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Dalton's Artish stuff


huh, what?
boondockArtist's bad blabbin' bark fart arts (come here for eye bleeds, nothin' more)

Oh wait most of the old art is disappearing anyway we're all good. Just check the newer posts. You may still want your eye bandages though, they might be useful for your perilous trip through the Land of Bad Art and Eyesores (LOBAAE). Also, Please take away my art permissions please. Enjoy your stay, critique and comments, as well as minor requests (and commisions, but I'll get to that later, when I get a bank account and shiz) are very welcome.
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Miltank Lover

Breeder, Miltank Ftw
If you know you struggle with certain things, try searching tutorials of that and practice those things often :)


huh, what?
If you know you struggle with certain things, try searching tutorials of that and practice those things often :)

Tutorials for what? Some of these drawin's are from months ago, but the digital ones are the newest. I just posted the best ones that I drew from those various times. The only real thing I struggle with is positions for people, and animals, minus Pokémon of course. But please explain.


I do liek mudkipz.
First of all - oh, I love your drawing of Torterra! It looks cool, though it might be even better if the colors were a bit more vivid.

And let me give you a helpful advice - if you want to learn how to draw people, try looking at photos or get a woodden mannequin (though photos are better) and you will really get better at drawing poses, trust me. (It worked for me)


Lemme focus on this drawing. I think her face is a bit too long and her eyes should be a bit more far from each other (tip: at a distance that would allow a third eye to be in the middle). Also, I noticed that her horns are... different, one is longer and it is positioned a bit lower than the other one (or was it intentional? If yes, I am sorry for pointing it out) About her body: I think her hips should be wider, in comparision to her shoulders they are too narrow, thus making her body shape look like male's (another tip: females have hips wider than shoulders, or equal to them) I also think you could consider working on the clothing folds and shading a little. But now for the good part! I like the color choices for her clothes. Orange, blue and white work well together. And her jacket looks really cool together with her horns, skin and hair - you did a good job there. Scarf might have a different color though, but I am not the one to judge that. Also, I like the colors on her horns, those shades of orange and red look really well together.

Keep going! I'd like to see more drawings from you. I really hope you didn't take my post offensive or anything, I just wanted to help you improve. Cheers!

Miltank Lover

Breeder, Miltank Ftw
Yeah, have a happy xmas. First of all the following thing I'm going to say isn't ment offensive or to put you down. But what you could practice on is anatomy. vedil is pretty spot on with advice to.


I do liek mudkipz.
On your last drawing, you indeed improved, but I'd say, that I think there is one mistake you did again - you drew eyes and nose a bit too far from the mouth, and the face looks long again. Though I must say, in my opinion, eyes are positioned very well on this one and when I covered the bottom part of the face with my hand, proportions of eyes and nose looked really well. :) Keep going!

btw. I am not an expert, so you may take my opinion with a grain of salt. I am trying to help, but I am still learning myself. And oh, I have to say that, I really like that you don't take any advices or critique as offense. Congratulations for having a right attitude!
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Time Gear Thief
I guess I'll comment.

This piece looks really nice, but I think going into more detail and maybe more colors would make it look fantastic. Right now, it looks more like a picture in WIP. Going into details of the opening of the skull would make it look more realistic and have a "finished" look. I like the use of the orangey yellow, but I would suggest if you're going to use a warm color, the rest of the skull should have some warm colors too.

This is also very nice, however I have to point out some things that bug me.
The smudging or whatever tool you're using it nice, but it's better to shade and color by hand instead of having to smudge your shades and textures. The light source is really unclear here. I also like the background, it looks nice. ^..^


huh, what?
I stared into the abyss and saw the demons try to crawl out (in other words I had to come back and see the abomination of all my old art)
It's been forever. I guess I'll post some art; it's pretty much did a 180 degree turn-around for the better since forever ago.


Burdie lady (proportions off in second image but can't care w o n ' t c a r e



fffffffffantrolls. yeah i make alot of OC's

some bloodperson for an rp of a friend's

Request on another forum; A quilava from their story.

The starter I got on a nuzlocke of a Pokemon hack called Pokemon Sierra.
It's cuuute fire calf.
and it turns into an awesome bull with iron plates all over it's body and it's like a tank in beef form and it's awesome. It turns into like Fire-Steel.
I'll post art more frequently, it's just been forever. I probably have alot more doodles, but i can't find them/too lazy atm honestly.


huh, what?
nuzlocke dooodles

"Bugs", birds and llaaaamaaas



More doodles coming soon like tomorrow or something