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D/P monotype challenge v2.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by gamerdude123, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. gamerdude123

    gamerdude123 my first shiny

    D/P/PT monotype challenge v2.0

    Welcome all to the D/P/PT Monotype Challenge V.2.0. there was one 4th gen but that one died and i know a lot of people liked it

    The aim of the monotype challenge is for you to try and complete the game using only one type. More detail is provided in the rules.


    1. The pokemon may be double-typed, e.g. Butterfree would be acceptable on both a flying team and a bug team.

    2. All the pokemon must be based around one type. Here's an example of a ground type team:

    HM slave (or insert pokemon you want here)

    3. No ubers. This was changed from legends because it just makes a bit more sense. A list of ubers can be found here

    4. Your challenge ends, either when you arrive in the battle area, or when you defeat/capture heatran, although you are allowed to go further.

    5. You may not have two of the same pokemon or two in the same evolution line (e.g buizel+floatzel)

    6. If you pick a starter that is not of your type, then it may not be used after you have obtained one pokemon of your chosen type.

    7. The pokemon may learn moves through TMs, but you are not allowed to use two of the same TM (e.g. teaching two pokemon solarbeam) or use a HM twice.

    8. You may have pokemon of another type in your team, but only as HM slaves, NOT to be used in battle.

    9. Post only on this thread to either state which type you are doing, your current progress or to ask for suggestions on which pokemon to use.

    10. Have fun!!!

    Please PM me any suggestions on how I could improve.

    I shall be partisipating in a ground monotype.


    P.S i want to thanks holy lucario for the awesome idea and i wanted to continue it.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2009
  2. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    Alright well in honor of Lance I wanted to do a Dragon style team, not specifically of the Dragon type. I was thinking of this;


    I know the rules say no UBERs but I don't care.

    I will update when my challenge begins, and I will be trading eggs to have my full team by Roark. Again, I don't care, it doesn't make the game easier, I need to trade anyway as 4/6 aren't in Diamond.
  3. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    First things first, sorry for the double post, and I know the last post was months ago, but I wanna keep this thread alive.

    My last Dragon style monotype ended quickly as I wasn't enjoying how slow Diamond was compared to Platinum, so I sold my Diamond and Pearl for a new Platinum, and decided to try a new Ground Monotype.

    My final team will be;

    ;208; ;260; ;445; ;450; ;464; ;473;

    I started, named myself Jimmy and my Rival Andrew, and chose Chimchar so my Rival would end with an Empoleon, for a challenge. Did the stuff with my Andrew at the Lake, beat him pretty easily after I got Chimchar, and caught a few random pokemon to trade for eggs. Hatched all the eggs, and currently training them on Route 201;

    Onix lvl 10
    Mudkip lvl 10
    Rhyhorn lvl 10
    Gible lvl 10
    Swinub lvl 10
    Hippopotas lvl 10
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2009
  4. Leaf_Blade_Leafeon28

    Leaf_Blade_Leafeon28 Hungry as a Snorlax

    Okay so I am starting an Ice monotype on my Platinum. So far have barely started and am working on my Smoochum.

    Final Team will be...
  5. SolarPowerX

    SolarPowerX Well-Known Member

    Sounds like fun. I suppose I'll do a fire mono challange. Are we allowed to send over our pokemon team from our other game, as eggs and such?
  6. Leaf_Blade_Leafeon28

    Leaf_Blade_Leafeon28 Hungry as a Snorlax

    I am pretty sure at least thats what I do
  7. SolarPowerX

    SolarPowerX Well-Known Member

    Ok, I suppose my team will be

  8. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    Go ahead, that's what I do. I'm weird like that, as I always breed for males with the right nature and ability, and I enjoy breeding for egg moves too. The rules say you can't, but you aren't forced to follow the rules.
  9. SolarPowerX

    SolarPowerX Well-Known Member

    hmm, well since technically the rules say I shouldn't, I won't. It'll be more of a challenge that way anyway. I'll get started.

    EDIT: after reviewing the pokedex, I realized the only fire types available before the Elite 4 are Chimchar and ponyta, so maybe I will send over a few pokemon.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2009
  10. bleeding-chocobo

    bleeding-chocobo On Cloud Nine

    I'll do a fire monotype team. Final team will be:


    I'll get started tomorrow on my Platinum version. Wish me luck!
  11. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    Well I finally finished training my team to lvl 10 on Route 201. Everyone is doing nicely, although Onix is a little weak offensively compared to everyone else. Went through Jubilife City, got the Poketch, beat the trainers at the school, gave Andrew the Town Map and healed. Went north, beat those trainers, and went towards Orebourgh. Challenged my Rival, and Onix soloed him with Rock Slide. Beat all the trainers, got HM Rock Smash, and headed towards Orebourgh Mine. Found Roark, trained everyone to lvl 15, and hit the Gym. Easily crushed the trainers, and challenged Roark. Mudkip OHKOd Geodude with Waterfall, then Onix 2HKOd Onix with Iron Tail, and Swinub managed to hang on against Cranidos, 3HKOing with Rock Slide after Curse. Had to heal up a Potion, but I came out on top.

    Currently headed towards Floaroma Town, and Mudkip just evolved.

    ;095; lvl 15
    ;111; lvl 15
    ;220; lvl 15
    ;259; lvl 16
    ;443; lvl 15
    ;449; lvl 15

    On the way through Orebourgh Gate, I ran into a;

    [​IMG]!! This is my 4th random Platinum encounter in less than a month!!

    It has a Naughty nature, Somewhat Vain, Sturdy, and a lvl 5 male.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2009
  12. HoagiethePokeBreeder

    HoagiethePokeBreeder Mono Breeder

    I'm going to be doing a Monotype Bug challenge on Platinum! Starting today.

    My team will be...

    -Beautifly/Dustox (Whichever the Wurmple Becomes)
    -Wormadam (Ground Form)

    ...I think I'm in for a challenge! But that's what I'm here for, right?
    And furthermore, to use Pokemon that I've never gotten to try out!...
    I'll be back with an update soon!
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2009
  13. The Head Honchkrow

    The Head Honchkrow As the crow flies...

    I've been doing this challenge on my French Platinum and I've reached the 8th gym.

    This is my team at the moment:

    ;395; - Lv. 52
    Gastrodon (West) - Lv. 51
    ;342; - Lv. 52
    ;121; - Lv. 52
    ;171; - Lv. 52
    ;062; - Lv. 52

    ~The Head Honchkrow~
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2009
  14. HoagiethePokeBreeder

    HoagiethePokeBreeder Mono Breeder

    Well, I've gotten quite a bit accomplished since my last post...

    -I've obtained the remaining two members of my team, Beautifly and Wormadam (Sand Cloak).
    -I've made it through Eterna Forest w/ Cheryl.
    -I managed to Conquer Gardenia in Eterna City.
    -I met Cynthia and received Cut.
    -I blasted out Jupiter from the Eterna Hideout.
    -Caught a Gible in Wayward Cave =D
    -Got a ton of useful items underground.

    And am now on my way into Mt. Coronet to reach Hearthome City. And just got the VS. Seeker ! ^_^ My favorite Key Item that one can obtain!

    The team:

    ;267; Goibija - Level 21 - Sky Plate
    -Harden, Gust, Stun Spore, Morning Sun

    ;314; Zaptress - Level 23 - None
    -Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, SolarBeam, Wish

    ;048; Swiffer - Level 23 - None
    -Leech Life, Confusion, PoisonPowder, Zen Headbutt

    ;402; Maestrik - Level 25 - SilverPowder
    -Rock Smash, Return, Fury Cutter, Leech Life

    ;347; Scandalous - Level 22 - Iron Plate
    -Metal Claw, Rock Slide, Cut, Aerial Ace

    ;413; Equator - Level 24 - None
    -Rock Tomb, Hidden Power Dragon, Confusion, Earthquake
  15. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    I also made some headway with my Ground mono. I beat Gardenia after like the 4th try, as my Gible saved my ***. Trained on the Cycling Road, and got my team to lvl 25 and got the VS Seeker. Talked to Cyrus, and made it to Hearthome. Went to the Gym, beat all the trainers, and got to Fantina. I beat Fantina after a crit Bite from Hippopotas. I really love his Sandstorm, it saves my *** so much. It finished off her Haunter, and it also killed Prinplup. They're currently at lvl 26, about to head to Solaceon.

    ;095; Rocky lvl 26
    ;111; Jack lvl 26
    ;220; Fluffy lvl 26
    ;259; MuddyBuddy lvl 26
    ;444; Rampage lvl 26
    ;449; QuickSand lvl 26
  16. HoagiethePokeBreeder

    HoagiethePokeBreeder Mono Breeder

    I have an Update!...

    So with my Bug Team...
    -Got the Relic Badge
    -Got the VS. Seeker
    -Obtained Eevee, Porygon, and Togepi.
    -Made it to Veilstone
    -Got Maylene's Badge.
    -Made it to Pastoria City...
    -Venonat Evolved <3

    Am about to challenge Crasher Wake...


    ;267; - Goibija - Level 35 - Sky Plate
    -Mega Drain, Gust, Stun Spore, Silver Wind

    ;413; - Equator - Level 35 - None
    -Rock Tomb, Bug Bite, Psybeam, Earthquake

    ;049; - Swiffer - Level 35 - None
    -Leech Life, Psybeam, Sleep Powder, Gust

    ;347; - Arkaire - Level 35 - Iron Plate
    -Metal Claw, Rock Slide, Cut, Aerial Ace

    ;314; - Zaptress - Level 35 - None
    -Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, Solarbeam, Wish

    ;402; - Maestrik - Level 36 - SilverPowder
    -Rock Smash, Return, Slash, X-Scissor
  17. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    I'm gonna have to quit my challenge. The pokemon grew too slow, and I lost interest in the pokemon I was training.
  18. col_serra

    col_serra <------ is hot!

    i want to due an ice type mono but two are ice types more tundra(stantler and empoleon)
  19. Jojo-

    Jojo- I ♥ Psychic Types

    Hmm.. I think I will start this on my Platinum version. Psychic types for me!

    Ending Team:

    Alakazam [​IMG]

    Slowbro [​IMG]

    Hypno [​IMG]

    Chimecho [​IMG]

    Mr.Mime [​IMG]

    Exeggutor [​IMG]

    I will post an update probably tomorrow sometime. Wish me luck!
  20. Hibachi

    Hibachi Grass Pokemon Expert

    I am currently doing a grass monotype challenge. I actually started my challenge before I saw this thread :)

    Anyway... I just recently defeated Crasher Wake to recieve my 5th gym badge. My current team is:

    Torterra lv. 40
    Leafeon lv. 38
    Roselia lv. 38
    Tropius lv. 37
    Bibarel lv. 18

    Now that I have found this thread, I will certainly post all of my recent happenings.
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