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Dark Valley Request Shop!!

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Fast Learner
Team Pose -
Base Number: 9
Pokemon: (Left-back row) Simisear, Zebstika, Haxorus, (right-back row) Kingdra, Nidoking, Luxio,
-------(left-front row) Unfezant*, Krookodile, Samurott, (right-front row) Butterfree*, Exeggutor, Rapidash
Trainer: My custom sprite?

Type: 2

* Use female sprites.
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Thunder Trainer
Type 1, 2 or 3:
Colour 1: Blue
Colour 2: Dark Blue
Writting: Riley
Writting Colour: White
Pokemon: Lucario
Can you put Trainer Riley on it please?


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PikaPal_Lyra -

SolomonPiper -

tigrislupa -

arceusvictini -

Galladeedee -

PokeKat248 -

Everything else will be finished soon.


Insert clever title
Userbar -
Type 1, 2 or 3:
Colour 1: Blue
Colour 2: Silver
Writting: SilverLugiaJ
Writting Colour: Black
Pokemon: Lugia (the sprite from HG/SS, if you can)
i would like team pose type 2

Pokemon:(on the left)Sceptile Carracosta Electravire Rampardos Garchomp Braviary(flying above)
(on the right)Serperior Arcanine Krookdile Milotic Haxorus Aerodactyl(flying above)
Rampardos 4th gen sprite and Aerodactyl HGSS sprite
Trainer:Blue from HGSS




The Heir of Space
Team Pose -
Base Number:4
Pokemon: feraligatr , flygon, mew, braviary, dialga, shiny latios, shiny latias
Trainer:unova girl(could you make the hair blond?)
Type 1 or 2:2


Id like a team please

Team Pose -
Base Number:1
Pokemon:(on the left):Sceptile Carracosta Electravire Rampardos(D/P sprite) Garchomp Braviary(in the air) (0n the right):Serperior Arcanine Krookdile Milotic Haxorus Aerodactyl(in the air)
Type 1 or 2:Type 2

Thanks a lot!


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pinkchomby -

SilverLugiaJ -

VolcanicF -

TTNH03 -

kyogreblue3 -

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New Member
Thanks so much, it's great :D

Could you please do me a favour? Could you edit the trainer card you made for me? Change the Reshiram in the party to Haxorus and delete the Samurott in the pose. Could you also make the trainer side by side with the Reshiram?

Thanks! :D


Pokemon Researcher
All right nice work!
It was worth the wait as well!
I really loved how you set the Pokemon out.

I'm definitely going here to get my Team Poses!

EDIT: Can you also make a type 2 team pose with the same Pokemon as well as Servine standing on the right side of the trainer.
Here's the form:

Team Pose -
Base Number:11
Pokemon: Servine, Typhlosion, Ampharos, Empoleon, Gardevoir and Flygon
Trainer: Ace Trainer from Platinum
Type 2

Can you make the formation like this:
Flygon, Ampharos, Typhlosion, Trainer (From Platinum), Servine, Empoleon, Gardevoir.
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Derbyshire Gen 3 #1
Team Pose: Type 1
Base: Type 3
Trainer: Brendan in his Emerald Version Outfit or if it's possible my custom sprite in my sig (I know it probably isn't possible but hey)
Pokemon: Shedinja Flygon Mawile Sceptile Minun Ninjask

Userbar: Type 2
Colour 1: Very Pale Green
Colour 2: Very Dark Green
Writing: Hoenn Elite Green Mark
Writing Colour: White
Pokemon: Shedinja Flygon WORDS Sceptile Mawile

Thanks in advance greatly appreciated :)
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Userbar -
Type 1, 2 or 3:1
Colour 1:Sceptile Green
Colour 2:Dark Green
Writting Colour:White

Oh yeah..and can you put some kind of (sharp) leaves in a storm (without water) in the bar?
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Fast Learner
I want to change my Team Pose request

Team Pose -
Base Number:6
Pokemon: (Left) Simisear, Zebstika, Haxorus, Unfezant*, Krookodile, Samurott, (Right) Luxio, Kingdra, Nidoking, Butterfree*, Exeggutor, Rapidash
No specific order this time.
Trainer: Still use my custom sprite.

Type 1 or 2: 2

* Use female sprite

Golden empoleon King

Empoleon trainer
Hello I like a team pose and trophy Request please
Team Pose- type 2
Base Number:4
Pokemon: Shiny Empoleon, Charizard, Empoleon, Zekrom, Samurott, and Typhlosion
Trainer:unova boy
Type 1 or 2:2

Pokemon: Empoleon
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< Party Rocker ;)
I would like a trophy!
Pokemon: Tauros
1st, 2nd or 3rd place: 1st place please!


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Nickelsmith -

SilverJedwards -

RoySceptile -

Golden empoleon King -

TheAwesome128 -

Everything else will be finished soon.
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