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Dark Balls


christian 4ever
for some weird reason this reminds of pokemon 4ever when the hunter used dark balls to turn his pokemon evil


Well-Known Member
Actually, they are!

Dark Ball:

Snatch Ball:

The only obvious difference is that the black on the Snatch Balls were changed to green on the Dark Balls.

This is really freaky! :eek:

Um to me they really do look different.

The ball looks like it has scales all over it, while the black on the snatch balls is only broken up by those purple strips on the top.

...Eh maybe I'm being too picky, still I like the look of the snatch ball more then the dark ball.
I wish there was a store somewhere where you could customise your own pokeballs; you know you buy a pack of standard balls/great balls/ultra balls/other type of ball then you can pick your own colour scheme for them. Now that'd be really cool!


See. You WERE wrong. And yet before you INSISTED on saying you were right. Face the fact, being a lier is not cool -.-


I was just going to post that. Because not knowing is different from lying. Not their fault they can't read Japanese(well, yeah it is).