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Cutie Monsters Battle Arena: The latest in Copywrite Infringing games

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by MugoUrth, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Oh man, just... look at this: https://www.gamespark.jp/article/2016/09/10/68559.html

    This game is another mock-puzzle game featuring Pokemon-esque... err, no. Featuring stolen artwork and recolored Pokemon and Trainers. Heck, the first Pokemon you fight's a Castform Recolor!
    And what's that down there? A recolored Jirachi? Nah, couldn't be.

    And then we got Pumpkaboo in the screenshot!

    ...The female trainer from Gen 5.


    ...And more.

    Oh, but it's bad enough they steal from a big corporate business, but they even steal FAKEMON drawn by Pokemon Fans. Look at the link at top, it has Dr. Crafty's Lemureal

    ...And then this image...

    ...uses Zerudez's Razorvile.

    Oh man, just, how do people get away with this.
  2. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Most of the screenshots you posted are kinda small and hard to make out - but man oh man is this game bad! They even have a terrible Dusclops ripoff in their trailer! D8< Ive seen a lot of bad ripoffs in my time but its ones like these that really take the cake. Nice find there, mate!

    I'm pretty sure the only reason they get away with it is because Nintendo's too busy taking down fan games like AM2R :p
  3. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    AM2R? What is that? I never heard of it.
  4. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Usurper

    Another Metroid 2 remake.
  5. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

  6. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Ah thank you for the bigger pics!

    Haha that first one: "I'm not Castform - I'm my original character Fastcorm!"

    Seriously though the fact that they're stealing fan designs from DA is just pathetic. Even other bootleggers at least "try" to make their own copies of stuff they're trying to rip off. :/
  7. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    Yeah. This is just a new low for copyright infringing bootlegs. I can't believe they're stealing people's fakemon.
  8. TrottingMinccino

    TrottingMinccino Victory Star!

    I don't know the word for how sad and insincere this is! Total Pokemon ripoffs are one thing, but outright stealing other people's works and passing them off as your own, (Said works stolen from DeviantArt, no less!) is just pretty darn low...

    I bet the creators knew eveactly what they were doing too!
  9. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    Yes. I hope this recieves a DMCA, or even better, a C&D! Your right, Pokemon ripoffs are one thing, but stealing someone else's fanart and passing it off as your own is a new low.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  10. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Why do so many mobile and Flash games steal from Pokémon, Mario and other well-known franchises? I seem to recall this one game, which I think was called Super Adventure Time Brothers or something of that ilk, which ripped off Super Mario Bros. and included some Pokémon ripoffs as DLC characters, like Charmander and Charizard. The game was also charging $12 for just one little power-up, and if you wanted all the power-ups in one package, you'd have to shell out just shy of $100. And people think EA is bad with DLC. :/

    Wait, they already ripped off Cuphead? :eek:
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  11. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    According to Dr. Crafty, this is NOT the first time this has happened to him.
  12. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Yeah I saw that on his DA page. It's such a shame - his fakemon designs are really good!

    Because they're popular and making a simple flash game or acquiring a game engine is much easier than ever before.

    I do know that people are trying to stop the same sort of thing happening on Youtube with those Elsa/Spiderman "kids" channels. This stuff is all over the place and there's TONS of terrible pokemon ripoffs too. Cutie Monsters is only the tip of the iceberg here, which kinda makes me wonder if anybody's actually created a general pokemon ripoff thread yet? It could make for an intereting topic imo!

    But on the plus side, at least Cutie Monsters isn't as bad looking as Cup Hand Adventure. :p
  13. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Usurper

    I saw an app a while back that stole Fakemon from the Pokemon turquoise rpg site. Not sure if it's still on Google play
  14. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    Because they want to cash in on the sucess of something successful. That's why ripoffs exist.
  15. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2017
  16. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    I'm surprised that app is still up. I posted a topic on the community page proving it uses stolen artwork, I even reported the game with an image from the video that proves it does, but no one seems to care.
  17. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    So I just saw an advertisement on TV for 'Monster Arena' on the iPhone... And they showed off a straight-up Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape rip-off. They're not even trying to be subtle anymore. The game just seems a big rip-off of much of Pokémon. -_-
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018

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