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Curtain Up, Unova League (764)

J Ken

A rival battle right off the bat. Here I thought BW couldn't get any worse. xD Well Trip, Virgil and Cameron were my highlights for this episode. Stephan and Bianca just don't impress me in any way. Hopefully there is one last tournament where the rivals that need it get redemption.


Lover of underrated characters
A bit disappointed Trip and Ash got paired up right away. When it is in an higher round it builds more suspense.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I know it's not the same voice actor, but for some reason Cameron sounds a lot like Natsu from Fairy Tail


Just a member
This was a rather medicore start of the Unova League. Ash (and the others) finally arrives at Vertress City for the Unova league and they meet up with his rivals. Bianca, like always came out of nowhere and crashed into Ash, who goes into the water fountain. Stephan show up as well, Ash and the others finally got his name right. Virgil and Trip shows up too, then they registered in the Unova League. This episode was going good so far, until Cameron appeared. Man, he was freaking stupid. Cameron has been in the Vetress City and he hasn't even registered yet ? He thought 'registered' is a Pokémon? Give me a break! If it wasn't for Ash, Cameron wouldv'e lost his chance of competing in the Unova League.
At night, Ash was thinking about on his adventures and I liked the flashback of the Gym Leaders. Iris does the right thing.....tells him to sleep, because He wouldn't do well in tomorrow's match if he is too tired for not getting sleep.

It's the qualifying round and Ash faces Trip in a 1 on 1 match!
It would've been better if Ash and trip battled in a 6 on 6 match, but I think the writers understood that Ash and Trip's rivalry was bad...very bad throughout BW.....maybe that's why they made Ash and Trip's match so early in the Unova League.
The battle began and the episode ended with Trip's Serperior getting the upper hand in the battle.
I don't know why, but for how disorganized (can't think of a better word) Cameron seems to be, I have a bad feeling he's going to be the reason Ash (inevitably) loses the league to.

Mrs. Oreo

Cool so Ash's rivals all showed up here for the Unova league and I thought Virgil's entrance was neat. Ash helping Cameron register was very kind of him and I was surprised to see Ash vs Trip happen so soon. :]


So now Isshu's Higaki Conference commenced, and we got to see Shooti, Kenyan, Bel, and Kotetsu again. I was hoping that Satoshi was going to utilize his reserve Pokemon from Okido-hakase's lab, but I suppose he wanted to focus solely on his Isshu team. Kotetsu almost missing the deadline was vexing.
Eh, I was at least glad that the writers gave us an explanation as for why Bianca had 8 Badges all of a sudden. Still, I would've like to see a flashback of her going back to beat Elesa in a rematch for her last badge. Also, I liked that Cameron foreshadowed his Hydreigon as a secret weapon.~


I didn't really care much for any of the rivals beside Trip in this episode. I like all of them but aside from Trip none of them really changed and honestly even if Trip didn't have much of a rivalry with Ash he deserved to have a bigger battle then any of the others did.


I can't remember if Cabernet was ever shown with Badges or not, but I was hoping she'd compete at the Higaki Conference here since she was the most neglected Best Wishes rival.


Call of Fate
A standard League entrance episode. Bianca's gag was annoying, but I liked Ash remembering how he got his Unova Gym Badges. Cameron's cluelessness also irked me.


A standard League entrance episode. Bianca's gag was annoying, but I liked Ash remembering how he got his Unova Gym Badges. Cameron's cluelessness also irked me.
I didn't like Satoshi's flashback, because anyone who watched Best Wishes already knew how he won his Isshu Badges, so we didn't need a reminder.


I call you honey
Stephan's win over Braviary and in general the rushed battles make me skeptic even more of whole Unova League format and how all battles will end up as a mixed bag.