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Cutest pokemon?

Cutest Normal Type?

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Jigglypuff! I just want to hug it. With those big eyes how could anyone say no


5th Gen still sucks.
Too many to count for me! :p
But if I had to choose... I'd pick Pikachu!
It's yellow and it's really cute!
I wouldn't mind if it electrocuted me. xD


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chipa-chipa :p


Hyuck hyuck hyuck
Audino, Shellos, Blissey, Trubbish, Gastrodon, Sewaddle, Drifloon, Ledian, Spinarak, Munna, Musharna, Swablu, Yamask, and Togepi are my favourite cute Pokémon. There's probably more.

When I read that Yamask looks at its mask and sometimes cries, I just wanted to hug it! Plus its cry is cute.

Am I the only one who feels really bad making all those Audino faint for experience points in Pokémon Black/White?
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Mudkip is cute.
So are Piplup, Buneary, Celebi, Cleffa, and definitely Skitty.

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Machop of course! <3 ;066;


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too many to choose from x3
but my top 6 is maybe........


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Electivire D'awww! JK lol

I would say Eevee or Shinx.


hey trainer
I'm stuck between Mudkip, Skitty and Tepig.

Mudkip is jsut Mudkip. I just. Love Mudkip.
And ever since I saw the back cover of Sapphire, I've always like Skitty. I had one, but I could never fit one into my main party. Not permanently anyways.
And Tepig is the newest addition, but not the least. Tepig is my favorite of the Unova starters based solely on the looks. Because, as a Pokemon, the three unova starters are equal. But Tepig's design is just. ^_____^


Krookodile Fanatic
For me it would be Krookodile or Scyther/Scizor
....What? Who says they cant be cute?


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I've gotta go for:

-Dratini ;147;
-Munchlax ;446;
-Shellder ;090;
-Mantyke ;458;
-Horsea ;116;
-Poliwag ;060;

Weird...I just noticed that pretty much all the ones I chose are blue...