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Curtain Up, Unova League (764)


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Yeah? I'm not a negative/whiny person so I won't nitpick little details like most pokemon fans complain about y'know.. so why not give it a 10 If I liked this episode.

It's really ironic how Sinnoh lovers bash other people because someone say something positive about BW, hopefully Serebii does not turn like that Bulbagarden **** hole.

How am I bashing other people? I just asked a question, if anything you're bashing because you are calling me negative, whiny and nitpicky.


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That episode was nice! I am LOL-ing sauna scene. Meh what if Trip was in there, I like Trip scenes.


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Surprised at how much of a hard time the rivals were having, I liked it though. Trip's Pokeball throwing animation was fantastic, good lord. And dat sauna, lmao. Oh and thank heavens for Ash getting Kenyan right, the gag was amusing at times, but it really needed to end imo.
I like how serious Ash got when he learned he's facing Trip. He knows he could very well get eliminated right there.

Oh and Kotetsu told Ash that he's got a secret weapon. So I guess he won't be using IT out of desperation after all.


This doesn't get me nearly as excited as I was during the DP league.

The only feeling I get is the one of the Don Battle tournaments. And I don't really like that feeling. :/


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Saw the episode. I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Off to a much better start than I thought we would be. The battles were actually handled better than the early Junior Cup battles. I wish we got a Be An Arrow instrumental though.


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About the episode, it was messed up but it wasn't awful, or terrible, it was just messed up, I don't like the league focusing on the rivals. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

The series is about Ash and Ash alone, as far as the league, it's his time to shine, and time for his Pokémon to get some serious crap going on for them. When the league focuses on Ash's rivals, it's distracting, and not the good kind of distracting.

It's just the league's way of shoving unnecessary filler into something even though it's not needed. And as a result, Ash's Pokémon get screwed over like Quilava....and Torterra because it wasn't used to win in another battle. There's going to be hell to pay (well not really) if we have to deal with Virgil's full battle and Kotetsu and Virgil's three on three.

I just don't get why the league can't revolve around Ash. We have other episodes revolving around the main characters. Why can't there be just Ash getting most of the focus, which he isn't. You know Sinnoh was great until they shoved that stupid Barry vs Paul, just to screw over Barry in the process. Though again Team Rocket screwed over Ash's battle with Nando. And that I don't get, that was supposed to be most focused battle in the episode, and yet for some stupid idiotic reason they put unneeded filler stuff like Team Rocket.

If there must be filler and stuffing, then I would take character interaction, pre or post battle over watch the rivals battle. But I guess Bianca winning and seeing that is better than nothing.

However I don't think it's necessary to show the rival battles. I mean just because they are entering doesn't mean they need to get the focus.

And yet that's why someone is getting screwed over in this league, because if said person loses a round later then what they are losing, then they'll have to focus on that rival with another random battle that'll take even longer. But why the hell do you (writers) feel the need to actually show us. Is five second shot of said character beating the random character really that a problem. Does the battle really have to show up to 30 seconds to a minute? I don't see why that has to be the case.

I guess people do enjoy watching other characters battling, but we definitely don't need a full episode devoted to it. How much would it have hurt if Ash actually got to have a little more time devoted to the Grumpig Girl and less focus on Barry getting demolished. Barry did not put up a fight. The battle could afforded to cut down a few minutes. I don't think it's fair when a character's "suffering" is extended longer than necessary. And before you even argue, Barry still lost 3-0, no matter how you look at it, Barry was suffering in that battle, he no reprieve whatsoever, which would've only occurred had a beaten one of Paul's Pokémon.

Any way back to this league, Like I said, I just don't like it. I like the rivals to have some kind of mystery, so HEY they might use Pokémon we weren't expecting.

And quite frankly Ash vs Cotd is better than Rival vs Rival, or Rival vs Cotd any time. Because at Ash's Pokémon are more important than rival's Pokémon. But I guess some showing of rival battles, isn't awful, just when it impedes on Ash's battling time.

Anyway things I did like about this episode:

Everyone pronouncing "Kenyan" right, and the writers making it seem like they've always said it right, as if the whole mispronouncing Kenyan was all in Kenyan's head. Absolutely hilarious writers, I'll give you credit on this one. Making it seem like Kenyan was crazy the whole time is hilarious as if everyone mispronouncing his name was all in his head.

Despite my dislike of showing the rival battles, what I did like is how the rival battles (or some of them) didn't finish, almost as if they'll be finished next episode. It really had a strange interesting impact on the story. Like so you saw some rival battles, but we'll stop now and go onto the next battle, it was pretty nice.

The animation was pretty gorgeous and nice to see.

Nitpicky things I didn't like:

1.) Pikachu getting in the gym flashback four times. And making me realize that Pikachu starred twice in a row (after I had purposely tried to forget). 3rd and 4th gyms. God I hate that rat.

2.) If Trip is going to have a hax and unbelievable Serperior, no one has any right about some "DEM" strategy that Ash pulls off to beat it. The damn thing shouldn't be as fast as it is. It's like a Pokémon trying to battle a Dragonball-Z character, it's just not right, and it's not fair. So I don't care how Pikachu beats Serperior just that it does.


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This episode was okay. I didn't expect Ash facing Trip in the 1st round. It's obvious that Ash is going to win. So much for the suspense, right? I wonder what the writers are trying to pull this time around.


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Awesome, love that the COTDs are being made to look like serious threats.

By the by, doesn't competing as the league sound like the greatest thing ever? You get food, a nice hotel room for you and your traveling companions, and you get to have epic Pokemon battles all day in massive stadiums in front of huge crowds.


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The way Serperior dodged Electroball was amazing


It was annoying how little screen time Ash vs Trip got. It was also lame seeing Pikachu get knocked down so easily by one Dragon Tail.

It will carry over to the next episode thats probably why :p.

Watched the first part of the episode that I didn't see live yesterday.

Really nice, loved all the interactions as usual, that BW main thing and something that I love, Kotetsu fit in pretty well with the rest of the bunch rigth from the get go, Virgil was just there and didn't do anything special then again, he doesn't have any special characteristic about him(personality wise) to make him stand out but his entrance was pretty cool.


Did you ever stop to consider that the person who was critical of your previous post was simply trying to say that almost all you did was praise the episode without taking time to consider its flaws? I mean I read through the post and I saw praise for things like Bianca's crashing-into-Ash gag that has gotten really old and those redundant Gym flashbacks that served no purpose. The only negative thing that you mentioned was Kotetsu being "dumb as usual," which was kind of offensive to those of us who actually like his character. So ironically, you're also guilty of bashing something. :x
Did you ever stop to consider that we all have different opinions? Bianca's gag is annoying to you, it's still funny to me, the gym flashbacks were cool to me, the only flaw I found was that Virgil was kinda bland.. This is why you get banned (and I guess that's why you don't post on the Pop Music thread), you're not able to respect other people's opinions and think yours is the only one correct, get off your cloud..

I don't know. Why not? Nobody's stopping you bro. Give it dat 10. ;/

That's offensive to us people who go there :<
Yahh this is a thread where you can rate the episode and I'm a fan of ratings.. and this episode was hella good for me, too bad. ;/

Ok, I was going to register over there but before I read some threads and almost everyone were so damn annoying and it doesn't help 90% of them are sinnoh-holics (?). the only person I recognize from Serebii is The Fighting Misty lol
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I like how they showed montages of battles in this episode, from both Gym battles and the rival league battles. I also like how instead of the rivals victories being shown, it was just a clip from the battle itself. Really gave it a sense that they were all battling at the same time.

I was underwhelmed by the beginning of Ash vs Trip, however..



J Ken

Ash vs Trip while a good 1 on 1 battle would have been better as a full battle. Even though he didn't have as much build up as Gary or Paul he did have more build up then all of Ash's league opponents that got full battles. The rivals were the definite highlight of this episode.


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So finally getting to see this episodes with subs, I was happy they gave at least a very throwaway explanation as for why Bianca has eight badges when the last time we saw her in a gym battle she got destroyed. Still, I would've like to see a flashback of her going back to beat Elesa in a rematch for her last badge. Also, I like that Cameron foreshadowed his Hydreigon as a secret weapon.

The dialogue does make this episode a little bit better, imo.