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Dark was meant to Physical, Ghost --> Special

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by ♪Crystal Mew♪, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. ♪Crystal Mew♪

    ♪Crystal Mew♪ Mr. ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒

    Does anyone else see that they royally screwed this up...

    Although it does make for some fun movesets they totally screwed this one up...

    I mean how is Crunching, Biting, Faint Attack, Beat up, Knock Off, Pursuit, and Theif Special??? They are all going to end up being physical attacks in DP anyways...

    And lets look at the ghost end of this...

    Shadow Ball SCREAMS Special Att... It even has a chance of lowering sp. def.... whats the point if its on a physical sweeping set... (Night Shade should be special)

    Although the other attacking ghost moves should all be physical ex. lick, astonish, shadow punch

    idk... I just think ninty screwed up royally...

    what do you think?
  2. SneazzL.com

    SneazzL.com Ezra.

    I'm Completely even with you really
    WTF Shadow Ball psychical OMG
    Beat Up Special Crunch special, Bite special WTF :\

    Nintendo SLEEPS here,
  3. WhiteWizard42

    WhiteWizard42 Master Breeder

    crunch lowers SDef too. your point?

    i've thought the same thing, though. and since darks were originally conceived to be the anti-psychic, they should have been physical since most psychics have crap physical defense.
  4. Jeffrey199

    Jeffrey199 Active Member

    I have always believed this, and always thought it was some programmers error they were too embarrassed to admit. Well if rumors about the 4th gen are true then this "mistake" will finally be corrected and Gengar will finally prove itself the best ghost type in the game.
  5. Well, Ninty can't have it right every time.
  6. Diaruga dude

    Diaruga dude I hate pie

    yes but crunch IS a special attack, shadow ball isnt
  7. chrombot

    chrombot The Steel Hearted

    If it was really a mistake, they would have fixed it in g/s/c. It's not like changing ghost from att to special then would have been a big deal. There was only 1 ghost move, lick. It hardly would have been game changing then to make ghost special, and thus all ghost moves then added special and dark could have been att. They made dark special to give psychic a special based counter.
    It all makes sense, and it isn't a mistake and they were in no way embarassed. things were pretty simple in gen 1 that though could have changed alot in gen 2.

    The real mistakes were making so few bug and ghost moves. Or making beedrill and gengar poison, thus weak to psychic.
  8. 4 8 15 16 23 42

    4 8 15 16 23 42 Not Dead

    I agree because Ghost is super effective against Ghost, if Ghost was physical, you couldn't attack other ghosts. The same thing goes for dark (against Ghost).
  9. shiny manafi

    shiny manafi Sea Prince

    I never knew shadow ball was physical...OMG No wonder my mewtwo's shadow ball was so weak
  10. SneazzL.com

    SneazzL.com Ezra.

    There you have a point
    Ghost is Super Effective against there self so it just have to be special XD
  11. coolcobra77

    coolcobra77 Your Worst Nightmare

    Yeah they pretty much have to change every pokemon to go with this... Because say Alakazam many ppl rely on the: Calm mind,Psychic, fire punch, thunder punch set... with 2 of those phsyical they all gonna sck

    Pretty much every pokemon will be affected by this... and most ppl will just have to rely on STAB to take out opponets... which I personallly think is better.
  12. Great Sage

    Great Sage Legend of Destiny

    How the HELL is biting someone in Crunch physical? Nintendo really goofed.
  13. Theneedleman

    Theneedleman crazyengage

    Yeah I still don't get that when you bite/crunch it is special, that is as physical as you can get. Seriously Shadow Ball should be special as it can lower Sp. Defense.
  14. Skorpius47

    Skorpius47 Beginning Trainer

    Just speculation. If it was really a mistake, it would have been altered in RSE. But it wasn't.
  15. pajama

    pajama SNAIL <3

    I love that shdow ball is special so my gengar is even better but i hate it because shedinja will be weaker than it was and banette has been ruined to. I am happy for gengar though but it sucks for the 2 other ghosts who could use it good.
  16. Rafear

    Rafear Shadow Tamer

    I use Flying-type moves on Ghost's all the time (Flying = physical) so neither Ghost or Dark have to be special in order to ko of Ghost's.... (I dont understand how a bird swooping down can ko them either, but it does)
  17. Dark Charizard

    Dark Charizard Active Member

    Here is something everyone seems to be missing (or maybe I'm just missing something). Ghost was already a physical type in Red/Blue/Yellow. This was probably because the only Ghost attack with a power rating was Lick, which isn't really a special attack, or maybe they didn't want both Ghost and Psychic being of the same nature. This is probably why Dark was made special, so it wasn't the same nature as Ghost.
  18. Chaos Sneasel

    Chaos Sneasel Sneasel of Chaos

    But that would mean moves like thunderpunch wouldn't hit ghosts this generation, as they're now considered physical, right?
    That's kinda weird.

    ~Chaos Sneasel ;215;

    SUBRICK Hypnotize...

    Guys, don't worry about pokemon being ruined. Im sure they're adding moves in DP to neutralize this. They will make special dark type moves like Darkfire or darkbeam or dark tornado. As for ghost types, they already made shadow punch which no doubt will be physical in DP. More will be made, I'm sure. (like ghoul takle, shadow kick, shadow claw) [/badIdeas]

    Edit: Hooray, a Blaine trainer thingy! :D
  20. Pikachu1125

    Pikachu1125 Rap Rocker

    Physical attacks can hit ghosts... just not normal and fighting.

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