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Cyclng Road Records

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Just a thread to post your Cycling Road records.

Mine is 9.18 seconds (on Emerald) with 0 collisions.


My best time is 9.16 seconds (with no collisons) in Sapphire and Emerald version. I've been told that the best time is 9.15 seconds, but I've never been able to get that time. :x

Sceptile Master

Survivor of the Great Avatar Depression
Oh wow... I made a typo in the tread title.

I'm not sure if I ever got any better than my current record or not on any previous files, though.


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I can confirm a 9.15 and 0 collision record on my Ruby version. I set that about three years ago while killing time for breeding and egg hatching IIRC, and I've never been able to repeat it.
9:14 with zero collisions. I used to do the cycling road challenge when I wanted to hatch eggs.


Thou enraged?
I got 9:17 without collisions on my emerald. And I was rather sleepy doing that.


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Don't remember the exact number, but it's the fastest possible time (with no collisions obviously).


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I think I had 9.5 with no collisions and 9.3 with one collision... X|



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0 collisions and about 7.00 seconds, and believe me it wasn't easy.