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Current Obsessions

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The Poke-Pimp
Ughh, I have freaking OCD an my obsessions change A LOT! Here are a list of some of my obsessions and some in the past.

Pokemon, training pokemon to Lv100, Spore, Sims 3, Sim City 4, GT2, dinosaurs, pizza, ramen, and so many others that aren't at the top of my head at the moment.

And I have AS, so when I obsess over something I OBSESS over it.
Hey, same here.


- Phoenix Wright games
- Bellossom
- Books
- Art
- Nipples
-Prehistoric life (I've had that one for 15 years now)
-the Universe (11 years)
-Touhou (not only the games. I've had this one for about half a year, thanks to pkmnhippy :D)


Stabby McStabface
Axis Powers Hetalia


Well-Known Member
Shopping .-. Omg
Thats such a chick thing to say.

Also im obsessed with finding the perfect shade of pink lipstick .-.
No luck yet haha

granbull guy

My current obbsesion-
Rem from Death Note,
Well thats been my obssesion forever and it'll never change


Well-Known Member
I'm currently obsessed with pokemon. LOL. An obvious thing to say but REALLY, REALLY obsessed.


I'm obsessed with rainbows, shooting stars, stars, shooting stars with rainbow streaks, etc etc..............................


Viva el Reggaeton!
cmn all of us are obsesed with sth:pkmn

if we werent woud we spend urtimen a pkmn foru,?think of it..


Writing dark!Pokemon fics XD (All game wise), Ah, crud, Pokemon games in general.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann! I recently discovered it an I am so happy I did! I only watched three episodes by far but it's so awesome (Kamina~)

Rune Factory. Oh yes, baby

Afr0 M0th

Coffee Guru
- Phoenix Wright games

OBJECTION! I am currently playing Miles Edgeworth, the pheonix wright series is awesome aint it?

I am also obssesed with toasties.

Chaos Rush

Well-Known Member
Rom hacking. I made decent progress on DarkViolet, but after finding out something that I can't do in a planned sequel hack, I've decided to stop working on DarkViolet, even though the thing I found out doesn't affect DarkViolet, but affects a planned hack. Right now, I'm considering resuming DarkViolet, though I'm also considering trying to "progress" 4th Gen hacking, which is basically nothing compared to 3rd Gen hacking. In fact, ideally I would want DarkViolet to be a 4th Gen hack rather than a 3rd Gen hack...
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