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Cymabals: whats good and whats bad.

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squirrel boy

A.K.A. myrandomness
OK guys, i really dont know if the misc. section is the right section so... please excuse me if its in the wrong section. but im wondering what cymbals sound the best when it comes to alternative, or core music, because thats what my band is. and recently i completely cracked my highhat and chipped my crash. they were NOT good cymbals btw so it isnt my technique. they were stock cymbals. but at this point i think i know what cymbals im going to buy but im still not sure. im thinking the Zildijan ZBT 4 pack. but my friend who is in a successful band says i should get the Zildijan 3 ZHT pack or Sabian B8 pack. really i think im gonna get the ZBT pack but please, if you drum and you have one of the packs above please tell me the pros and cons.

Drummer Tom

NU/UU Connoisseur

I'm a drummer too, and I play Alt/Emo/Punk/Screamo/Hardcore

And I use zildjians, so my suggestion is to get the zildjians.


gone gently
Misc is the right place, good for you!

However, the righter place would have been the Advice thread or the Questions thread in Misc.

Good try, though, you almost had it! =)
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