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D/P plot/story ideas

Leon Phelps

Don't Tread on Me
We haven't even had a screenshot of the new games yet nor any hints at a plot, so I thought it would be kinda fun to pass the time by submitting your ideas about what the story/plot will be like in D/P. Be creative!

Team Gamma Leader Bryan

ok here is 1 of my ideas!..How about a Huge Vast land filled with variouse Land types,How ever Team Rocket,Team Magma&Team Aqua Return To Try and rule the world By capturing the New Legendaries.and Team snagem&Chiper jump in and they all Compete to Take over the world and you must stop them.and You could be able to make you'r own Team to try and counter them.it would have alot more battles agaonst each clans and the game would turn into a huge war and there would be a secrete legendary Pokemon that you must awaken to Stop them Like Lucario.

Alastor DMc

Well-Known Member
I think the games might go in a bit more mature direction (I have no reason to believe this, I just think it'd be cool if they did)

You'll start off in a truck, or a plane, or a blimb, or a train, some sort of mode of transportation, going to the new town. You'll be dropped off, and begin looking for the professor, who you're told is out in the feild. You go out to find him and discover several children being attacked by an unknown man and woman wearing uniforms (this games evil team) Before you even have the chance to do anything, a kid about your age attacks the man and woman, who quickly escape. You, the kid, and the two younger children all go back to the town. The kid introduces himself as Prof. X's feild assistent, and asks who you are. You tell him you were sent by the Pokemon Assosiation to help the professor with an experiment. The Kid (who will now become your rival) takes you back into the feild to meet the professor, who thanks you for coming, gives you your first pokemon, and tells you of your mission. He wants you to compete in either the pokemon league gym challenge or the pokemon league contest challenge (your rival will do the opposite of which ever you choose).

The evil team, who I haven't thought of a name for, meanwhile is kidnaping children. You discover, while participating in your journey, that they need the children to awaken the legendary pokemon Manafii. All the while, you're being helped to defeat the evil team by both your rival and a cloaked figure. After the final showdown with the evil team's boss, the cloaked figure will reveal himself to be the legendary pokemon Lucario, who has made it it's mission to help defend and protect innocent children. Having seen your courage, he challenges you to a battle (try and catch him, this is the only chance)

Finally, going with an idea from another thread, the E4 aren't all located in one area. Apparently, they are also in the feild, trying to stop the evil team's plans for waking Manafii. You have to track down the E4 the same way you'd track down the legendary dogs or Lati@s, except you can actually see them on the routes (you have to look for the random trainer that wasn't in the area the first time through, so this event wouldn't take place until you've had the chance to visit every route at least once.) After you defeat each E4 once, they relocate to a central city, where you challenge them one after another and then take on the champion (your rival) to determine if training in the gyms or contests was superior. The end result is neither had an effect, it was your courage, strength and love as a trainer that made them strong.

What does everyone think?
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Pokemon Communist
The story:

You're a kid who likes pokemon really much and always liked to collect things. Then you hear that a Pokemon company is giving away pokemons to kids that aren't trainer or don't have any pokemon. So you go there and too bad that the pokemons ran out, then Professor [name] feels sorry about you and calls you in his lab, he gives you one rare [one of three starters] pokemon and tells you that you should go and challenge gyms, beat contests and train your pokemons.

You start then like every other pokemon game, of course with more new features and new pokemons.


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you start just like the games before, you meet some friends, that join you, you then beat the 8 gymleaders. Then you here about Kanto, Jotho and Hoeen(maybe some other regions as well) you then battle the gymleaders there, and in the mean time you hear information about legendary pokemon, and you go and search them, and you also meet other trainers lik May, Steven and Ash etc.


Pokemon Communist
umbreunatic said:
you start just like the games before, you meet some friends, that join you, you then beat the 8 gymleaders. Then you here about Kanto, Jotho and Hoeen(maybe some other regions as well) you then battle the gymleaders there, and in the mean time you hear information about legendary pokemon, and you go and search them, and you also meet other trainers lik May, Steven and Ash etc.
This game is going to have ONE, only ONE region. No Kanto, no Johto and no Hoenn dude. Nice idea with friends that join you anyway.


This is a little weird but I'll give it a shot anyway

Team (insert evil team's name here) has tooken complete control of the world. in a desprete effort to make things right, the proffesor in your town has decided to send you back in time 20 years ago when thingswere about to go wrong. he give's you a pokemon of your choice and sends you through the time portal which takes you back 20 years. on your arival there the proffesor (20 years younger) greets you and, behind his back, somebody from team__ steals a pokemon of greater type advantage to you as well as a piece of machinery that prevents you from going back to the present. this will be your rival. at the sight of this you remember your mission and head out to the outside world to defeat team__ who, once defeated will give you back the machinery they stole. along the way, you find these gyms which you can battle against. at the end of your journey you are allowed to go back to your time and battle against the "Elite team" which is like the elite 4. You may then explore any time you wish and collect pokemon from each time (Which will differ)

That was crazy, I know, but it has that kind of "Back to the future" kinda thing

Leon Phelps

Don't Tread on Me
Pokemoncrazie92 said:
That was crazy, I know, but it has that kind of "Back to the future" kinda thing
Actually that was quite an interesting concept. A very refreshing way to start the game.

AJ Flibble

You wake up one morning and are about to start your journey blah blah blah. Well, you're about to take your pick when you Rival, the leader of the evil team kidnaps the professor and forces you to hurry up with your decision and afterwards picks the type advantageous one. Then, you battle, and he'll go away saying that he still has the prof, leaving you to try and save the professor, including team members as random people in villages, gym trainers, even one of the gym leaders is a member, all trying to recruit you, and will behave mostly like the Rockets, battling you when you won't join. However, after you get the last badge, which is a fake portal, you are transported to an island where you'll find one of the new legendaries (the version exclusive) and must battle with it before you can get the badge.

After the fight, you get the badge, but it turns out that the E4 IS the evil team, having taken over and run amok, leaving your mission to beat the nasty E4 and save the professor for once and for all!

I know, it sucks hard.

AJ Flibble

Pokemoncrazie92 said:
Not Really.
Just the Part about the E4 Being Evil...That sucked hard
I was trying to have a twist. Or, they could be imposters and eventually you'd fight the real E4 or something.


one love
Subjugation By the Crooks, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Andrew.

This is somewhat of an extension to the events I described in Gameplay Ideas, but more of an elaboration if you will. Nevertheless, the history goes as such...

You begin the game harkening upon a flashback, your protagonist a mere child of seven years old, watching a glorious parade. In it, you see floats of some of the new Pokemon, including a large demonstration of legendaries, and your protagonist is incredibly excited with the whole affair. Anyways, they're tossing pieces of confetti, a few of them entitling the person that catches one of them to a free Pokemon upon earning a trainer's license. You watch your protagonist's eyes dilate with joy as s/he gazes in wondrous anticipation for the day when s/he will be eligible for a license.

The screen goes black, and on the bottom you read through a message uttered by your protagonist: "At that frame in time, I felt that I was ruler of the world. That was exactly seven years ago. Now, I have a real issue that concerns me. It all began when my parents entrusted me with taking care of my younger brother, when I was seve"

The screen fades in to display your native town of Compass Village in a tranquil setting. Then, with a piercing bang, the evil team - called the Liberty Guerilla in the English version - storms across the municipality line and assembles in front of it to form a blockade. They raid your house, wrecking several expensive items and kidnapping your younger brother. You stare in horror at the rattling events as the grunts shout at you in an incomprehensible language to get away from him while they carry him away. You refuse, and after that they approach you to take you as well, yet being a star athlete at your school you easily outrun them and make a daring leap out of the window, doing a rolling landing, springing up, and dashing out of the town through a hidden passage.

Again, your protagonist continues - "Hadn't it been for my athletic prowess and my digging of that secret tunnel when I was a child, I would have never escaped their vicious stranglehold. The sight of those brutish people, in their glistening green-and-white uniforms, was the most dissettling thing I had yet experienced." The screen fades in to the interior view of a mansion, complete with an indoor fountain, where you are sitting with three other people. Continuing, s/he says, "I had found sanctuary within the house of my best friend, who graciously let me into her house after hearing the ruckus my town. My story continues within the confines of her mansion..."

Upon this, your protagonist's friend's father nudges with his walking motion to draw attention that he is speaking, and the people at the table carry out a discussion with your protagonist, each nudging as aforementioned before they speak... (and I'm assuming the protagonist is the boy for this)

Father: "I'm surprised you managed to get out of there! How did you manage?"

Protagonist: "Well, I..."

Friend: "Nonono! I saw it all! He crawled out of the tunnel which we used to play in as kids!"

Mother: "Watch your manners, girl! Your friend was in a fair bit of trouble; don't be so rude as to alienate her by cuttting her off!"

Protagonist: "It's okay. Please, let...oh goodness, what's your name? I'm in such a panic I can't remember it!"

Friend: "Don't you remember? It's..." [You are prompted for a name - this should indicate to the astute player that she'll play a critical role later on in the game. For the purposes of this conversation, I'll name her Tabitha.] "...Tabitha."

Protagonist: "Right, Tabitha. Anyways, feel free to speak, I'm still a bit...rattled."

Tabitha: "Okay, so he tumbled out of the window! One of the guys tried to grab his leg but they missed! He made a spectacular rolling dive then dashed to that hole like a Yaputac! That was so spectacular to watch!"

Protagonist: (a trifle uneasily, if it can at all be expressed) "Hehe."

Father: "Don't worry, Andrew - we can easily accomodate you. We have an extra room with a luxurious bed; you can easily make yourself at home here."

Andrew: "Thanks for the gesture; however, I have another goal I want to pursue. They made have taken almost everything I owned - but they missed the most important thing." (At this point, the screen goes to a cutscene where you whip out the giant piece of confetti from earlier.)

Tabitha: "Woah, you still have one of those?!"

Andrew: "I sure do - this is the real deal. I've kept it safe for all this time. And, because of their actions, I must now invoke the power of this item. Someday, at some point, I hope to become a powerful Pokemon trainer so I can liberate my home town and free my brother!"

Tabitha: "You really think you can do it?"

Andrew: "Whether I can do it is not important - I feel it is my duty as a human being to at least attempt it."

Tabitha: "You're fourteen, no? You're certainly eligible for it. Here, come with me to the lab - my mom works there."

Mother: "Here, sweetie - take this identification card in case you need it for Andrew."

Tabitha: (grabs it) "Thanks!"

With that, she pulls you out of the door by the shirt collar with inexorable excitement, dragging you to the lab faster than you can walk. It is here within these hallowed halls that you present your card, and with that you are printed up a trainer card, assigned a number, and given a choice of starters. I won't bother to describe them since this is not the thread for that, but events transpire in such a way that Tabitha abruptly challenges you to a match right after you leave the lab, stating how she also got one of those, and unsurprisingly she chose the starter with a type advantage over yours. You get engaged in a battle right then and there, its results having a profound effect on the later game...

More to come later.