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Cutest pokemon of DP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by *futachimaru*, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. *futachimaru*

    *futachimaru* Music Maker/ Dreamer

    NOTE: No arguing, swearing or disagreeing. Everyone has an opinion. dont say i didnt warn you

    My top 5 cutest pokemon are

    5. kricketot
    4. turtwig
    3. shinx
    2. piplup
    1. HAPPINY! ;440; ;440; ;440; ;440;
  2. Jinvaani

    Jinvaani Well-Known Member

    I think you've pretty much got them all xD Other than Stunky of course ;434; ;434; ;434;
  3. orangezilla

    orangezilla Who's dar man

    5. Shaymin ;492;
    4. Chimchar ;390;
    3. Sheildon ;410;
    2. Croagunk ;453;
    1. Drifloon ;425;
  4. floatzel98

    floatzel98 → s o a r i n g

    Buizel of course!
  5. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    Or Shaymin! Both are totally adorable. Also, Chatot would be my top 'cute' Sinnoh Pokemon. ;441; ;441;
  6. Tyranitar the black mage

    Tyranitar the black mage tyranitar mage

    I'd have to say Shaymin. It's so ADORABLE ! I fell in love with Shaymin the first second i saw it in the movie !!!!!!!!!!!!*screams like a girl*
  7. Shirenui

    Shirenui Member

    Piplup! I mean how could you resist a penguin? SO CUTE!!!
  8. Ze DreamGirl

    Ze DreamGirl Future Vaporeon

    Piplup, Budew, Shinx, Combee, Cherubi, Pachirisu, Buneary, Riolu, Skorupi, The Lake trio, Finneon, Togekiss, Leafeon and Glaceon...
  9. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋

    Um...let's see...
    Shaymin, Skymin, Piplup, Shinx, Pachirisu, Buneary, Chingling (haters gonna hate), Drifloon, Riolu, Buizel, Cherubi, Cherrim (sunny form), Togekiss, Leafeon
  10. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    I think the cutest ones are Shaymin, Piplup, Starly, Bidoof, Combee, Pachirisu, Happiny and Buneary.
  11. Roylan

    Roylan Veteran Trainer

  12. iloveicebeam

    iloveicebeam Well-Known Member

    piplup is so adorable, even in the anime. i loved when it says its name.
  13. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    Grotle, Glaceon, Bronzor, and Shellos. They're cute in a...unique way.
  14. Kays

    Kays Lati-twins <3

    Starly, Shinx, Cherubi, Buizel, Buneary, Bronzor, Riolu, Mantyke, Togekiss, Leafeon, Glaceon, Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Manaphy, Phione
  15. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 Just bought a Switch :D

    Don't even get me started on pachirisu.
  16. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    For me it's Togekiss
  17. bobtim

    bobtim Pachirisu trainer

    Oh, Pachirisu any day.
  18. Lt Steel

    Lt Steel The Steel Curtain

    He's like my pikachu, and I have him shiny too!
  19. SuperEpicRock

    SuperEpicRock Well-Known Member

    Happiny/Mime Jr./Chimchar,

    Those are my top 3, though there are others
  20. Kays

    Kays Lati-twins <3

    To me, a blue Shinx looks way better and cuter than its shiny counterpart.

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