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Dark Valley Request Shop!!

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Golden empoleon King

Empoleon trainer
Thank you very much


Some Broke Machine
Howdy-ho, Gladeshadow. Sorry to bother you again, but this is the last one (I promise!).

Base: Grass base, as always
TRAINERS: The Red-haired Backpacker Male, the Redheaded Psychic Trainer Female, The redheaded black-clad Lass I had you make a while ago, and the Red-haired school boy in that order from left to right.
POKEMON: Beside the Backpacker=Dragonite Female
Beside the Psychic Female=Hitmonchan
Beside the Lass=Magnezone
Beside the Schoolboy=Shroomish male
Worker: Gladeshadow


Thanks Glade!
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Trainer Card with a Team Pose -
Base Number:27337
Trainer:The guy you play as in BW, Male
Pokemon in the boxes:Arceus, Kyogre, Palika, Dailga, Lugia, Zekrom
Other Pokemon:Arceus, shiny haxours
FC on the card?Yes, My fc is in sigge


My Answer Is Yes
Recolour -
Sprite: Lucario
New colours: Black and Lime Green
Hope you can do it! : )
Team Pose
Base: 6
Pokemon: Cacturne, Dusknoir, Garchomp, Flygon, Scizor (shiny), Hipowdon (boy)
Trainer: Ghengis however you spell it, hes the guy you fight after N
Type 2


Well-Known Member
Team Pose -
Base Number: 6
Pokemon: Nidoking, Aggron, Aron, Archeops, Steelix, Dugtrio
Trainer:Elite 4 Marshall
Type: 1
thanks :D
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take a byte
Team Pose -
Base Number: 9
Pokemon: Typhlosion, Latios, Ampharos, Golem, Salamence, Kyogre, Entei, Stoutland, Metagross, Zekrom, Kyurem, and Chandelure
Trainer: Female Ace Trainer in DP (the ones wearing the green clothes, not the ones wearing the orange coats)
Type 1 or 2: Type 2
Team Pose -
Base Number: 2
Pokemon: Emboar, Zebstrika, Seismitoad, Archeops, Zoroark, Lilligant

Type 1 or 2: 1
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