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Dædric Design ✠

What would you like to see added to the shop?

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SM, I would like a honeycomb banner.

Pokemon/characters (up to 3): Gengar, Metagross, Lance
Text: Eliteknight
Type: 1
SM, I would like an animated banner.

Animated .gif image (insert link): http://0-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/vp/image/1368/84/1368847304035.gif
Additional images: http://i.imgur.com/U5O5BZ5.png
Text: The Armada
Dimensions: siggy size <.> 400x200 Im guessing.
Notes: Use Zoroarks colors palette plzszs XP ;^; Thanks.
Both accepted.

No spots left.


SM, I would like an animated banner.

Animated .gif image (insert link): http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lw0167kNOf1qczibyo1_500.gif
Additional images:http://www.pkparaiso.com/imagenes/xy/sprites/animados/accelgor.gif
Text: TSC Leader(top-left) CedOmega(bottom-right)
If you could make a boarder black and Red, I'd appreciate it. I'd like the Accelgor sprite brought to the front, while of course the picture would be behind it. If the Accelgor sprite can rest on the bottom-right with my name itself, that'd be great! :) If not, that's ok. Haha. Not gonna be picky. Please and thank you.


Psychic Trainer
SM, I would like a honeycomb banner. Type 2

Pokemon/characters (up to 3): Shiny Spritzeee, Shiny Metogross
Text: The Holo League
Type: surprise me pls!!
Notes: Thx for the help


SM, I would like a simple banner.

Pokemon/characters (up to 3):Empoleon
Text:Friends Forever
Dimensions:I'd Like the dimensions on Your Samples Please


I smell a Lawsuit...
SM, I would like a simple banner.

Pokemon/characters (up to 3): Mega Garchomp. (Or just Garchomp if it's easier to find an image.)
Text: Back in Buisness...
Dimensions: A little bigger than the example banners. (Or whatever you think fits.)
Notes: Could you make the Garchomp in the banner wearing a business suite? And whatever you think fits that theme for the background is fine with me.

I really love your artwork, and can't wait to see how it turns out!

Rising Star

Certified Boss
SM, I would like an overlap banner.

Pokemon/characters (up to 3): Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y
Text: Sacred Dragons
Size (sig/header): Whatever the standard guild banner size is
Pop-out (y/n): y
Notes: For a new guild I plan on starting up, pls make it look nice :)

Hope I did this right, I'm new to all of this.


Well-Known Member
SM, I would like a simple banner.

Pokemon/characters (up to 3): Breloom
Text: Moony
Dimensions: Just standard signature size, I guess.
Notes: Nothing.

Thanks in advance.
SM, I would like an aura banner.

Pokemon/character (only 1): Hydreigon
Primary text: Minedreigon
Secondary text: Brains over brawn
Notes:[/B none

thanks in advance

Animated .gif image (insert link): http://media.giphy.com/media/jwBeoGK4b3vJ6/giphy.gif
Additional images:http://1-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/vp/image/1367/39/1367399411891.png
Text: The Dark Trident Rises
Dimensions: as big as the second to last one of the gif banners
Notes: thanks! your work is always great!
Both accepted.

No spots left.


Gaijin Shogun
Surprise surprise; only did what I could and what hasn't been completed by a different artist (hopefully). I left the Whimsicott request out because Sun Banners don't work well with images with a background.

I hope you guys like them! If not, please send all complaints through VM/PM's :}

(I feel like my buttons are dumb compared to other artists, so feel free to resubmit the same request elsewhere :{ )

(I couldn't find a font similar to your request, so I went with my favorite font; I hope the moon part is alright because I wanted to show that side of the image as well! )


playing the cards...
Hello SM. I know your waiting list is full but just wanted to ask something: Is it possible for you to change the salamence image in my signature for an absol image?
this one actually: http://file:///C:/Users/util/Desktop/absol_display.png

And if possible, the letter bigger. Also I think it would work better in an overlap banner since the pokemon seem a bit to tight in the image and I wanted a big image lol...
I will wait and make an aplication form but I just wanted to know if you could change it :)
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