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Customization of protagonists

Red and Blue

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Maybe. If they include other villages there might be some sort of shop for clothing.
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Bolt the Cat

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Well people from this time period don't seem to care much about fashion. They didn't have as much variety in clothing because they didn't have factories to mass produce different types of clothes, they just seemed to wear whatever was practical. So I'm not sure customization really fits the setting of the game, but I wouldn't be against it if they did have different types of period appropriate clothing.


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This game takes place in the past, so clothing options are likely far more limited than games taking place in modern times. I doubt both this and BDSP will have it. Maybe they'll do a more limited type like LGPE and only have outfit sets.


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The only customization that I expect is a practical one
Basically, we could buy clothes that makes the exploration of swamps easier (especially around Pastoria City), clothes that protect us from cold and heat (Snowpoint Area and Stark Mountain), clothes that give us special abilities and so on
That's what I think at least

Ultra Beast Lover

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Well, looking back the clothing options of previous games often matched with the environment of the region. However, I'd imagine they'd rather go with clothing that matches the time period. I personally don't mind if we don't have too many clothing options because the players' outfit looks cool enough. Although, I would like to finally have a cape, maybe a hood.

Requiem Aeternam

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I don’t expect much customisation but I hope they at least allow you to customise your hair, skin and eye colour at the start of the game, like they’ve done since XY, except allow you to freely choose a combination rather than have default presets.


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Maybe something like a ranking system for the Dex where we get “better” accessories the more Pokémon we document. So say we start off with bronze but get silver once we document every Pokémon in a specific subsection of the map.


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I want a Pikachu outfit for my character definitely this game's going to be awesome!!!!!


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Looks like we got customization! :D

Interestingly, I think I'm gonna keep it simple and stick to the traditional Japanese attire. I really wanna stay within the times.

Captain Jigglypuff

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I want to use the promo Kimono all throughout the game if possible. Kimonos are my favorite type of traditional Japanese clothing. In Animal Crossing NL and NH I immediately buy any kimono and related items immediately if I don’t have them.


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I think I'm going to customize my character to play as Yasuke, an East African samurai who was first brought to Japan as a slave in the late 16th century, but won his freedom and became a powerful force during end of the Oda era.

Hopefully the game has the hairstyle Yasuke was known to have, similar to Mitsurugi in Soulcalibur.

Red and Blue

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I think I want to wear the business suit. It's so spiffy, lol
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