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Daily Pokémon League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by DX 2401PT, Jul 15, 2015.

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  1. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    Whoa, you're right. With Funday Monday wins getting you 5 points, the current costs are WAY too low.

    Change 1 Pokémon in your team: 5 -> 30
    Reveal details of 1 Pokémon (EVs, IVs, nature): 2 -> 20
    Reveal 1 Pokémon hold item: 5 -> 30
    Remove 1 Pokémon from opponent’s team for 1 battle: 20 -> 100

    How does that seem? Revealing the details of a Pokemon MAY give away what its plans are. So revealing any sort of detail should cost more. Same deal for hold items. "Is it going Mega? Is it Scarfed? Sash?" And flat out Pokemon removal for a battle should be one of those "Ugh, I can't beat this one leader, so I'm just going to spend everything I have to get one random guy removed" sort of thing.

    And same deal for using points on my shop. 10 points for 1 Rare Candy value just seems too low. 20 points for 1 Rare Candy value should be a bit better.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2015
  2. Reisuke

    Reisuke Apparently i died

    Funday Monday Battle Report:
    Opponent: megameganium
    Winner: reisuke
    Score: don't remember
    Comment: this was our first battle and was pretty fair. After which you asked for a rematch resulting in the following;

    (We agreed on doing best out of 3)

    Funday Monday Battle Report:
    Opponent: megameganium
    Winner: megameganium
    Score: don't remember
    Comment: this one you've won after which we were planning onto doing a third battle for our best out of 3;

    After once asking me when i wasn't online he got to think i'm not able to battle him anymore and reports only the second battle. You've got a whole week to complete this just have some patience! Yes megameganium you've quite pissed me off!
  3. Reisuke

    Reisuke Apparently i died

    Item should go down a bit i think. For the rest it seems fair.

    Also sorry for the double post but i just don't want to have this in a post where i wish to express how i feel about that situation i hope you understand
  4. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    Well, I'm in no position to say anything in regards to that, given what I did a month ago. I won't make any decision until I get confirmation from both sides.

    Hmm... For item costs, maybe 25? While some Pokemon hold items are pretty predictable or won't make much difference anyways, some are different, so... Either 20 or 25.
  5. Reisuke

    Reisuke Apparently i died

    Well if you could still wait giving the points before we've fought out that be great.

    I think 20 seems more fair since seeing latios with life orb. That kinda just spoils it. Just an example. But 20 really seems fair especially since there's no way of knowing the moves. I'd also pull a restriction of how many mons that can be removed through this. No probably no one will reach enough points for more then once (or would be willing to) but just if.
  6. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    I haven't given out the points yet for your battle with MegaMeganium yet. And I won't until I have confirmation from both sides (non conflicting confirmation) regarding the best-of-3's game 3.

    And yes, there will be a restriction of one usage of each bonus per game.
  7. MegaMeganium

    MegaMeganium Dropping Bloom Dooms

    Look, Im sorry... I saw a battle report with someone else and I thought you were done with me... Now I dont want to battle you because you hurted my feelings...
  8. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    Alright you two. I've been in a similar situation before, so... let's try this. Such irony... And yes, I'm immediately overriding what I said minutes ago about not being in any position to say anything.

    Reisuke, MegaMeganium, you're both at fault of equal degree. Neither of you should feel any better or worse than the other.
    MegaMeganium, you were hasty in claiming your victory. You can't expect people to be able to answer your messages within a day or two.
    Reisuke, you reacted quite strongly given what happened. It's not like you were called cheap and manipulative for trying to have fun or trying to promote fun through a joke.

    So here's what we're going to do. Either...
    A) You two finish the bo3, post the result and send me the replay, or...
    B) Call it a draw. Neither of you will be removed from your positions, and you will both get 3 points each as opposed to 5 for winning and 1 for losing.

    So, what will it be?
  9. Funday Monday Battle Report:
    Opponent: Nick Duckinson
    Winner: Meliekpi
    Score: 2 - 0
    Comment: standard stuff. Mence is op tho didnt get much use.
  10. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    Nice. I'm seeing a lot of common elements between the replays. Like, a certain Pokemon ALWAYS has a certain item.
  11. Reisuke

    Reisuke Apparently i died

    I'll talk with him first. Then we will see
  12. MegaMeganium

    MegaMeganium Dropping Bloom Dooms

    We've talked, we've decided. We will battle TODAY!!!
  13. Yukomov

    Yukomov The BEST! (I wish.)

    I'm available for MASS MEGA Funday Monday today, again. Almost got my Gym team all set, too; again, still missing a couple held items, and a few of the members just need a few more levels. Shouldn't be much longer; I'll be working on that when if/when I'm not asked for Funday Monday battles.
  14. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    That's great!

    It's been 3 days since Funday Monday topic was declared. 4 days are left including today to finish the battles. I currently haven't received the games from: Prakhar, Skullbash, and FairyWitch.
  15. Yukomov

    Yukomov The BEST! (I wish.)

    Prakhar sent me a PM yesterday asking for a Funday Monday battle today. Been expecting some sort of word from him, but nothing yet. :/ If it doesn't work out today, then tomorrow perhaps, we'll see.
  16. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    Ah, I see. You still have 4 days left, including the weekends, so that probably won't be an issue.
  17. Yukomov

    Yukomov The BEST! (I wish.)

    Today might be the last day I'm available for this week's MASS MEGA Funday Monday. Tomorrow's not looking particularly certain, and Sunday, definitely going to be offline. That said, I'll be on for most of the day today, so yes.

    Gym is almost ready; just need a couple BP-cost items, and I'll deal with that over the weekend.
  18. DX 2401PT

    DX 2401PT Monitor

    News section added on the 3rd post.

    All Gyms are filled, so challengers, build and declare your teams and start challenging! Leaders, open up!

    Prahkar, Skullbash, and FairyWitch, I still haven't gotten your Funday Monday replays. If I don't get them by the end of Sunday, you will be removed from your position, following the requirements of this league. If you can't find an opponent for Funday Monday, PM me and I'll be your Funday Monday opponent.

    Challengers: if those leaders end up getting removed, I will temporarily take their places using their battle format and type, so there are no changes to your team builds.

    MegaMeganium, for your bo3 against Reisuke, if that battle is not resolved by the end of Sunday, it will be considered a draw and you'll both get 3 points for Funday Monday. You would get 5 for winning, 1 for losing, but for a draw, I'll take the average and give you 3.
  19. Prakhar

    Prakhar Normal: The abnormal

    Funday Monday Battle Report:
    Opponent: Yukomov
    Winner: Yukomov
    Score: 0 (me ) - 1 (Yukomov)
    Comment: I did a bunch of over predictions which made me lose. The format was VGC 2015
  20. Yukomov

    Yukomov The BEST! (I wish.)

    Funday Monday Battle Report
    Opponent: Prakhar
    Winner: Yukomov
    Score: 1-0 (VGC Doubles)
    Comment: An interesting battle. HA Blaziken wrecked so much of his team's face, though, while M-Sableye ran burn interference on the physically offensive threats. GG.

    EDIT: Also worth noting that his team was not exactly... well, in compliance with the spirit of MASS MEGA. Only one Mega-capable was on his team, and it did Mega-Evolve. Still going to send the Battle Video, though; I'll repeat the process if it's decided the match isn't legit for Funday Monday.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2015
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