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Dancing With the Ducklett Trio! (679)


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Ducklett reminded me of Psyduck in the games but this episode made them seem almost like trolls because they kept causing trouble and messing with poor Sandile.

I loved the battle at the end and how Sandile evolved but too bad Ash didn't catch it right away.

Red and Blue

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Was kind of sad to see Pikachu lose his signature move. Especially since its just another special Electric move. At least its recent move Electroweb has more variety
I love Ducklett so much they are hilarious and such trolls. They take no ****.
Ducklett: Here are your glasses SIKE LMAO
The beginning of the legendary ELECTRO BALL from Pikachu. Ah so much nostalgia with this move from the XY days even if it was always second fiddle to Thunderbolt. You are missed.
Sandile evolved, awesome, but I kinda wished it stayed a Sandile for a bit longer and Ash should have caught it sooner.
Scraggy and Axew are annoying me.
One of the best episodes of season 14 so far.


Call of Fate
Good episode. I liked seeing the Sunglasses Sandile again, wanting to battle Pikachu. The Ducklett were annoying here, and I was hoping Ash to catch one of them. Seeing Sandile depressed without his sunglasses was saddening, but it was cool that he still had the courage to battle Ducklett. I didn't like how Pikachu stopped using Volt Tackle after learning Electro Ball, though. It was nice to see Sandile evolve into Krokorok.