiff council taxpayers with a £1.1 million pound bill. The new location contains a medieval Norman castle as well as a Victorian Gothic revival mansion and is located in the heart of the city.