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Dark Valley Request Shop!!

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There you go Drifblim25:




Thank you Glade!


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There you go ninetails012:



Please credit someone called klnothincomin for the base and me for the team. Thanks :)


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Team Pose
Trainer:HG/SS male

Team Pose
Trainer:HG/SS male

Extras:Sorry its 2 requests,also,all sprites are HG/SS
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Hi I'd like a 'dream team' please ^-^ (Team Pose)

Trainer: FR/LG Male plz
PokeMon : Charizard, Feraligatr, Rayquaza, Articuno, Mightyena, Lugia
Gladeshadow to make it please ^^

Extras: Rayquaza at the back, Charizard on the Left(Turned round) Feraligatr on the right, Articuno back-left/right(Doesn't matter that much)
Mightyena at the front, And Lugia Wherever ^.^

Charizard/Feraligatr/Mightyena - R/S Sprites
Lugia/Rayquaza Normal Sprites(I think that's D/P)
And Articuno to be FR/LG

Judging by what I've seen of you already, I know you'll make it epicness ^-^
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Hi, Im new :)
Can I have a Team pose with:
Trainer: Normal male
Pokemon: Fereligatr, Blissey, Dragonite, Infernape, Ambipom, Venasuar :)

And an Ice statue of froslass :]
(If you can't to both don't worry)


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will anyone at yuour shop be able to do custom trainers?

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Hey Gladeshadow, don't let your shop die! Here's a new request!

Team Pose -

Base: 6
Trainer sprite:

Please use these exact sprites.

Extras: None, really.

Worker to do your request: Gladeshadow

Thanks in advance, and please let me know if there are any problems.


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Team Pose -
Base: 9
Trainer sprite: D/P/Pt rich boy
Pokemon: Blaziken, Lucario, Sceptile, Latias, Milotic, Latios
Extras: Could Lucario's pose be his second platinum frame? Other than that, all Platinum first frame sprites.
Worker to do your request: Gladeshadow


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Umm, hello. I hate to ask you to do something again, considering that you've already done something for me, Gladeshadow, but you've done such a wonderfull job, that I wanted you to do another request for me. Two, actually:


2)Medicham (female)
4)Croagunk (female)
TRAINER:The one you used for me last time, the re-coloured Pt Aroma Lady
Base:The Same one from last time

(I want the hitmonchan standing closest to the trainer, and the medicham standing opposite of the 'chan (as in on the other side of the trainer), the hitmontop behind the hitmonchan, and so forth...um, I hope I don't sound pushy, I just want to be precise on what I want, so it's easier for you.)


Pokemon:Hitmonchan (ALL generations, in this order: Green (if you can find it, if not, don't worry about it, skip to R/B), Blue/Red's sprite (not both of them, since they are the same), Yellow, Gold, Silver, Emerald, Platinum from left to right)
BACKGROUND: If possible, the background in DPPt's Elite Four, when you face Lucian. (The background on the top screen during battle.) Or a simmilar colour-scheme to that.
TEXT:No matter the generation(top left) Always loved (bottom right)
SIZE: 300(long)x150 (tall)

Sorry, about asking for two things, and thank you in advance.

~Nemmeh ;107;


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Userbars -
Writting: Espy's HeartGold Team!
Writting colour: Any
Colour 1: Gold
Colour 2: Silver
Pokemon: Meganium, Nidoking, Pidgeot, Pikachu, Espeon, Ho-Oh
Userbar Type 1, 2 or 3: #1

Cryptic Blaze

Blinded by the light
-Trainer Card with team pose-
Trainer: Riley if you can, otherwise the HG/SS male trainer
Name: Cryptic Blaze
Base: grass
Pokemon in boxes: Typhlosion, Honchkrow, Umbreon, Dragonite, Magnezone, and Lucario
Other Pokemon: Giratina origin form behind trainer
Badges: Johto
Friend Code: no

Take as long as you need.
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Hello! This is for anyone who can do it bcuz Im askin for alot here... :p

Okay I need somekinda banner for my sig.

I''m going to include two pics one of Magnezone and another of Abomnasnow.



I hope thoise show up... :p

Okay now if any of you can, I need this to be in a box split down the middle. On the right side Abomasnow and his Trainer, then on the left Magnezone and its Trainer. On the top or the bottom or in the middle (does nawt matter...) I need it to say "Pokemon Moemon One-Shots and try to squeeze something like "By Bookauthor1123" (I mean as the author of the fic, not the maker of the picture itself!)

As a border can it be something really nice to match both sides. Like on the left make the border something electric like, then on the right make it an icy border.

And (again if this is asking to much don't do it) could you either find my fic, named Pokemon Moemon One-Shots and have the picture link to it? Or could you just tell me how so I can do it afterwards...

PLEASE make this really detailed and stuff, I really hope it's not asking for too much, I just need to draw attention to my fic...

Also can you make a new avatar for me using the Flint from my avatar picture.

I want it to be some kinda character fusion with him and Magmortar...I guess the hands MUSY be the cannons, but the feet have to look like shoes with Magmortar's toes...

Those black rings that are on Magmortars legs, can those be made into his pants or the top of whatever you make the shoes? As for his hair, I'd like to see it either long and made to look like Magmoratrs flame or just kee the afro and add the yellow streak in the middle...Here's a drawn pic of Flint and Magmortar together if you need it.


I don't know if I need to still include the sprite for you to know what base to use...

Credit to Carlos_Reiven for the pic...he might not be the one who drew it, but I got it from him...

GOD I know I'm asking for a lot...but yes...I need more...hehe...*guns slowly raise towards skull*


A little last something for my sig.

I have a fic up called The Fighters Chronicles...never heard of it right? Exactly! I'm trying to attract people to read it, and HOPEFULLY if you guys can create me a small userbar that I can link the thread to, maybe I'll get some more feedback the following week...

OKAY here's what I need:

I need a custom sprite using Maylene's base. It needs to be a boy with brown hair and a serious yet playful expression (almost like he's determined yet smiling with it.) He needs to be Caucasian and the only things extra that i may need is for him to be in an dojo suit with a red karate belt tied to him. (If I could get that seperatly that'd be great too.)

When this is made into a user bar. The sprite has to be put on the far left and the words "The Fighters Chronicles Fic on the right in White letters. The back ground colors I need it in are a dark gray starting from the sprite up until about the middle then black the rest of the way down...

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Another request for ya Gladeshadow:

Userbars - 2

Writting: Team Meal-Ticket Venusaur and Forretress Ranks
Writting colour: White
Colour 1: Green
Colour 2: Black
Pokemon: Venusaur Forretress
Userbar Type 1, 2 or 3: Can you make them the same way as the others?
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