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Dark Face-off Version 2

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Welcome to the Dark Face-off Version 2!

For the record, the original had 17000+ posts last I checked, and that was about two weeks before its original owner deleted it without legitimate cause. Well, we have to move on, so now we even have an official rules page!

Dark Face-off Global Rules (to be edited very frequently)

-make sure you check what the current face-off is. If you wish not to, then I am sure anyone will gladly tell you if you ask nicely
-you are expected to follow all SPPf rules
-try to be kind and courteous
-do not intentionally tally incorrectly for your own reasons (I hope this never happens, but I really do not wish to see such dishonesty)
-follow the Tally, Sharing and Caring, September, and One Post rules (explained below)
-the post frequency limit is—there must be at least one post separating your current and previous posts, in other words, do not double post
-in-between rounds, I allow Free Chat. That is just as it sounds, you all can chat freely until I show up. Although, you judge how long to do it, as I do not want 5+ pages necessarily of chat. Everything needs a limit. CURRENTLY ILLEGAL

Sharing and Caring Rule
Across the face-off forum, many topics have official tallyists. Well, sorry to tel you, I do not like such a system. Why should one to three people be burdened with tallying 3+ pages that they never posted in? So, the rule in my face-off is that everyone is a tallyist. After all, sharing is caring!

Tally Rule
This rule is simple, for the sake of whoever tallies next (it could be you—sometimes I randomize it), I prefer to have an updated tally on every page. Breaking of this rule slightly is okay, but remember that this exists to make our lives easier.

September Rule
This rule is created due to the happenings of 09/02/2006. Starting and after 09/02/2006, the tally rule must not be broken with a 3+ page tally split. This is serious, as it is insane for one person to tally any further than that. Action will be taken if this rule is not followed. This rule may be removed in the far future if habits get better.
This rule is currently outdated. Please see the December Rule.

One Post Rule
there is one thing I ahte--and that is editing rules. Why? The others do not know when you get done, hence may not post. So, from 03/09/2006 and on, you cannot say "No post please." or anythign of the sort, rather request a single post so that you need not edit. Then, we do not run into any confusion to whether the tally is up or not. Also included into this rule is that when they ask for one poster, please only give them one poster. I know you may have not known, and there is no penalty from me for that. It is up to the individual tallyist whether or nott hey count your vote.

The No Strike Policy
On the occasion, this rule may be disregarded. On most occasions, if any member intentionally commits an offense towards the face-off, which would be spamming or the like, then they win themselves at least a tempaban. If the offense was small or if they did not know better, then they would be let off with either an unofficial warning or I will not even bring attention to it. A post that is outdated, such as the users who heal and hurt contenders from previous rounds or the like, gets disregarded in the rules department, as I am sure it was an honest mistake. If not, well, lucky them. This does not count posts that x999 Heal Absol and the like.

The Tempermaban Rule-added 10/14/2006
There are a few different ways a tempabanned user may become permabanned:
-they decide agaisnt fulfilling the terms of the tempaban, whether it be via PM or otherwise telling me so
-illegally posting here after they have been aware of the ban (in other words, after I PM them)
-they ignore it for x amount of time--will be set as a condition of the tempaban

December Rule-added Christmas Eve, 2006
This rule replaces the currently-existing September Rule until I see fit.
Due to happenings in many Mystian Face-Offs recently, it is now a temporary requirement to have a tally on EVERY page. If there exists a page, complete, with 20 posts without a tally, then those votes can be skipped by the tallyist. A tallyist must say if and when they skip a page and what page they have skipped. Again, this rule will not be around forever. Just for the time being.
For clarification, of course I am not going to be harsh if there is like, say, a page and a half without tallying. This is moreof to ensure tallying happens. If someone says they are tallying and lets posting continue, as long as it gets done, that is ultimately all I care about. Besides, nothing is illegal if you never get caught, right? So, of course marginal breaking of this is alright, since I am not going to be "looking" for times this gets broken.

Hidden Rule-added 12/27/2006
This exists in Experiment-style rounds. What it is, I cannot say, but it is there...
It will be "activated" when certain conditions are met. Like Mirage Island, y' know?

Final Amendment-added 12/31/2006
Due to the balance of power between Sneasel and Tyranitar in the finals of the TCG Images FO, there is no apparent way that there can be an x and x+50 margin in score. So, first to fifty wins. Thanks and have a happy New Year!

Tempabanned Users:

Permabanned Users:
Eternity Absol/unownmew/Claii/etc. for Posting Here Agaisnt Ban and Countless Other Things

Filled in here will be global round rules when I see necessary.

Below is the ancient Glossary. This is now outdated, since Pure created a now stickified topic with global Face-Off terminology. In case you want to see the original, it is below. If not, here is the new(er) Glossary.
Glossary of Terms Used in Face-off (to be edited when I think of more)
tally-a list of the current contenders and their scores
tallyist-one who adds up the current tally
face-off-the largest unit, an entire line in the list below
stage-next subunit of face-off
round-subunit of stage
survey-a few questions I poll everyone about the face-off at least every seven/eight face-offs
tallyist's choice-a variable vote that means you basically fill a spot you do not care for, and so the person who tallies it chooses what that vote was NEW RULE-the tallyist must say what the votes were counted for
CEASE POSTING-this means to stop posting for x amount of time, used when we are awaiting a tally
quicktallying-the act of tallying before, hence quicker, someone else who already offered/said they would tally
NEXT POSTER TALLIES, REGARDLSS WHO IT IS-if you see this in a post of mine, then that means that tallying is as urgent as if you are about to have a bucket of green paint poured all over your head--it is NOT optional to tally if you are that lucky poster--worst punishment could be a ban from the face-off (I hope that will never happen =P)
tally split-the number of pages between the current page and the previous tally
face-off ban-if this is given to a user, then they had better refrain from posting here while the ban is in effect, or else I may go to the moderation. The member will be informed via PM of this, and whether it is temporary or permanent. I will try to keep an updated list in this post.
tempaban-a face-off ban that is not permanent--the conditions for getting "un-banned" will certainly be given to the member
permaban-basically, never show your face here ever again. You have little to no chance of getting unbanned.
e-vote-short for an edit vote, it is simply an act that is generally illegal here, which looks like:
I vote for Weavile.
Edit: Been an hour, so I vote for Weavile again.
TMA[#]-short for ex Team Magma vs. Team Aqua--the number shows which card is being said--used in TCG Images round
Staryu-a face-off verb meaning to take over a face-off where the owner has not been doing their duties--named after the original user to do this
leapfrog-a legal act here, where you vote when there is only one user between you and your new post, again, this is legal here
free tallyist's choice-this was created by Shining Alakazam, which, is like a regular Tallyist's Choice, except the tallyist is allowed to cancel your votes out (by making them the same thing in a hurt/heal round). Now, this is legal here, although I do not see why anyone would want to post this...

Previous Winners:
Three Stage-Murkrow
The Experiment-Umbreon
First Stages-Sneasel
Winner of Losers-Mightyena
Random Events-Shiny Poochyena
Top Users-Eternity Absol
Dual Types-Dragon
Other Attacks-Flamethrower

Future Face-offs *NOT UPDATED*
Current Face-off: Prey
Next Face-off: Handicap
Next Face-off: Dark TCG Images
Next Face-off: Mixed?
Next Face-off: “Super” Voting Experience?
Next Face-off: Other Dark Associations?

Yay, the old list still exists!

Now for the next round, um, what was it going to be, ah, I remember…

Face-off SixteenOne-Dark Prey
We all know by now that Ariados and Butterfree are liked pkmn that Dark types are weak against. We still need to know what is the best pkmn that Dark types are good against. Suggested by someone (I forget :p) is the Prey face-off.

-normal hurt/heal rules apply (which is single hurt/healing)
-do not complain that I kept out legendaries
-as always, have fun

Heal Lunatone
Hurt Metagross


Vote away! ^_^
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Heal Alakazam
Hurt Gardevoir



Out of a crazy mind.
Yay for new banner!
X1 heal Dusclops
X1 hurt Gengar



Ah yes. Compliments are appreciated.

Heal Alakazam
Hurt Gardevoir

I also provided teh first official tally of the face-off.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
Heal ;376;
Hurt ;097;

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
Heal ;376;
Hurt ;097;
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