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Dark Storm

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Torchic23, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    Another Contest Shippy! I originally planned for this to be a one-shot, but the idea was just too much, it was meant to be a few chapters long! Yeah, this one won't be really long, but I hope you enjoy the chapters.

    Dark Storm: Chapter 1
    Rating: PG

    A young brown haired girl was leaning against an off-white fence, watching what was happening before her through her pretty sapphire blue eyes. She had nothing better to do than just sit there, her arms folded over her knees.

    Many workers, and a few Machoke, were busily carrying around wood, and other supplies they needed. Here, in front of the young girl, was the base for the new Contest Hall, to be specific, the very first contest hall in all of Kanto. It was to be placed here, on an empty lot of Vermillion City.

    A gentle ocean breeze blew through the medium sized town, causing one of the workers to look up. “A storm? No way, not here!” He suddenly yelled, noticing the cottony, large, clouds that filled the baby-blue sky.

    “Great, not again, this Contest Hall is never going to get built with all the bad weather lately, eh Joey!” Yelled a burly-looking co-worker, who walked up to his side.

    Joey sighed. “Gather up the Pokemon, we’re just going to have to wait until the storm clears…”

    “Dude, it will be okay, I’m sure it’s only a little storm, we’ll get right back to work the instant it’s over, okay?” Asked Joey’s co-worker, brushing his hand back through his messy blond hair. He tried to grin at Joey, but it apparently hadn’t worked.

    The young coordinator also noticed the sky that was now gradually getting darker and darker. She stared at it, as if she were in a trance.

    Suddenly, Joey’s voice broke through her daze. “Hey little girl, you gonna sit there all day? There’s a storm coming!” He held his hand out to her.

    “My name is May, not little girl…” She mumbled bitterly, but she put her gloved hand into his, and allowed him to pull her up from her sitting position.

    “Thanks!” She exclaimed, trying to forget what she had been thinking about before.

    “No problem, you should probably head to the Pokemon Center for the time being,” Advised Joey. He stared at May hard with his hazel eyes, and then he grinned, turning his back and heading to wherever he was staying.

    May forced a smile, but as soon as the teenage worker turned his back, the frown returned to her face. The wind was kicking up a bit more, it started to make May’s bandanna wave.

    Taking Joey’s advice, May headed to the Pokemon Center, which was only a few feet away. But, she didn’t want to go there, he was there…

    “There you are!” Exclaimed her little brother Max as she entered the center through the glass sliding doors. He ran up to his sister, hugging her lovingly, but it caused his large glasses to suddenly fall off.

    Max giggled nervously, letting go of May and grabbing his glasses again. May stared at his jet-black hair, a sudden surge of fear pierced through her body.

    “May, listen, he said he was sorry! He wanted to talk to you, please? I’m begging you, just talk to him, I promise you’ll feel better!” Said her older, spiky-haired friend, Brock, in a stern voice.

    “No! I’m not talking to him!” May yelled.

    “Well he told me to tell you, that he’s really sorry!” Argued Brock.

    “Tell him that I hate him and I never want to talk to him again!” Yelled May, angrily stomping off to her rented room of the Pokemon Center.

    Brock sighed, but Max looked worried. “With the way she’s acting, I don’t think they’ll ever make up!”

    “We’ll keep trying, I’d like to seem them as friends again, if not, well, you know, boyfriend and girlfriend,” Replied Brock.

    “But May doesn’t like him! You can’t force her to be his girlfriend, it isn’t fair! Especially after what happened!” Yelled Max. He glared at Brock for a second, then left the room to go find May.

    May lie on her bed, her eyes were red, most likely from crying. The door slowly opened, causing May to bolt up.

    “Oh, it’s you…” She said with a sigh.

    Max smiled gently and sat on the bed next to is sister. “I’m sorry,” He said, wrapping his arm around her slender waist.

    May let out another tear. “Thanks Max, you’re the best brother ever…”

    The two talked for a while, exchanging thoughts on poor May’s situation.

    Meanwhile, on the edge of town, a boy May’s age was standing under a tree branch, staring at the ocean, that had turned at dark gray, like the sky, from the fierce storm. His green hair was drenched, but still shining as always. His emerald eyes seemed to be clouded with thought. A purple jacket was slung over his shoulder, while he was wearing a black turtleneck and plain blue jeans.
    “It was all my fault, I’m sorry, May…but now I have to finish the job” He muttered, tucking a hand into his pocket, then started walking towards the Pokemon Center…

    “Well I’m going to find that jerk and pay him back for what he did!” Max yelled. May gently put a hand on his shoulder, ruffling his green shirt a little.

    “No, don’t. Even though he did….”May paused. “Well, you know, I don’t want you to hurt him. And besides, I think there’s someone else who will take care of him for me….”

    Max sat back down, a little stunned. “But why?”

    “I-I-I don’t want you to get hurt like I did! He’s dangerous, and I already told you! He will get what he deserves soon enough!” May said, stuttering at first.

    The siblings hugged again, this one was more loving than ever. Although they had fought a lot, Max and May truly cared for each other, and shared feelings often.

    Max pulled away, nodding to May, and leaving the room.

    “I will get my revenge, I’m sorry May, but I feel I’m the one who should do it,” Said Max quietly, walking through a dark hallway.

    As he walked by a random door, it saw it open, and the next thing he knew, a hand was clapped over his mouth, and another arm dragged him through the doorway. He tried to scream, but with the mysterious hand over his mouth, it was useless. The door pulled shut, and Max found himself sitting in darkness, unable to breathe, or move…

    When he regained some sight, he turned his head around and gasped. The shady figure punched him in the cheek, knocking him unconscious…

    “Hey Brock, have you seen Max anywhere?” Asked May. An hour passed by and May was feeling a little better, that is, until she found her brother missing.

    “Um, sorry, I haven’t seen him since he went to go comfort you,” Said Brock, looking up from a newspaper he was reading.

    “Damn it! If it’s was him again I swear…” But May was unable to finish her sentence, the doors of the Pokemon Center were thrown open.

    A soaked little yellow electric rodent ran in, jumping into May’s arms. It started to cry, although it looked angry.

    “Pikachu?” Said May, confused about Ash’s little companion. He jumped down from May’s arms, its cheeks suddenly sparking with energy, but giving itself a little shock due to the water that so delicately lined its golden fur.

    “Pikachu? What’s wrong? Is it Ash?” May asked frantically.

    Pikachu nodded, but then shook its head. He suddenly bolted back outside, May determined to follow, even if the rain was coming down harder and harder.

    “I have a bad feeling about this…” She muttered, following Pikachu into a small clearing.


    OMGZ, who is this 'he'? I never said, and hah, you'll never guess -_-

    This time, it won't be May and Drew going on a journey together, I went for a different plot this time. Really, the story will take place over a week or so.

    So tell me what ya think!

    ~Short but sweet, Torchic23 <3
  2. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    wow, that story is very enticing. I love it! There aren't many parts I can quote on especially because I liked it all. it has a big sense of mystery about it, cus I really wanna know what Drew did to May before (it was him wasn't it). Please can I be on the PM list? and please write the next chapter soon!
  3. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    Yay! Fianlly, a reply! I'm so glad you like it! As for your question on the mystery, I'm not saying anything, think what you want to think, everything will be revealed soon enough. It might be Drew, but I'm not gonna say :D

    *PM list updated*

    The next chapter is already finished, I'll post it tomorrow night, 'kay? ;D
  4. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    ooh. I have to wait until tomorrow. how unfair, really looking forward to it though. but seeing as I am impatient person, mysteries don't always suit me lol.
    pleeeeeaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee update as early as you can tomorrow.
    thanks Torchic
  5. ~ContestChampion~

    ~ContestChampion~ heartbreak to anger

    Wow, Torchic23, I really like this fic! I really hope it isn't Drew who did that to Max.... Poor Max!
  6. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    Dark Storm: Chapter 2
    Rating: PG-13 (All chapters will be rated this)


    May pushed back a wet branch that was in the way, and gasped at what she saw in the clearing Pikachu had lead her too.

    There, lying on the muddy ground was none other than Drew! May screamed, instinctively running to his side. She gently brushed his thick emerald bangs out of his face, his eyes were tightly shut, and a little bit of blood leaked from a large cut on his face.

    “Drew!” She yelled, hoping he would bolt up. But he didn’t, his body remain limp and lifeless.

    May turned to Pikachu, a small tear slid out of the corner of her eye. “Was it him?”

    Pikachu sadly nodded, but not taking his eyes off May’s injured rival.

    May growled, looking as if she could kill. Her hair was soaked from the constant downpour. Thunder boomed through the dark sky, just adding to the mood.

    “I should have known, that stupid jerk!”

    “Why did he have to get Drew though? What am I supposed to do? Wait, I know, Pikachu, go find Brock and bring him here, okay?” Said May, suddenly getting the idea.

    Pikachu nodded in agreement, then ran back to the Pokemon Center to get Brock.

    May sighed, this felt awkward, here she was alone, with her unconscious rival who was rapidly losing blood. Using both of her hands, she held one of Drew’s in hope that he’d be okay. Then she fixed her gaze towards the sky. It was darker than a normal storm; the rain came down harder and lasted longer than any storm she had ever experienced.

    “What’s going on with me lately…” She quietly asked herself.

    Pikachu ran as quickly as its little legs would carry him. Just then, he noticed that the end of the little forest was just ahead; the glow from the Pokemon Center’s bright sign was visible from Pikachu’s view.

    Just as Pikachu prepared to burst through the last leafy plant, two hands reached out and roughly grabbed poor Pikachu. Like Max, Pikachu’s mouth ended covered with one hand, the other holding Pikachu firmly to this stranger’s body.

    “There you are you little electric rat!” Said the voice with a cruel laugh.

    “Pikamphh!” Pikachu tried to cry out, but the stranger placed his hand harder on his mouth. Pikachu however did manage to send out a giant spark before he was pulled into the darkness….

    It had been about eleven minutes and there was still no sign of Pikachu or Brock. May was starting to feel worried, as Drew slowly became more and more pale.

    May carefully took of her headband, folded it into a small and long rectangle. Then, she neatly tied it to Drew’s face, to try and stop him from loosing so much blood. It rested on the bridge of his nose, but not covering his eye, May was careful with her makeshift band-aid.

    Ignoring the awkward tears that were still streaming from her blue eyes, she grabbed his hand in a protective manner.

    May’s bandanna seemed to help stop Drew’s bleeding a little bit, but still, May could see a small trickle of blood leaking out.

    “May?” Yelled a familiar voice.

    May whirled around, quickly letting go of Drew’s hand. The person she saw was none other than Brock! May sighed with relief.

    “Thank god you’re here, I need your help! It’s Drew…” She said, pointing at her green haired rival. “But what, where’s Pikachu?”

    “Pikachu? Last I saw, he was with you!” Said Brock, thinking deeply.

    “But, how did you know to come? I sent Pikachu to find you!” Said May, a little worried.

    “I saw a powerful bolt of thunder, I thought that maybe it was Pikachu, and also, I came out here looking for you because it was taking a while and there was no sign of Max anywhere…”

    “No, that means he took Pikachu too! But why, it’s so unlike him…” May muttered.

    “Sorry to interrupt May, but we better get Drew back to the Pokemon Center, we can talk more there,” Said Brock, now noticing Drew’s condition.

    “Yeah…” Said May. “But how are we supposed to do that?”

    Brock sighed, but then walked over to Drew, and pulled his limp body onto his back. “I’ll take care of it!” Then he noticed the look on May’s face. “I said don’t worry, I know you really care about him, and I’m always willing to help your friends.”

    May smiled, for once she actually felt happy. She and Brock then made their way back to the center, somehow getting through the rain.

    Later, at the Pokemon Center, Brock, May, and Nurse Joy were all sitting by Drew’s bedside. Drew lie in the bed, still unconscious, but he had a proper band-aid over his cut now. And he was also in dry clothes. Nurse Joy had thanked May for her efforts to try to save Drew.

    “Is he going to be okay?” Asked May.

    “Yes dear, just fine, it appears he got knocked out that’s all, though if you hadn’t have put this bandanna around the cut…” Joy didn’t finish her sentence, realizing the intensity of her words, after all Mad had gone through, she didn’t need to hear what she was going to finish with.

    “Thanks Nurse Joy, I really appreciate it!” Said May. Her bandanna was ruined, so she just wore her hair down.

    “After we discuss, I’d like you to go to bed, May, it will do you some good, okay?” Said Joy sternly.

    May nodded, but she felt to panicked to sleep….

    “So, it was your little brother, Max, and your friend’s Pikachu, am I correct?” Asked Joy.

    Both May and Brock nodded.

    “I know who it is…” Muttered May.

    “You do? Then please dear, tell me!” Exclaimed Joy.

    “It was that stupid ***, Ash Ketchum…” Said May bitterly.

    “Now May! Don’t jump to conclusions like that! Ash would never do such a thing! And why would he kidnap his own Pokemon?” Brock yelled.

    “I don’t know, Brock, but after what I went through, I’d believe anything!” Said May, her voice gradually getting louder.

    “Oh, Mr. Ketchum, he’s the one who’s competed in a few Pokemon leagues, and was one of the only one’s to beat our gym leader, Lt. Surge! I don’t think he’d do that either, I remember that boy, he loved his Pikachu, and he was very kind!” Said Joy.

    “See May, is obviously isn’t Ash, I’m betting it was your gay-*** rival, Harley,” Said Brock.

    “Ugh! No one here ever freaking’ believes me! I’m going to bed now, go ahead and just keep discussing, apparently I’m not smart enough for this conversation!” Yelled May, suddenly standing up. She did as she said, and stomped out of the room muttering curse words.

    Now in the comfort of her room, May was still sitting up, her head buried in her knees, crying as hard as the rain outside.

    “I want Max! I want Pikachu! I want the old Ash! I want…” May paused, lifting her head to reveal her red cheeks, and teary blue eyes. “I want Drew…”

    She then clapped her hand to her mouth. She couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth. She blushed, and giggled unconsciously.

    Then she lie back, staring at the ceiling, she couldn’t bare look at the empty bed across the small room. “Max is supposed to be there…” May muttered.

    “This is…. all…just a dream…” Said May, yawning, and finally falling asleep.

    The next morning, May awoke to someone shaking her.

    “May! Wake up! Wake up damn it!” Yelled the familiar voice.

    May giggled, knowing exactly who it was. She sat up, and pushed the mysterious person in front of her. “Damn Drew, why do you have to wake me up so early!”

    The boy recovered from his fall, and flicked a strand of his emerald hair out of his matching eyes. “I thought you’d be worried about me or something.”

    “Oh yeah!” Said May, coming back to reality. I forgot all about last night! Are you feeling okay?” Asked May.

    “Welcome back sleepy head,” Said Drew with a smirk.

    “Just answer my damn question!” May demanded.

    “I’m fine, if you haven’t noticed the large band-aid on my face…”

    “I saved your sorry life last night, I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you!” Yelled May. “What happened anyways?”

    “I thought you’d never ask,” Said Drew casually. “If you must know, I was simply getting revenge…”

    “Revenge? On who? Over what?” Asked May, feeling confused.

    By the time May finished her sentence, Drew was in the doorway. He threw a rose that landed perfectly in front of her.

    “Just a little advice, watch your back,” Finished Drew, leaving her room.

    May picked up the rose, admiring it as she usually did. Then she thought about what Drew had said. Then it hit her.

    “Drew got hurt to protect me!”

    May apologized to Nurse Joy and Brock for her behavior.

    “It’s okay, we both knew you were tired,” said Brock with a grin.

    “So, did you figure out who kidnapped my brother?” Asked May.

    “Um…. well not really, but whoever kidnapped Max and Pikachu also kidnapped Ash, we haven’t seen him since Yesterday!” Said Brock

    “That’s because he’s the bad guy…” Muttered May.

    “What was that?” Asked Brock.

    “Um, I said I accidentally made some bad buys!” Said May nervously.

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Demanded Brock.

    “I dunno, and I have to go!” Yelled May.

    “But it’s still raining!” Yelled Brock.

    But it was too late, May was already gone…


    There, now it's posted. I'm doing three now, there's a big event in that one.

    Hmmm, is it Drew? Ash? Harley? Someone else? A lot of people gave different feelings towards it, but I'm not gonna say who's been doing all the stuff. And yes, what happened to May will be revealed in a future chapter ^^
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2006
  7. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    No replies? :-(

    It's okay, I got the next chappy done ^^

    Dark Storm: 3
    Rating: PG-13 (To be safe)

    May stepped out of the Pokemon Center, into the dark, gray, rainy world outside. “When will this damn rain stop!?” Shouted May.

    The sky responded with a loud crack of thunder, and then started to rain harder if possible.

    May suddenly felt gloomy again. With her brother and close friend’s Pokemon gone, she had every right to.

    She walked to a high cliff that over looked the ugly gray ocean, sitting herself down in the wet grass. “Are you purposely trying to get sick?” Said a familiar sarcastic voice.

    May whirled around, but she already knew who it was. “Then may I ask what you’re doing here?”

    Drew stepped out from behind a bush, flicking through his wet emerald hair. “Making sure you’re okay, do you have any objections to that?” He asked.

    May sighed. “I don’t need your sarcasm right now, I’m not in the mood…”

    Drew’s smirk turned to a serious frown. “I understand. I was there, I know what happened…”

    “Of course you know you jerk! Who the hell doesn’t anymore!” Yelled May.

    Drew walked to her side, and held out a hand to her. May looked surprised, but gently placed her hand in his, as he pulled her up.

    “C’mon, let’s get out of the rain, I know the perfect spot,” Said Drew, pulling May along.

    “Drew! Not now! Let go! Let go damn it!” Yelled May.

    “Just trust me!” He argued.

    After a little but of walking, Drew had brought May to a very large branch, in which they both sat under.

    “Wow! This really is the perfect spot!” Exclaimed May. But then she frowned again.

    “Please May, just discuss what you’re feeling with me, you’re just going to have to trust me this time,”

    “No, I don’t want to. I never want to think about it again,” Said May, turning her head.

    Drew didn’t quite give up. “Please? If you tell me what you’re feeling, I’ll tell you a secret…I guess…”
    May’s eyes widened. “A secret? What kind?”

    “I can’t tell you unless you tell me what’s troubling you about that…well…you know, that one night…” Said Drew, knowing May didn’t want to be reminded by force.

    May retold the story of night when her world turned upside down, crying while doing so. Drew listened intently, wishing he could have already told his secret so he could comfort her.

    “And now he’s taken my brother, Max, the only one who believed and understood my feelings. Brock and everyone else sided with him!” May yelled, closing her eyes in frustration.

    Opening them again, she found a beautiful scarlet rose in her hands. She turned to see Drew, who was smiling.

    “I understand, and I believe you, I saw what happened, what he did to you, how could I not believe you?”

    May wiped away a tear. “Now you have to tell me your secret!”

    Drew blushed. “I’m not sure if I can now…”

    May glared at him. “You promised! Now tell me!”

    “You’re right, I’m sorry, once I tell you you’ll understand why…it’s just that….um…May, I love you…”


    Back at the Pokemon Center, Brock was busily discussing with Officer Jenny, a blue haired police officer.

    “So, you’re saying this mysterious person kidnapped a child and a Pokemon?”

    “Yes, will you go on a date with me now?” Asked Brock, blushing, and holding his hands in Jenny’s.

    It was obvious Jenny was getting annoyed. “Is there anyone else who knows about this?”

    “No Jenny, no one, how about that date?” Said Brock, to love sick to think about May or Drew.

    “Okay, thanks for your….er…can you get off me?” Asked Jenny, Brock was clinging to her arm.

    Jenny left, muttering some curse words about Brock, who was on the floor, heart-broken. Snapping back to his senses, he realized that he had forgotten to tell Jenny about May.

    “Oh well, I guess she’s not a big detail to the mystery,” Said Brock, shrugging and walking back to his room.


    Back under the large branch of an even larger tree, May sat, staring at Drew and blushing.

    “Then can I tell you a secret as well?” Asked May.

    Drew looked a little surprised. “Go ahead.”

    “I love you too…”

    “Are you serious? This is perfect, just how I imagined it would be…” Said Drew.

    The two sat in awkward silence for a moment, before May finally spoke up. “I have a question, what were the roses really for?”

    “You already know, I just told you,” said Drew.

    May nodded. “I thought so.”

    They both sat, silent again. Until finally, May spoke up. “So now that we both know we l-l-love each other, do you want to?”

    Drew guessed what May had meant. “Well I dunno, I know we’re a lot older now, but I’ve never kis---“

    It had been too late, Drew felt May pinning his arms down, her lips pressed against his. Drew happily accepted, pulling himself back up and wrapping his arms around her. For about three minutes, the two were passionately expressing themselves.

    For both May and Drew, it was their first kiss. Even though they were both seventeen, May’s mom hadn’t let her, and Drew had never fallen in love. It was a wonderful experience for both of them.

    Drew and May finally let go of each other, Drew’s hair being a little ruffled. May giggled. “That was really awesome, Drew…”

    Drew nodded. “Feel better now?”

    May smiled. “A LOT better now!” Then she pounced him again, making sure that this kiss was better than the last…

    “Alright, now where is May?” Brock asked himself.

    He sat in the fancy lobby of the Pokemon Center, carefully sipping his coffee and watching the storm through the large bay window.

    “How could she accuse Ash of such a crime? He’d never kidnap Max, yet alone his own Pokemon! She must be tired lately….”

    Brock finished his last sip of coffee, then stood up. “I’m gonna go find her and set her straight!”


    So there ya go, I had Drew admit to May, then kissym kissy. No CSy story is complete without that ^^

    ~Short but Sweet, Torchic23 <3
  8. ashnmisty4eva

    ashnmisty4eva Pika Pal

    I think you've got a great story idea going on here, potentially very cute shippy stuff, but there are a few things you could clean up in addition.
    This might sound better as: "The sky responded with an iearth-shaking crack of thunder and then started to rain harder, if that was even possible." Try to not use dry verbs like: "loud" "said" "walk" "run" because they're too generic and they don't give us any detail. When you edit, search for words like these and see if you can change them to make them more descriptive.
    XD Drew... Although the dialogue should go on the next line.
    May didn't respond to this? It might help us readers to understand what May's thinking if you put in how she physically reacted (she was taken back, she blushed, she fell down, etc) to Drew's outburst.
    Discuss might not be the right word. Perhaps: "Please, May, just tell me what's wrong." It's not in character for Drew to phrase a sentance like that.
    Hahahahaha! Though I think he'd be holding Jenny's hands in his, willing for her to stop squirming in his grasp.XD
    Lol. This would be a good thing to say after you describe what Jenny looked like as an annoyed woman. Was steam coming out of her ears? Was she gritting her teeth?...
    Hahaha. This was perfect. :)
    o_O Try not to use two of the same adjectives ("large" in this case) in the same sentance. Consult a thesaurus on this one. There are other words that describe "large" such as "grand" "humungous" but it also depends on the context. In this case, you could substitute the first "large" for "sheltering" "wide" etc, though I'd probably leave the second "large" in there because it fits nicely in context.
    What's more important to Brock...
    1) Finding out what happened to Ash, Max and Pikachu...
    2) Setting May straight...
    3) Girls...
    We all know if a girl flitts by, it'd be number three, but deep down I think Brock'd be most concerned about Ash, Max and Pikachu...unless there's something the readers don't know and it'd be a nice little place for you to put some foreshadowing in. XD
    You're doing very nicely. Just keep these things in mind when you're writing. :) PM me if you have any questions. I criticise constructively because I care. :)
  9. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    Nah, don't worry about being harsh, I appreciate it, I get so many compliments with my other stories (And yes, I lurve it ^^ ) I sometimes never see what I do wrong, so really, thank you, I'll put all this into consideration when I am doing the next chapter ^^

  10. Whoa, Torchic! I haven't reviewed at all yet... -dies-

    Chapter One: I didn't notice any mistakes in the first chapter.

    ZOMG. What's Shuu doing? Hmmm...

    If that's Satoshi, he's being a real b*stard.

    Who did she think it was, Dracula? (Lolz for randomosity)

    Chapter Two: Uh-oh!

    Take away that apostrophe.

    Oh no! Poor Shuu!!!

    OH, snap!! lolz!!


    Chapter Three: This is the cutest chapter so far.

    OMG!!! Shuu told Haruka that he loves her!!! -squeals-

    ZOMG!! Haruka told Shuu that she loves him back!!!

    I can imagine Takeshi doing that.

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!! THey kissed!!! Shuu and Haruka kissed!! -dies-

    OMG, this is so good so far. Add me to the PM list please.

    ~!Mudkip Kitteh!~ (who did a LONG review!!) ;258;
  11. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3


    Thank you soo much for updating. and TWO chappies in a row! yay! Absolutely brill!

    That bit really shocked me. For some reason, i thought it would be Ash and it was Drew that was the bad guy. aww, as I was reading, I was imagining may brushing his hair away and looking hysterical. Even though it is a sad moment, i found it super-dupa kawaii!

    wow! is th really Ash???!!! Super out of characternessness. (lol random word). but you have done it in a good way, not in a stupid ridiculess way that unfortunately sometiems happens.

    Did he get into a fight with Ash or something?

    ooh. have I missed something, or are you keeping us in serious suspense? did something happen between her and Ash? God, so very intruiging!!!!!!!

    aww! *squeals* the typical awkwardness and then boom, May makes the first move. sooo kawaii! i loved that bit, it was adorable how Drew was the more nervous

    Oh dear lord! Is he going to find them in quite a passionate moment? lmao. i am positively in galore with anticipation lol

    Great Story! Please let me know when next chappie is up Torchic!

  12. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    Hmmm, when did I ever say it was Ash....

    *PM list updated*

    And thanks for the reviews, glad ya like it so far ^^ (W00t! This is how I wanted it to be, no one is really sure what happened to May and who did it except me :D )
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    Dark Storm: 4
    Rating: PG-13 (As always...)


    Brock casually strolled through the rainy forest just behind the Pokemon Center. “Damn, I can’t find her anywhere…”

    For about an hour now, he had been searching for May, so they could discuss further on the matters of her brother getting kidnapped.

    “Oh my god! What if May got kidnapped?” Yelled Brock suddenly, starting to frighten himself.

    About to give up, Brock pulled back a large leaf of a tree from his path. He shrieked, a scream so loud that it could probably be heard from miles away.

    “Drew…. how could you? She trusted you!”


    About fifteen minutes away from Vermillion City, was a small island, the only building being a broken down old warehouse. Inside the small structure sat a mysterious being, her face covered by the shadows.

    She appeared to turn her head to gaze through the small dusty window, the only one in the warehouse.

    Noticing the terrible storm, she laughed with cruel joy.

    “Oh yes, little girl, your time is soon, and this time they’ll be no one to stop me!”

    “Is it ready yet, master?” Asked another strange and shadowy figure who suddenly appeared next to the first.

    “No, no, we must wait until the storm is at it’s worst, then we’ll get the girl- -“

    But she was interrupted, “And then we’ll get the ultimate Pokemon, am I correct, master?”

    The enraged female reached out one of her long, slender hands to smack the younger boy to the floor. “NEVER INTERRUPT ME!!” She screamed, reaching down to smack his sore face again.

    The young man recovered quickly, pulling himself up. “Yes, please master, I apologize for more rudeness, I shall excuse myself now.”

    The strange women laughed again. “I’m hoping those two hurt pretty badly you pathetic idiot. But he is important to the plan, I can’t afford to loose him. I have to find a way to get that one other stupid kid out of the way…”


    May pulled herself from Drew’s arms. “Oh Brock, I was just saying hi!”

    “Do you always say hi by sitting on boys and kissing them?”

    “Um, I suppose so, new thing I guess?” May replied, trying to hide her face, which was turning a light shade of pink.

    Brock roughly grabbed Drew’s shirt collar. “What the hell are you doing to her?”

    May gently pushed Brock off of Drew. “Please, Brock! Don’t! It was my fault, don’t hurt him!”

    Brock backed off, a little shocked by May’s actions. He looked at Drew, then to May. “What was going on here then? Tell me now May!”

    “It was nothing, Drew was just helping me feel better!”

    “Tell me the truth!”

    May glanced over at Drew, who was blushing, but eventually nodded.

    “Okay, if you really have to be in my business, I just had my first kiss!”

    Brock gasped, immediately rushing over to Drew. “You are so lucky! Please, tell me your secrets, how do you get women?”

    Drew sighed, smacking Brock’s hands away and returning to his girlfriend’s side, wrapping his arms around her waist.

    “I’m twenty-two and I haven’t even had my first kiss yet…” Mumbled Brock.

    “Well, come on May, since I got that over with, shouldn’t be finding out what happened to your brother now?” Asked Drew.

    “Ah!! Max! No!” Yelled May, getting mad at herself for forgetting about her brother. “Oh my god, how could I do that to him! We gotta find him right away!”

    Drew nodded, smiling. “Relax, if you’re tense and nervous, you’ll never succeed, that’s why you didn’t win your first Pokemon Contest.”

    “Don’t remind me…” Groaned May.

    “Wait! I’m gonna take May, I already said I’d do it, so now I’m going to take some responsibility!” Said Brock.
    “But I wanna go with Drew!” May whined.

    “And why would that be?”

    May fell over. “Hmm, maybe because I’d like to talk to him a little since we just told each other that we were in love? And, Drew is smart and cool, we’ll get Max and Pikachu back faster this way!”

    Brock sighed, feeling hurt. “Okay, I suppose I’ll just go back to the Pokemon Center and do some research…”

    Brock dragged himself away, feeling depressed. May grabbed Drew’s arm and pulled him along.

    “Thanks for the compliment,” he said suddenly.


    “You know, when you said I was ‘smart’ and ‘cool’?”

    “Oh yeah, you’re welcome…” Said May softly. “So do you have any ideas of what to do?”

    “Sure, my Flygon can help out!” Exclaimed Drew, tossing a poke ball from his belt. From the ball came a might sand dragon, but its green and red scales didn’t shine like usual, probably due to the rain.

    “Okay Flygon, you remember what May’s little brother, Max, looks like, right?”

    Flygon nodded, flapping its strong wings harder than usual to keep itself up in the heavy rainfall.

    “We need you to try and find him, okay? And if you do, come back here immediately, understand?”

    The dragon nodded again, flying swiftly off into the distance.

    May giggled with excitement, jumping onto Drew and hugging him tightly. “This is so great, I finally have someone…”

    Drew grinned, hugging her back. “I’ve always been around!”

    At that last statement, May frowned, looking up into the dreary gray sky…


    Meanwhile, Flygon circled Vermillion, noticing a small island a few miles away from the city. Having suspicions, it sped towards the island, landing neatly in front of a small, worn down warehouse.

    Suddenly, a large net fell over the mighty dragon Pokemon. Flygon thrashed and tried to get out, but it was no use, the net was just too strong.

    “Well, well, what brings such a strong Pokemon such as yourself to our humble home?” Asked a familiar voice.

    Flygon turned around, gasping. This familiar voice belonged to James!


    There's chapter 4, so mysterious huh? I love James, I had to add him ^^
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    aw, that part was soo cool.

    Oh dearie me, they got caught! lol

    Ooh, my stomach jumped on that part. I imagined poor lovely, cute, strong...(er sorry about that), erm, I mean, I imagined Drew being grabbed by nasty Brock, poor him! lol

    That bit made me laugh, cus (maybe not in those circumstances) but I could actually see Brock doing that.

    Oh, nasty James. Can't wait to find out what happens.

    yay, please update soon, cus this story is brill!
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    Sorry for the dely, school is starting, I've been kinda busy.

    Dark Storm: Chapter 5
    Rating: PG-13 (Always)
    (Warning, I did this chapter when I was tired, and for those who don't know me well, my writing can get slightly....erm....weird when I'm tired)


    “Drew, let’s go back, it’s getting late, and this storm is getting worse, if possible!” Whined May.

    It had been about two hours since Drew had sent his Flygon to try and find May’s brother, Max. Meanwhile, the young lovers had been searching from the ground, but had been unsuccessful as to finding anything.

    Drew sighed, “I suppose we have no choice, we’ll have to go back to the Pokemon Center, but still, I’m worried about Flygon.”

    “Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Flygon! Two hours does seem like a pretty long time for it to be flying around, I hope it’s okay!”

    “I have an idea, how about we rest tonight, then begin our search again tomorrow, and let’s hope Flygon shows up sometime in between, is that okay with you?” Drew Asked.

    May nodded silently, being extremely tired from the searching in the heavy rain. She gently eased her way into Drew’s arms.

    Drew put an arm around May’s neck, placing a gentle kiss upon her chestnut-colored hair, which naturally, was soaking wet.

    The two made their way back to the Center, in a loving, yet friendly hug.


    “So they were searching for the kid we captured earlier?” Asked the mysterious woman, still in the same spot in the old warehouse.

    “Yeah, and that’s when I captured one of the twerp’s Flygon!” Exclaimed James, whom was kneeling before her as if she were a goddess.

    “Well I wasn’t expecting that, but I suppose it could play a part in our plan. And I’m guessing the girl is tired from searching. It’s settled, James, the first part of the plan is starting…. tonight!”


    As soon as May entered the doors of the Pokemon Center, her older friend, Brock, tore her away from Drew. He pulled her into a tight hug, just a friendly one though.

    “I was so worried about you, May!” He exclaimed.

    “Brock, it’s okay, I’m fine, you shouldn’t worry so much, remember I am seventeen now!”

    Brock pulled back, “Oh I see, but May, seventeen still isn’t very old, you have to be careful, especially with what happened to Max, Pikachu, and Ash.”

    May nodded, not sure what she could say to Brock. All she really wanted to do was go back to her room so she could have some ‘peaceful’ alone time with Drew.

    As if Brock had read her mind, he walked away telling May ‘he’d talk to her later’.

    At that, May playfully grabbed Drew’s hand and pulled him through the Pokemon Center halls, finally reaching her room.

    “What’s this all about?” Asked Drew as May thrust him onto her bed.

    “Remember, I said I wanted to hang out earlier, and I meant it!” Exclaimed May.

    “So this is your definition of ‘hanging---“

    Like before, May pinned Drew’s arms down, her lips gently brushing against his. Drew regained his strength, pulling May off of himself, making sure not to break the kiss up. Then the two coordinators found themselves side by side on the bed, but still in the same passionate kiss.

    May was the first to pull away, grinning. “That’s always so fun!” She giggled.

    Drew chuckled, pulling May onto his lap, supporting her head with his left arm, and his other hand gently brushing through May’s semi-dry hair.

    May giggled again, pulling herself up a little, so she could kiss him again.


    “May’s been acting so strange lately, I wonder what’s happened. She went from being silent to this, maybe I was wrong about Drew?”

    Brock was in the coffee lounge again, pondering on some recent events. He wasn’t used to being so alone. Nurse Joy was now spending all her time with Officer Jenny trying to solve the kidnapping case, Max and Pikachu were the victims, May was busy with Drew, and he had lost his closest friend, Ash.

    But instead of acting depressed, he’d sit in the lounge all day, thinking, and checking on May every so often as if her were her dad. Naturally, May would get mad for the interruptions, and ignore him more.

    Brock sighed, staring out of the large window, at the ugly gray storm outside. There was something odd about the weather, but what it was, still remained a mystery…


    An hour later, Drew stumbled out of May’s room, his usual neat Emerald green hair was ruffled, and he had a tired grin on his face.

    “D*** May, for not being experienced, you sure can kiss!”

    May approached his side, her hair messed up as well. “Ah, I knew it, I’m a natural!” She exclaimed.

    “Yeah, I’m going to agree with you there, wow!”

    May slowly walked into the hallway, looking around suspiciously.

    “What is it?” Asked Drew.

    “Shut up, I’m trying to listen and find out,” said May.

    Suddenly, a large shadowy figure rammed into May’s back, knocking her to the floor. Drew instinctively ran to her side. “May! Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, but what was that thing?” Mumbled May, pulling herself back up, with the aid of Drew.

    Her question was answered. A tall cactus Pokemon, a Cacturne, stood before them, smirking.

    “What do you want!” Yelled May.

    “Needle Arm!” Commanded a familiar voice.

    Cacturne lunged at May, it’s right arm glowing with power, the spikes on its arms were extending. Though, just as it was about to strike the young Pokemon Coordinator, Drew jumped in front of her. Cacturne shoved him out of the way, the spikes digging deep into his back. May turned her back to the scary Pokemon, causing it to only slash her back.

    “Good, now I can get both of you little brats!” Exclaimed the voice again.

    Drew had fallen unconscious, and May was getting close to the same fate. Another swift shadow jumped in, grabbing Drew.

    “Hello? Is someone down here?” Asked another familiar voice, belonging to Nurse Joy. The weird shadow fled, still carrying Drew, but it hadn’t gotten May.

    Joy gasped when she saw the young coordinator on the ground, still conscious, but barely breathing.
    “Oh my, May! What happened to you!”

    “I…can….explain…” She gasped, coughing up more blood, adding to the bit from the deep gash on her back. With that, May finally fainted…


    At last, the lady in the warehouse stepped out of the shadows. She had long, wavy red hair and cold blue eyes.

    “I’m sorry Jess! I really tried!”

    “You idiot! You didn’t capture the girl, I knew I should have trusted someone else! You have never done anything good, you always loose to her! Well, at least you got one, and with him, we should be able to successfully lure the girl…”


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    wow! that bit was sooo cool! I loved the bit where May and Drew came out of the room after they....hung out lol. I was waiting for Brock to see em but oh well lmao. GRR I HATE HARLEY! Poor Drew, May has to go rescue him!
    Great chappie! Please PM me when next chap is up!
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    Good, glad yoy enjoyed it, it was fun to write, but then again, all the chappys are fun to write ^^

    I want to say something about Harley, but I can't due to the suspense/mystery I'm buildin :D
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    Sorry for the major delay, I just wasn't in the mood to write any fics for awhile. But here's 6!

    Dark Storm: 6
    Rating: PG-13


    May jolted up from her laying position in the white hospital bed. Perhaps the wake-up came a little too quick, because she soon found her body forcing her back down from the piercing bit of pain that ran down her back.

    Suddenly, every memory, every thought returned to the teen coordinator. May sighed sadly, remember what had happened to her closest friend and true love, Drew. Where was he now? With Max? Was he okay?

    May shivered, the scary thoughts getting the best of her. She felt the need to go search for him, right now, ignoring the pain of the awful wound on her back. But there was no way she could do so, as the strict Nurse Joy entered the room, but a look of worry could been seen in her deep blue eyes.

    “Oh, you’re finally awake, your friend, Brock, was really worried!” She exclaimed.

    “Brock? Wait, how long have a been unconscious?”

    “Only a day, but I thought it was nice he cared so much!” Said Joy, though a trace her voice from before could be heard. “I’ve kept him out, I don’t want you to be faced with anything like that yet.”

    “Yeah…” Said May quietly, nodding.

    “But please, do you think you could possibly tell me what happened the other night?” Asked Joy, but in a gentle tone, knowing May was still tender from her last traumatic experience.

    “I think so,” Said May softly.

    “Now I already know that your friend, Drew, disappeared, but I don’t know the details…”

    “He didn’t disappear, he got kidnapped, like my brother!” Said May, feeling her voice getting stronger.

    “Sorry, sorry, would you rather talk about this later?”

    May then realized she was getting herself worked up over something too simple. She silently nodded, Nurse Joy frowned slightly, but as asked, she left May to the quiet peace of the hospital room, with only its bare white walls and the green tiled floor to keep her company.

    May sighed, staring straight up at the ceiling. Now she had no one, not Max, nor Drew. What kind of cruel sick game were these kidnappers playing? She cringed at her own thoughts, shifting her body so she could bury her head into the soft white pillow that once lie under her.


    About an hour or so later, May awoke again. She slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes and yawning. She looked to the small window that was a few feet above the bed, but still neatly placed on the wall. The sky was a dark navy blue, but there were no stars, as the rain clouds still covered the skies, the rain continued to pour down.

    As she turned to face the door, an odd Skitty sat by the door, playfully waving its tail. But the weird thing about it was that not only was it a light shade of cerulean, but its body seemed translucent.

    The bizarre Skitty pounced at her, though it smiled, May could sense no emotion coming from the kitten Pokemon’s body. Just as she blinked, the Skitty was gone, causing May to rub her eyes again.

    “I must be really tired…” She murmured.

    May attempted to pull herself from the comfy bed she had laid upon for so long, but she quickly turned to face the window again, as a loud crash could be heard, the shattering of the fragile glass.

    It was Flygon, and no doubt, Drew’s Flygon. But there was something different about it. It didn’t act friendly, but instead it lunged at the stunned May, who felt as though she couldn’t move.

    The mighty sand dragon roughly grabbed May, not caring that its large claws were digging into May’s tender skin, and the blood that began to stain the white parts. May cried in pain, but she didn’t even attempt to struggle, not only because she was too weak to, but also perhaps it was because this was one of Drew’s Pokemon.

    Nurse Joy burst into the room, panicking when she saw May’s state. “Chansey! Focus Punch, now!”

    Nurse Joy’s assistant Pokemon waddled in, looking angry. One of its pink paws began to glow with tremendous power, which began slowly building as Chansey focused on its target harder and harder.

    Flygon was smarter, as it knew what would happen if the pink Pokemon’s focus were to break. With an evil smirk, it shot a fiery blast directly at Chansey. As expected, its focus broke, and more than just that, Flygon’s attack caused the power to rebound and hit Chansey, knocking it out on the spot.

    “Oh my!” Exclaimed Nurse Joy, jogging up to her Pokemon’s side.

    With a flick of its patterned tail, Flygon, still clutching a terrified May, spreading its large, scaly wings and flying back through the broken window in which it came.

    “No, not May….” Mumbled Nurse Joy.

    Brock suddenly came in. “Nurse Joy? Is everything okay? Where’s May?”

    Joy shook her head sadly, her orange locks bouncing slightly. “She’s gone, like the rest of them…”

    “Gone? You don’t mean kidna---, oh my god, they took May?!”

    The grieved nurse nodded, helping her Chansey back to its feet again. Chansey sighed, as if to tell its trainer that it was sorry for letting her down.

    Brock stared angrily at the blue skies visible through the wrecked window.


    “May? May! Wake up!”

    May could hear a familiar male voice through her unconscious slumber. She slowly opened her eyes; her senses came back, as she could feel herself laying on something that wasn’t nearly as soft as the Pokemon Center bed.


    “Yeah, as always, now anyways, what happened?” He asked.

    May sat up; beneath her was a worn old pillow. In front of her was indeed the one she had missed more than anything in the world. The emerald haired boy, Drew, was smirking, but she could tell he was happy to see her just as much as she was to see him. But other than Drew, May noticed what looked like cold stonewalls, and rusty bars made up the door; it was almost like a jail cell.

    “Uh, your Flygon got me…” Muttered May.

    “Those stupid clowns stole my Flygon, so that’s what happened!” Growled Drew. Then he noticed the large scratch marks on May’s arms, some leftover blood stained her normal tan skin a light shade of scarlet.

    “D-Did my Flygon do that too?” Asked Drew, almost speechless.


    May was tired of just sitting there talking. She eagerly pounced into his arms, gently nuzzling her head against his chest. Drew’s face turned a light shade of pink; he’d never expected May to be so affectionate. But with much pleasure, he wrapped his arms around the young girl lovingly.

    The two sat in this position for a few minutes, until May lifted her head to give Drew a gently kiss. But it turned into much more than that when Drew then moved his hands around her head, pulling her closer, and May didn’t pull back, but instead, pulled herself closer, all the while passionately pressing her lips against Drew’s.

    After a while, she pulled away, a satisfied grin spread across her face, the same grin also on Drew’s. “I missed you!” She exclaimed.

    “I was only gone for a day though!”

    “So does that mean you didn’t miss me?”

    “Oh yeah, I would have, except I was unconscious for almost all of yesterday!” Said Drew sarcastically. Although they were in love, he couldn’t hold back his sarcasm.

    “Hey, I was unconscious for that long too!”

    Drew didn’t reply, he couldn’t think of anything, the conversation was getting boring.

    “Where are we anyways?” Asked May, trying to restart the conversation.

    “Some island, and some old warehouse that’s been inhabited by Team Rocket,” Replied Drew calmly.

    “Oh! Then you saw Max and Pikachu, right?” Exclaimed May.

    “Sorry, but no. But I’m sure they’re here, somewhere….”

    Suddenly, a strange figure appeared in front of the cage. She had long scarlet hair, but piercing blue eyes. Her attire was a Team Rocket uniform that looked more like a dress. “Welcome to my island, my name is Jessica, and I believe we’ve met a few times, am I right, May?”


    “I don’t go by that filthy name anymore, it’s Jessica now, and don’t forget it, or else!” Yelled Jessica.

    “What do you want!” Yelled May, ignoring Jessie’s snobby comments.

    A rainbow colored beam shot through the bars of the cage, hitting May, engulfing her in the strange energy force. She screamed in pain, until the attack eventually wore off. Drew glared at Jessica, but then checked to see if May was okay.

    “That should teach you not to EVER back talk me!” Proclaimed Jessie, her Dustox landing proudly on her shoulder, shedding a poisonous power all the way.

    “What I want is you, you’re going to help me catch the legendary beast of the sea!”

    “How am I supposed to help you?” Asked May, being cautious of her tone.

    “Heh heh, you’ll find out soon enough, and when you do, I’ll pay you another visit…” Exclaimed Jessica, striding back down the dark hall.

    “I don’t think I even want to know what she means by that….” Muttered May.


    There, all done. The Skitty that May saw will have a big part in the story, but where and when is all part of the mystery! *Evil Authors don't tell their secrets!*
  19. ZOMG. I Knew it! I knew it was Jessie!

    Jessie: Don't call me Jessie! It's Jessica!

    Me: -pounds you on the head with a mallet-

    I'm ok now. Wellz, I re-read through it, and I didn't see any mistakes! Good job, Torchic!

    Adios! <33,

    ~!Mudkip Kitteh!~ ;258;
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    *PM list updated*

    Thanks for reviewing, but why do you care about Jessie's name so much? She grew up (FINALLY!!!) and realized her hair was crap, and she wanted a new identity. You smart one you, though it being Jessie was kinda obvious from the last chapter....

    Yayz for no mistakes!!!

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