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Danger, Sweet as Honey! (785)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Adventures in Unova' started by Serebii, May 2, 2013.

  1. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Ofc, since when does he not recognize pokemon he already saw? he dexed Corpish, Buizel and Charmander recently and he has/had the 3.

    Frankly I still don't get whats people problem with him dexing pokemon, we don't do that ingame because its diferent, if we had a walking enciclopedia of "pokemon" and we lived in his world, we would use the dex more then once on a pokemon.

    Not that I'm a huge fan of the episode but I'm betting if this had Hikari instead of Iris it would be good, just sayin, Charizard came back due to popularity to be part of the team, not to overshadow everyone else and frankly I prefer it this way, we have Pikachu doing that since he is the main character along with SAtoshi already, plus they needed a flying pokemon to look for the lost ones and yes Charizard is the only flying pokemon he has rigth now so obviously he used it.
    Last edited: May 3, 2013
  2. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    Uh, maybe it's because it can fly? But wasn't Dragonite sent for the same thing? And what about the balloon race way back in Johto? I'm sure if he could have used a bird pokemon to do it he would have done it but it wasn't available so you need to use what you have at the moment right?
  3. Umbilical Noose

    Umbilical Noose Bonzo Nut

    What do you want, Charizard on Ash's shoulder while he travels through these islands (if that is possible)? It is already hogging the screentime, the screentime which belong to Pokemon like Unfezant.
  4. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I personally don't want Charizard to hog too much screen-time, but I do want him to do something other than mimic Unfezant. The writers are making him seem really average and that's strange given how they've glorified him in the past. I don't know. I guess I just agree with those who are upset with Charizard's lack of a true purpose in this arc. He deserves better.

    As for the dexing thing, I do believe it's a problem because it's ultimately redundant in my opinion. And I don't care if the Pokedex gives new information when it's used; 99% of said information is trivial and in no way contributes to the plot so why have Ash use the Pokedex in the first place? If the writers want the audience to familiarize themselves with certain Pokemon, then maybe they should change the "dare da" segment so that it gives a small Pokedex entry like the English version of the anime had at one point.
    Scorbunnie likes this.
  5. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    Here lies the problem I think. In the past Charizard was brought back to participate in some big fight. This time it was different. This time he was brought back to just be a regular team mate. Now he's on the same level as Pignite, Snivy, scraggy, etc when it comes to importance.
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  6. Blue Saturday

    Blue Saturday too fly

    Finally saw this episode in full. Pretty average episode overall, not awful as I thought it would be but average. It was one of those episodes that wasn't super entertaining overall but had some amusing moments that would help one get from point A to point B until the 22 minutes were up. I was that apathetic to the whole thing.

    I thought this episode would be similar to the Raichu Baking episode in DP, unsurprisingly, it wasn't about acquiring honey more so it was about Team Rocket pulling their usual redundant Pikachu thief plots and being sent packing in a string of failures throughout the episode. Things I liked about this episode, Pikachu showing remnants of a personality with his distrust and regret of Nyasu. Kibago apparently knowing how to identify herbs and fashion them into medicine. Mijumaru wasn't his overbearing self most of the episode and pretty entertaining at times and his Hydro Pump save of Pikachu was nice.(I always enjoy the animation for that move.) The reunion scene between them all was nice. Kairyu and Lizardon simply broing up against Koromori was nice, COMPLETE WITH A SPLIT SCREEN! :p

    Still don't understand why everyone wants Lizardon to stay on the main cast, not that I'm against him staying but I'd rather he make a comeback for a big battle not just to be a regular cast member. Quality over quantity, though his scenes with Kairyu rock and I really like Lizardon so I can't be stressed by it. Was hoping Zuruggu would appear here over Mijumaru though, been missing the lizard for a long while now.

    Nyasu being hesitant of attacking them due to their earlier kindness felt generic as well as the whole Poisoning thing, he didn't want to attack them, that sure didn't stop Kairyu from spitting an Ice Beam in his face a second later and it didn't really lead anywhere. TR's antics didn't entertain me here in the slightest, their balloon being popped, the disguises, the pithole, the disguises again. Trying to take on two fully evolved orange dragons was pretty damn stupid as well but I did like Kojirou's unnerved actions about it. The Ringuma and Spear encounters were meh, though the evolution for Cocoon looked beautiful. I guess I liked seeing Nyasu do stuff, if only because he's my favorite Rocket agent.

    Overall, I didn't really like this episode, the mascots getting separated from the BW trio laced with TR shenanigans doesn't really fit the criteria of a fun episode for me. It felt like a classic case of going through the motions, TR can be "comedic" and still be entertaining, take the Hitomoshi mansion episode for example of being a fun comedy TR episode. This honey episode literally felt like a copy and paste of many past episodes and I was bored by it. Simply breaking from the formula of a typical TR stealing episode and trying something outside the box would have been appreciated.
    Last edited: May 4, 2013
  7. Pokemaniac24

    Pokemaniac24 Banned

    I actually thought "Scare at Litwick Mansion" was one of the better BW episode but it does all come down to opinion. However, I think the best episode that used a haunted mansion goes way back to Kanto though with "The Tower of Terror."
  8. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    The only thing Charizard can do different than do different than Unfezant is battle a strong Pokemon. Since this is an adventure arc, and has 0 amount of battling (other than TR battles), I don't see what else Charizard can do. Just be happy that it's at least doing this much. Besides why do you act as if Charizard is the only one doing the Unfezant job? Dragonite was doing it too. Charizard lacks a true purpose for this arc, it's just hanging around for the fans who wanted it so much. A couple of screen time here and there is better than 0 right? Plus, if Charizard doesn't do these stuff it will be more like a battle slave to Ash who only appears when he needs a strong Pokemon. May as well put some money and rent a strong Pokemon from Paul or Gary.

    It's just my belief, Charizard's appearance won't be a total waste. He will get to fight something before leaving. Maybe Iris's Dragonite, not sure.

    You don't care if the Pokedex information because it's trivial, but the writers care. It's their show not yours. Why make Ash use Pokedex? It's a part of tradition. He has been using it since the first episode. Pokedex is as much as part of the anime as Ash, Pikachu and everything else are.

    By the way, I don't think you are familiar with the Oak's section in the anime. After every episode, he comes up and gives more trivial information on the Pokemon. So I think they have more than enough stuff to show.

    The only reason Pokedex is a nuance to you is because you don't like to get over something so trivial.
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  9. Pokemaniac24

    Pokemaniac24 Banned

    Right. And this is why I don't understand why people constantly complain over a returning character not getting to do anything major. It happened with Dawn and now it seems to be happening to Charizard. Just to remind people, Charizard did a lot of amazing things during his time on the show. He won many huge battles for Ash and in the battles he lost, he did a very impressive job. Now, people are upset because he doesn't get the huge battle people want. We should be glad he is back at all. Same with Dawn. There were no contests in Unova so that eliminated the chance of her doing contests and there was no reason to have her win the Junior Cup. But she did get some battles, she got to show off her contest skills, she had great interactions with the main cast and she went on a lot of great adventures with the main cast.
  10. Blue Saturday

    Blue Saturday too fly

    I guess I should have placed my commas and periods better, I was complimenting the Hitomoshi episode. My bad on that.
  11. Pokemaniac24

    Pokemaniac24 Banned

    I agree 100% then. I think there are other ways of using TR and they could still be comedic without them having to use the same repetitive plots so yeah, I agree with you.
  12. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    I'm actually glad Charizard is still with the gang. It's always nice to see a well developed Pokémon making a triumph return in the show, even if it isn't too much screen time personally. As for the episode itself, I give it a 6.8/10, it was alright IMO, not the best but most certainly not one of the worst I've seen.
  13. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    So like you'll accuse me of being bias, but I didn't care for this episode because I don't like honey. :/

    I liked the Victreebel part and stuff though.
    Last edited: May 5, 2013
  14. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Same thing, day in;day out ಠ_ಠ

    *gasp* eh, it's an acquired taste, I use to dislike it too. A lot of things have honey in them though

    Makes you wonder why James was never poisoned?
  15. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's like Ponyta's flames. It only poisons people it doesn't trust. James' Victreebel just did it out if affection.
  16. RVD_fan

    RVD_fan Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed this episode mostly because of all the little callbacks, from the Beedrill shenanigans to Victreebell chewing Meowth's head to Ursaring chasing the trio away with hyper beam. I'm glad they made Pikachu the one who was sceptical over Meowth's friendliness, as he should know after all this time that Meowth's good guy turns are always fake. Meowth getting Ice Beam'd was a funny little moment as well.

    A pretty good filler, IMO.
  17. Eievui-Nymphia

    Eievui-Nymphia XY, gen of dreams.

    I can confirm that this episode has aired. I'm interested in the ratings that this episode gets on CN because I don't expect very high.

    For the people who watched the episode:
    This episode could be better named as a filler episode of "Diamond and Pearl: With Iris and Cilan" than of a episode of Black and White. We have elements that people from DP are familiar with it: Beedrill horde, Ursaring getting angry, goofy disguises, a screentime hogging pokemon. It copuld be a DP episode if the BW Quartet was on the cast and there were plots like DP had (which Da! hasn't had).

    If you are wondering about some questions about Da:
    Team Rocket will miss the next episode and appears in the next 14 ones. And they are funny, not serious. However, they use the BW logo and Yamask and Woobat a lot.

    The entire saga is something from island to islands and having adventures (watiting for XY). This episode is a good example of the entire saga.

    In Decolore Islands (like Episode N), only Ash and Iris exist in the cast (except 2 exceptions) and the pokemon that exist are Pikachu, Axew, Oshawott, Pignite, Charizard and Dragonite. Snivy are BL. If you hope or someone else, sorry... And possibly at the end of Da! Emolga who joins ...

    And any cameo happens as of BW Da 16. However, Oak, a Johto Gym Leader and a 6th game character appears.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2013
    Scorbunnie likes this.
  18. yuoke

    yuoke Treasure huntin'

    Apparently not even Many people here watched the dub.
  19. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    THis dub episode today was a good one
  20. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Hey, Deku, you looking up your name on Googl-?"

    Only interesting about this episode was that Axew is a herbalist. Imagine when he evolves all the way into Haxorus and...

    Silly me! That thing will never evolve. :p

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