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D/P timed events

Dark Master Zork

dark scizor master
afther ppl beat the leuue all there is to do is maby the sevi ilands or the battle fronter
what if thay hyad somthing like that but with also timed events
on a certan hower the bad ppl of that game will do somthing or other things and up to a minmum of 500 hours or more

well im comminh up to 260 houres my self in emarold

and i want to know how long u ppl hav been playen for

so what do u ppl think about timed events


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Basically, he's saying that he wants more to happen in D/P after the Elite 4 such as the Sevii islands in LG/FR. He also wanted to know what we would think of timed events in D/P such as things happening at night or whatever.

Personally, i think timed events would be pretty cool such as joining a bunch of trainers on a hunt for pokemon that only come out at night in the desert or something.

Hopefully, none of the story line will be like that though. Will be annoying to have to play at night just to progress with the story. Having said that, i'll be playing D/P nonstop so it shouldn't really affect me :p


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I have no idea what the heck u said.... although going by the title yea i would like timed events and pokemon that only come out at certain times of day and stuff like that...
How bout making the Pokemon league timed events... Like every so and so weeks (or whatever time) (and maybe different places) and making the league more like the series...

I mean this would mean different trainers and pokemon everytime the league is going on and more exciting battles. At least it'll take time getting bored of the pokemon league, unlike all the other versions

Dark Master Zork

dark scizor master
i was in a rush to do it soz but i had a better 1 ritten out but at the time the forums had a problem and wold not put my post on so i had it in past but my bro copyed somthing ehlse and got rid of it

anyway as well as what u sed i ment timed events like at 250 howers of the game the bad guyes try to steel somthing from a shop or somthing like that

oh and pokemon that come out at difrent times is gona happen


Live Long & Prosper
I still can't understand. Speak up, m'dear.

I like the idea of a Bug Catching contest or Police like in Gold.


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Actually, what he is saying is, that as certain points in your gameplay (i.e.: at 100 hours, at 250 hours) something happens, such as a theft or scheme or such on part of some baddy that you must remedy.

Example: At 100 hours of gameplay, Team Blahblahblah steals blahblahblah from blahblahblah. You must now do blahblahblah to get back blahblahblah and return it to blahlbahlblah.

I like it.
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Cascade Trainer
I love them. I like the it make it more relistic. Like with red "I gonna stand here forever so you can battle me" yeah right.


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Really? I never had red not there. Although I always played at night so.... also, Lapras was just anytime on Friday Night.................. personally the night/day cycle is real nice, cause it's like "uh........... wait this is all happening in one day?!"

Dark Master Zork

dark scizor master
i dont think that day and night is so bad im instred on what happend after u beet the elete 4 weather u just train or get simbles / ribons or u have to contunsaly fight of theam galaxy witch wold b good


Pokecommunity Hacker
i tihnk the trainers should move to a different location deppending on what time of day it is. You could like ring them to find otu where they are. That lapras in GSC was cool, it was funny because alot of people said it was a rumour.


Infinite Atmosphere
i've been playing for more then 360hrs...200 something hrs to beat the elite....it was rather difficult for me...and about the time events...as someone said...make it more like the anime or comic would be great like the comic where lots of trainers come and do all those elimination and its once a day or something...it would be awesome...i'd LOVE it


I like the idea of timed events. It adds more to the game.

I'm also quite a fan of the day/night cycles too.