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Dark Face-off Version 4

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Welcome to version four of the Dark Face-off!
This is the first of the last wave of 2007 Mystian FOs—hold onto your hats!

Wow. Time flies by whether you’re having fun or not at forum 117. If you’re not catchin’ the drift, then you sink. It’s a world of shaping up or shipping out. That explains why so many face-offs are made and so few manage to see its first birthday—Darwinian natural selection. But, there is more than one way to draw a Magikarp, so to speak. Yes, this is survival of the fittest; however, what are the fittest? Volteon’s face-offs are prime examples. But we cannot simply copy his example and be guaranteed success. Pure tried that already. Rather, each face-off has to find its niche and cement itself there. Each face-off must be different. Each must have its own personality, a different shade of another color, in order to even get looked at. So what niches need filling? That, not “to be or not to be”, is the real question. This face-off is my attempt to fill one of those niches temporarily. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

As of this moment, follow the rules of the DFOV3. This will not be the case forever, so expect a change to this later on.

The Dark Face-off has been through many stages in its lifetime, so if you would like to briefly reminisce with me then read this (otherwise skip this paragraph). Version one was, of course, not mine for a time. I did not even see its immediate genesis. I imagine GoldenHouou did. She was, as it seemed at the time, always here. The face-offs were her domain for what seemed a long time. Remember, this was before the era of the site lag, so leapfrogging did not exist yet. Rather, we would post and have three others post at the same time as us, just because of the rapid nature of the early face-offs. It was such a different world then. Magma Grunt Alex was gone for a while and GH gained the Fire Face-Off. That left out poor Agent Myst. So I managed to get MGA’s permission to Staryu (as it was called months later, after the member Staryu who tended to cede others’ FOs) the DFO. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I got to own my own face-off. And people actually posted in it. What an honor that was! We as the FOers developed some new styles along the way and had some heated rounds, but that all came to an end come August 7, 2006. During the MGA Crisis, so dubbed by me, version 2 was born. Ironically to the following few months after it, I left a will—if I was permabanned, then Pure got the face-off to himself. For better or for worse, my brainchild was not up for adoption. Version 2 actually was not very eventful quantity-wise in rounds. The Dark TCG Images round had to have been one of (if not the) longest round(s) in the history of forum 117. Against the forces of lag, schoolwork, and Shining Alakazam, that time was a bit cloudy. Posting was not very frequent except on days when the lag was low. Wig kept everyone happy, though. But as the new year approached, version two was insufficient. Pure always thought that remaking a face-off increased its popularity and revitalized it. Against everything on that matter that I had said on the past, New Year’s Eve I closed version two. But beforehand I had sent version three in, to ensure no Staryuing took place. One it appears, the massive rules list which was the true legacy of version 3 was accessible. Version three had the least activity of them all as of now, at times grabbing a post ever week or so when someone came by to revive it. Honorable mention goes to Jonah and WDt for tallying and posting too many times. Thank you! Version three’s intent was actually a closure. Even as far back as when Eternity Absol was still around, I spoke of the inevitable ‘round 25’. Whatever it meant did not matter; it was big. What round did version three end in? It ended at 24. 25 was never reached. That was my goal the entire time, to have one grant final round to that face-off and move on to other face-offs holding my torch. But, as you can see, that never happened. So the question becomes what now? Well, this is version four, with the purpose of picking up the pieces of version three and running a marathon with them. There is little room for failure. So let’s write the rest of this tale!

For the longest time, I took what IMX said about my face-offs being arbitrary rather personally and set out on a vast scale to change that. But that is the wrong idea. Face-offs that do not start when they pass the mod queue may never start. So, we shall do without nominations right now. This face-off shall be conducted in the new R3F style. This builds on the Ken Sugimori’s Underwear style in that you may vote anything legal from the history of the face-offs as long as it is related to the contenders and not the same as the post above you. But the R3F style has another, more defining trait. The nature of this face-off is similar that of the KSUFO—never-ending. So how do you have open voting and no end? Elementary, my dear Watson. There is no limit and hence no Hidden Rule to how high points can go, but…no point values can go below 1. So whatever that means in practice, we will see. So here are your contenders:

Absolution I Style-30
Coral Eye Badge-30
Count Charm-30
Free Chat-30
Game Music Face-off-30
Link Cable-30
Shiftry Revolution-30

Those twelve contenders are all face-off-related albeit a bit random and very arbitrary. So you’re probably wondering what they have to do with the dark type. I will tell you. They all have some elaborate connection to the dark type because-dhvdsnvksd.n f bdj fg hdfk fljh gd no. Not this time. The title is a misnomer when you look at it on the outside. If I were to name this in the way of the other 2007 Mystian Face-offs, it would be “R3F-Is Prometheus Bound or Not?”. Surprised? The R3F style continues on version three but in a way contrary to what you and I both expected. 2007 still has a few months left so let’s make the loss of version three not in vain! Thanks for reading and vote away!

Coming Soon: Protein Style


Celebi Clone
I dont really get it either (then again I never do get these type of face-offs) There is a first for everything thought. I also came up with a new idea for a face-off whilst reading this.

x10 Heal Coral Eye Badge
(Hope I did that right)
-10 Stall
Is this right?
-10 Stall 10charlimit
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