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Dance Dance Revolution: Tyranitar Edition



This is a team I really enjoyed building as well as playing. It just seemed to fit really well together, had an extremely well built core, and managed to beat most of the threats in today's metagame. As you have probably noticed, it's based around Dragon dance tyranitar which is one of my favourite things to use on any team. The team uses some bulky members to balance out the team and make it generally bulky offense. TTar is the only actual sweeper on the team, and the rest of the team is pretty much just there to aid TTar in sweeping most of the metagame as well as just being a giant threat to many different teams. DDtar is an extremely solid thing to build a team around as it's so viable in OU it's almost unbelieveable. DDtar might be the best set up sweeper as it can come in on almost anything, scare it off, then proceed to set up and sweep entire teams. With TTar's general bulkyness you don't need to run a huge amount of bulk in order for the set to work extremely well.

Many people have made teams around Tyranitar, and many have been succesful. But I have yet to see a full team based around a Dragon dance Tyranitar. While the dragon dance tyranitar set is extremely underrated, it's incredible. Tyranitar with the right three moves can hit a lot of the overused tier for super effective damage. Tyranitar is an actually extremely unclassed sweeper for the fact that most of the time he just does **** like pursuit trap and wall stuff which usually makes him a slower just hard hitter instead of a fast heavy hitting beast that DDtar is.

I managed to hit the Leaderboard with this team peaking at #27 on my alternate account Xanadu around a month or so, which is why this team was kept hidden until now. My account has now dropped down of course from not laddering on OU anymore and focusing on ubers as well as suspect for a bit. So I'll be partially retiring this team. When I hit the leaderboard the team was much different then it is now but that's the reason im posting it. I had tried it much later after hitting the Leaderboard with the changes and it worked much better so I decided to post it in it's final stage.

With the right support and synergy from the rest of the members this team has managed to work extremely well. With having most of tyranitar's counters checked as well as overall fixing any weaknesses the team had it becomes something extremely solid. When fixing the team up and updating it after keeping the team hidden for a month or so I really had to think of uprising threats as well as checking things that I hadn't realized were threats until just now.

Even though the second addition to this team was just updating it as well as fixing weaknesses I hadn't noticed before, The overall team building was re-done recently so I'll try to talk about that instead of the team building from a month or so ago.

The first thing I was doing when I had originally made the team was sitting around thinking of what I could possibly build the team around. I was at first thinking of doing an uber stall team, then decided I wanted to make yet another OU team; but didn't know exactly what to use/do. I then had decided on using a specific move based team kind of like my very succesful u-turn me on team, but then realized I couldn't really think of any solid move to base a team around that hasn't already been done.

After a while I had decided on just making a decently bog standard team around one of my favourite setup sweepers. I was thinking SD scizor, then bulk up breloom, then NP infernape, but after a while I decided on using my absolute favourite; DDtyranitar who is also my favourite pokemon in general. The original team was Metagross / Gliscor / Latias / Tyranitar / Scizor / Starmie. It seemed to check a lot of things well but after updating my succesful team recently it ended up looking like Metagross / Tyranitar / Vaporeon / Scizor / Rotom / Salamence. After picking tyranitar I looked for something that checked opposing Tyranitar. Scizor checks most TTar extremely well and handles many other threats like Salamence who ended up being a threat later to the team. Rotom was put on after to check things like +1 DDgyara, SDluke, and many other sweepers who could potentially threaten my team. I put in my lead after that. I needed a bulky steel to resist dragon attacks well and succesfully handle many other common leads. Metagross fit in very well. The last two members were a hard choice. Vaporeon fit in very nicely to counter infernape/heatran and give wish support for scizor/Rotom/metagross.

The final member of the team took almost forever to come up with. I was thinking gliscor, then jirachi, and many other random things I could've possibly put in but they just all didn't fit. After debating on a few chatboxes with other people I decided salamence fit in almost perfectly, mixmence being able to break stall and benefit from wish support.

The playstyle of my team is sort of bulky offense using some bulkier support members to aid the sweepers/revenge killers in completely destroying the opponents team. I try to always use a few revenge killers mixed with a setup sweeper as well as something supporting the rest of the team. This team does all of that extremely well. The playstyle of this team involves a fewer amount of choice users then most teams recently in today's metagame have, but still keep it at an average amount of two, and it just happens that they're both revenge killers aiding in supporting the rest of my team. To use this team very effectively you have to use swift prediction and succesfully keep important members late-game.



o Team succesfully supports Tyranitar in order to make him sweeping as easy as possible.

o Uses bulky offense to a new extent

o Handles most of the threats in today's metagame

o 1 Weak to SR, 2 Vunerable to Toxic spikes, 4 Vunerable to Spikes.





In Detail


Metagross @ Occa Berry
Ability: Clear Body
252 HP / 232 Atk / 24 Spe
Nature: Adamant (+ Atk, - Sp atk)
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Bullet punch
- Explosion

Surprisingly, I've very rarely used Metagross as a lead before. When building the first version of the team I had originally picked metagross as one of the second-last or last pokemon on the team and was originally there as just a dragon resist/bulky pokemon overall but was only later put into the lead position. I've only just realized now how good of a lead metagross is, even with the fact that he is very easily taunted. Taunt leads are pretty uncommon in OU nowadays so you don't have to worry much about them, and most of the ones you have to worry about are destroyed by you. I love using metagross as you can super easily beat things like infernape who I normally really hated since with most of the other leads I've used in the past he could still get SR up on me. I really like the EQ / Bullet punch combo for easily hitting **** hard, activating the sash, then picking it off. Explosion hits super hard with metagross' amazing base attack and 232 atk evs. Stealth rock is there for obvious reasons and really helps with having your team based around a setup sweeper as you can turn possible 2HKOs into OHKOs. 24 Spe outspeeds Standard Lead empoleon as well as any other metagross running less spe which means you can beat every other metagross as well except shucagross or ones who are running more then 24 spe which just happens to be so uncommon it's unbelieveable. 252 HP gives metagross overall great bulk and makes him easily survive to be a great member late-game. With an occa berry he can survive almost every fire attack from any lead except for modest 252 sp atk specstran lead which is almost never used. Overall metagross has done a great job as my lead and has not failed yet against any leads I normally had trouble with.​

Vs Common Leads

| 1 | Azelf | 61204 | 7.47 | SR up, then bullet punch it to death.
| 2 | Metagross | 58401 | 7.13 | I can beat almost all other metagross leads when running 24 spe so it's no problem.
| 3 | Jirachi | 43219 | 5.27 | I either SR and take the scarf, or eq first turn and set up rocks later.
| 4 | Swampert | 42630 | 5.20 | I usually just switch out right to something else after getting SR up.
| 5 | Aerodactyl | 39643 | 4.84 | SR if he doesn't taunt, then bullet punch to death.
| 6 | Infernape| 33611 | 4.10 | I EQ first turn then bullet punch so i win.
| 7 | Hippowdon | 25334 | 3.09 | Metagross has big trouble, so i set up SR and run.
| 8 | Ninjask | 23647 | 2.89 | SR then bullet punch so it can't really set up.
| 9 | Bronzong | 23461 | 2.86 | Set up SR then switch to something like rotom.
| 10 | Roserade | 19892 | 2.43 | SR or just bullet punch them before they sleep me, and then switch to something like mence if they do end up putting me to sleep.


Rotom-H @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Levitate
124 HP / 160 Sp atk / 224 Spe
Nature: Modest (+ Sp atk, - Atk)
- Overheat
- Thunderbolt
- Shadow ball
- Trick

This is Blue Ace's Scarfrotom set. It's not seen very much anymore, but when used, it can be extremely good. With rotom's great resistances as well as decent base stats, it can function as an extremely good revenge killer with it's only downfall being pursuit weak. Shadow ball lets me hit stuff like azelf/gengar/dusknoir/other rotom for SE damage as well as is a high powered STAB move with great coverage. Tbolt hits **** like cune/gyara/vaporeon etc and ravages a lot of teams who are weak to it. Trick helps me cripple stuff like crocune who may try to set up, or blissey who would be one of the first switchins to rotom to stop him. Overheat is mainly for things like lucario/scizor/magnezone/metagross who all get hit SE by it and really hard. 124 HP evs on rotom allow for maximum leftovers recovery after you get tricked leftovers which is one of the most common items on any pokemon nowdays. Speed evs allow rotom to outspeed all base 130s as well as jolly breloom and adamant mamoswine after tricking them a scarf. 160 Sp atk is filler and hits hard with modest and rotom's already decent base sp atk of 105. Rotom functions on my team as my main lucario/metagross/magnezone/scizor check and does the job extremely well giving me a lot of added resistances.


Tyranitar @ Babiri Berry
Ability: Sand Stream
6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Nature: Jolly (+ Spe, - Sp atk)
- Fire punch
- Stone edge
- Crunch
- Dragon dance

Dragon dance tyranitar is the star of the show and what the whole team was centered around. In my opinion DDtar is one of the most viable sweepers in all of the OU tier. Yo DDmence im really happy for you and imma let you finish but DDtar was one of the best DDers of all time! ALL TIME! With babiri berry ttar can destroy things like Scizor/Rachi who would be some of the #1 checks for DD tyranitar. Any team not in ready shape for him is destroyed as with TTar's amazing attack and great spe after a DD he destroys everything. Fire punch hits steels, ice types, and grasses for SE damage and OHKOs most after a DD. SE is the main incredibly powered STAB move on the set which ravages through everything after a DD. Crunch is another STAB move and wrecks stuff like gengar/azelf and has overall great coverage. Anything hit neutral by crunch/stone edge after a DD is probably going to die. 252 Atk / 252 Spe is pretty standard and gives tyranitar maximum sweeping potential. I went jolly > Adamant for the extra spe to outspeed slower scarfers after a dragon dance. With having tyranitar on my team I had to make sure nothing else was hurt drastically by SS+SR and if anything was, it would either be able to take it with leftovers recovery or a healing move. Tyranitar has served this team extremely well and swept many people with ease.


Scizor @ Choice Band
Ability: Technician
248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Sp def
Nature: Adamant (+ Atk, - Sp atk)
- Bullet punch
- Superpower
- U-turn
- Pursuit

No one really likes using CBscizor, but it works amazingly so why not? I don't think theres a team ive actually never used scizor, and it just seems like every one of my succesful teams have scizor on them. 252 Atk is standard and useful for hitting extremely hard with CB. Scizors 394 Atk boosted by 1.5 Is insane at just the cost of freely switching moves. U-turn/Pursuit is great for trapping/scouting, and bullet punch is a must on any scizor. Technician Boosts it up and you get a STAB boost making it deal heavy damage with Scizor's amazing base attack+Choice band. Superpower is to deal damage to steels that wall the other three moves/other things to just completely put dents in almost everything except Pokemon that Resist it/are immune to fighting. Scizor on my team checks things like other tyranitar, gengar, and traps **** like starmie/latias who can be annoying. Scizor pretty much wrecks most choiced users which are problems for TTar setting up. Scizor works extremely well on the team and has great synergy with the other members as well as gives me an extremely solid revenge killer which i always like to have on my teams. Scizor works as my main DDmence check as with SS+SR a CB bullet punch should OHKO standard LOmence 100% of the time. Scizor is just extremely reliable and always seems to pull through for me.

591 Atk vs 156 Def & 262 HP (90 Base Power): 366 - 432 (139.69% - 164.89%)

Vs standard 252 sp atk / 252 spe / 4 hp Gengar, Scizor can act as a check OHKO'ing all of the time with a technician boosted choice banded STAB bullet punch.


Salamence @ Life orb
Ability: Intimidate
84 Atk / 216 SpA / 208 Spe
Nature: Naive (+ Spe, - Sp def)
- Fire blast
- Draco meteor
- Roost
- Earthquake

This is new mixmence which I prefer over oldmixmence by a lot. Some people may think "wtf mence on SS teem??? he gona b ded so fast wit sr and ss he so dum" Thing is, mence just fit so well in this spot as well as gave my team so many extra resistances it was hard not to put him in. I put roost over Outrage as my team handles blissey extremely well and so mence can easily shrug off the 25% from SR and added SS damage. New mixmence is absolute rape. This spot used to belong to latias but was later replaced with mixmence for better sweeping potential as well as has the ability to wreck A LOT of the OU tier. I ran naive over mild just to outspeed mild mence as well as have better speed overall. Fire blast hits Forry/Skarm etc, draco meteor puts huge dents in things as well as is a crazy powered STAB move. EQ hits other steels who resist fire blast like heatran. Mixmence is one of my only wallbreakers to help beat stall which I thought my team was a bit weak to before. Mence really adds to helping Tyranitar take out possible threats as well as just do overall damage to the opposing team which makes most of TTars 2HKOs turn into OHKOs. Mence just really fits in extremely well here.


Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
252 HP / 252 Def / 6 Spe
Nature: Bold (+ Def, - Atk)
- Surf
- Wish
- Protect
- Hidden power Electric

Vaporeon is the last member on the team and possibly the most important. Vappy gives me an infernape/heatran counter which was needed so much. Mixmence and scizor really like wish support as well. Vappy fit in extremely well being able to work as a secondary gyarados counter. Surf hits stuff like infernape/heatran hard and it's not an offensive set which means the lack of sp atk evs doesn't matter. Hp electric hits stuff like empoleon and gyarados for SE damage. Wish+protect is for wish passing to other members (scizor/mence in specific) as well as other members who can really take advantage of it. Bold 252 def / 252 hp really makes vaporeon bulky as hell and running 252 hp instead of a smaller number and more sp def is pointless as you still are bulky on both sides of the spectrum with 252 hp / 252 def. 6 spe is there to outspeed 0 spe vappy even though those may be uncommon with all the 68 spe or whatever it is on the standard smogon wish passing vaporeon set. This spot was originally a gyarados but i realized without a spinner and mence+gyara and SS+SR they won't be lasting long especially with no wish support, and i was tired of using resttalk gyara so i just replaced him with vaporeon to counter the same things and add some wish passing as well as some physical bulkyness. Overall vaporeon is an extemely important member to the team.



Overall this team works very well in the OU metagame and proceeds to be one of my most succesful OU teams to date. I will eventually retire this team but for now I am open to any rates anyone might have for my team, and will accept all critism. The only thing I will not change on my team is of course, tyranitar as he is the main pokemon the team is centered around.​

Threat list

Defensive Threats

Blissey-TTar gets a free dragon dance when it switches out from him.

Bronzong-Rotom is there just for destroying bronzong.

Celebi-Rotom can easily handle it, or so can salamence.

Cresselia-Scizor lols at it.

Forretress-Eaten alive by either mixmence or rotom.

Gliscor-Vaporeon can easily beat it.

Tentacruel-EQ from mixmence or metagross. TTar can easily survive the 0 sp atk investment surf and get a DD then proceed to sweep.

Dusknoir-TTar can set up on it on anything except a will O wisp, and if it does have WoW the rest of the team can deal with it easily.

Gyarados-Vaporeon easily checks it, or of course rotom.

Hippowdon-Vaporeon lols at hippo.

Jirachi-Rotom is one of jirachis #1 checks.

Rotom-A-My rotom can deal with it, or so can Tyranitar if it's not running WoW.

Skarmory-Rotom can easily trick it and cripple it, or just tbolt it.

Snorlax-TTar gets a free dragon dance because people will only keep a CB variation on TTar. If not tyranitar, then scizor easily handles it.

Suicune-Rotom can trick it if it's a crocune, and if not then he is easily handled by a Tbolt.

Swampert-Vaporeon can handle it with ease with either toxic+wish+protect or just surfing to death.

Tyranitar-Scizor checks it pretty well.

Vaporeon-Rotom lols at it.

Zapdos-Tyranitar gets a free dragon dance when it switches out or if they stay in zapdos just gets an SE to the face next turn.

Offensive Threats

Azelf-Tyranitar is almost a solid counter as well as can get a DD on it.

Breloom-Can be annoying, but mence or Rotom can handle it.

Gengar-Scizor pretty much counters it and traps non sub variations.

Gyarados-Rotom or vappy handle it extremely easily.

Heatran-Vaporeon lols at it.

Dragonite-Scizor can BP DD variations to death, or mence can beat just plain mix variations.

Aerodactyl-BP from scizor.

Infernape-Vaporeon easily handles it not even being OHKOd by a +2 NP GK.

Jolteon-Tyranitar basically counters it.

Ninjask-Tyranitar can switch in breaking the sash and either DD up or just f-punch/SE it to death.

Porygon-z-Scizor's bullet punch hurts it a lot or anything can pretty much handle it.

Smeargle-BP from scizor ohko's without the sash which won't be on with SS.

Heracross-Scizor can either BP it to death or mence can handle it.

Latias-Scizor can trap it/u-turn on it, And TTar wrecks it.

Kingdra-TTar makes sure RD teams are ****ed, so only ones id have to worry about are DD who are handled by Scizor or rotom.

Lucario-Rotom is my main check being able to resist fighting/normal then ohko with overheat/tbolt before it can crunch/stone edge/ice punch.

Machamp-Rotom can deal with it, as well as Scizor or mence.

Magnezone-Tyranitar either gets a free DD on the switch or rapes it next turn after a DD.

Mamoswine-Bullet punch from scizor.

Metagross-Rotom can deal with it.

Salamence-BP from scizor after SR damage.

Electivire-lol not a threat.

Flygon-Flygon is handled by either vaporeon or scizor.

Togekiss-Tyranitar deals with it.

Weavile-Scizor counters it completely.


Starmie-Rotom or Scizor destroy it.

Tyranitar-Scizor checks it pretty well.

Zapdos-Tyranitar lols at it.


I hope you read all of this and will take your time to give me a rate.





To smogon (Y)
Good team *****. These noobs should use a your format when making a team

Anyway I just have a small suggestion. Toxic spikes and spikes are going to hurt you pretty bad now a good amount of the metagame tries to set these hazards up with a lead right? Try out Lum berry on metagross it stops rosersde and smeargle cold rendering their spiking job useless I find it helpful for me ***** but whateves. Also you could give vappy specs an pour some evs into spa and drop protect for ice beam. Specs vap Is pretty underared it's blows holes through anything expecting to take a minimal investment surf say like scarf rachi for example who can revenge tyranitar even with a boost
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Staring at my phone
Let me just start by saying: Wow. Amazing team.

I couldn't find anything big, just a little nitpick. If Gengar gets a sub he could cause some annoyance, but with your set up it seems like it would be hard pressed to do so. Also, if you lose 'Mence, MixNite/ScarfNite could be a problem, although Meta could maybe handle it.

Go ManGo

Good team *****. These noobs should use a your format when making a team

Anyway I just have a small suggestion. Toxic spikes and spikes are going to hurt you pretty bad now a good amount of the metagame tries to set these hazards up with a lead right? Try out Lum berry on metagross it stops rosersde and smeargle cold rendering their spiking job useless I find it helpful for me ***** but whateves. Also you could give vappy specs an pour some evs into spa and drop protect for ice beam. Specs vap Is pretty underared it's blows holes through anything expecting to take a minimal investment surf say like scarf rachi for example who can revenge tyranitar even with a boost

If he switches to Lum Infernape shits all over it.

Blue Ace

Pokemon is Dead
591 Atk vs 156 Def & 262 HP (90 Base Power): 366 - 432 (139.69% - 164.89%)

That's not how Bullet Punch is calculated.

1.5 increase in damage =/= 1.5 increase in Base Power.

Also what the fuck, why aren't all the users here gone yet?
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