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Dark Face-off Version 2

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...and that ends it, everyone! The longest Face-off (timewise) in DFO history has been ended now. I have an announcement to make, but not going to do it now.


If I get more than one, instant tempaban, no questions asked. Make sure you read my next post, as I am sure you will find it--engaging.
Well, what can I say? I have been quite fortunate to have had such a successful Face-off this year. Ultimately, the DFO+DFOV2's post coutns together make them have the most psots in the Face-offs (ever, perhaps, check out the Archive). A few notable users I would like to mention. Although I a incredibly satisfied on how weell the Sharing+Carign rule worked, a few users have tallied quite many times. The name I am going to mention--Wig. He sometimes would tally when he did not even post once.
Shining Alakazam deserves a thanks for ensuring this palce did not get clsoed during the MGA crisis, else, I would not be making this post right now.

8922 posts is a lot. We need a post update...just look it up...(lagging)...

What now, you ask? It is a new year, whcih means new Face-offs. With new Face-offs come old Face-offs. This is one of them. The Dark Face-off Version 2 ends here. I hope you enjoyed it.


Thanks, and have a happy New Year's Eve! ^_^
Not open for further replies.