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D/P Kick Off Tournament Invitational


New Member

Btw, before you read anything, this is a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl WIFI tournament. (IMO, way easier to join the m2a forums and post their, but, you don't need to, i'm hosting this tourney to other sites also = http://www.mewtwoacademy.co.nr )

This battle will include M2A and other sites so please try to post a thread on another website and link to this thread (if you do this, please list the site you did it on), and invite people if you wish, just have them register for the site first. Anyway, after this, we'll be having a national tournamet against other sites as well. We've had pretty much 2 weeks now to get teams prepared. We also have transfered from pal park as well so far, and we are now having a tournament. Here are the tourney rules:

Tournament Registration Dead Line: June 20th, 2007

Tournament Time: (unkown)

Tournament Rules

-If you win a battle, please inform me about the win/loss

-All battles will be in single battle (1v1) format. Players are allowed to use 6 Pokemon in each battle. Players may use as many Pokemon as they wish throughout the entire tournament. Every battler on wifi must use the lvl 100 or lvl 50 feature to balance the levels completely.

-The following Pokemon are prohibbited:

-The Held Item Soul Dew is forbidden.

-Species Clause: A player can not use more than one of the same Pokemon.

-No Hax items

Additional Rules:

-Sleep Clause: No more than one Pokemon may be put to sleep on each player's team. Self Inflicted Sleep (ex: rest) does not apply does this rule

-A players last Pokemon cannot use the following moves:
*Destiny Bond
*Persish Song

*In the unlikely event of a draw, battles will be fought again.

Player Conduct:

-The use of ANY cheating devices such as Action Replay or Gameshark to alter your gamepacks in ANY WAY is prohibbited.

-Trainers who do not follow the tournament rules in battle will be disqualified after the match.

Competitors From Mewtwo Academy

Competitors from Pokerealm
-Outlaw Gryphon
-Draco Nyon
-Don Juan
-Wo Se

Competitors from Serebii

Competitors from Pokemon Dojo

Competitors from Pokemon Highway

Waiting List


Champion of Masters
I'm in.

5154-9399-0679 Alex


New Member
Yo this is Silva from Poke Dojo, Im game