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-D/P characters fanart-


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Thanks again for your comments and crit ,I'll fix rival's hand . The original pic is about 1500x2000 pixels,(a rather big size for a pic with low detail as this one,I know) of course I will resize the final work.
shadow bind :This pic isn't going to be in my gallery at Deviantart , since i'm not posting pokemon pics there anymore... oh well... I may change my mind. I like you gallery there too .
Sorry, but the whole pic will be ready till tomorrow .


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Updated the first post with the whole pic.


And a nice chianti
*insert Quagmire comment about Dawn here*

Apart from that rather surprising scene[and explaining why we never see her when she bends from behind, she needs some modesty], the main pic is utterly magnificent. I can see why you wanted to put them up bit by bit.


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How did you do this? Your a god, that's how!

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Haha, whoa! Why's Dawn going commando? :p
Now who said there's anything wrong with that. ;)
*Quagmire arrives*
The picture as a whole is awesome. I have mixed feelings about the dawn part. (mostly-very good ones, although not really appropriate for this forum, as such.) *cough* The way you drew chimchar bothers me a bit though. Other than that I think you are a 100% pro artist. Great job!
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The picture as a whole looks amazing, but the pose that Dawn is in ends up looking like fanservice, which really doesn't fit the rest of a serious portrait like that. Otherwise, rather nice.

Wait a minute, everybody else already said that. Um... oh, something original to say!

Why is Volkner the only Gym Leader in the picture? For that matter, where's Cyrus? Isn't the picture of all the main story characters/partner characters? Oh, and Rowan's eyes look really creepy. Then again, he's described as intimidating....


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Volker was probably bored so he posed for the portrait and Cyrus is inbetween Dialga and Palkia blending into the background.

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This is the most amazing fan art I have ever seen, its better than the art in most manga aswell. Well done, your art is flawless. Great work

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The completed picture is so awesome. But I don't think Dawn's bottom in it is appropriate for this sort of forum.

Anyway other than that it's totally awesome. Your really good at drawing this stuff and You should make a new thread with all your drawings in it and you should make people request stuff. That would be so cool!.

Fantastic work!



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This drawings are simply amazing!