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Darkness Days; a Song

Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
._. needed to get rid of some angst ... so wrote a song. ...

Darkness Days

I stand here
And the light fades away
I stand here
And wait for the darkness to go away
I stand here
And await for the return of the light

Dark thoughts plauge me
And they won't leave me be
I seek salvation
But none comes for me
I'm tired of the darkness

I await for the light to set me free
Set me free from this slavery
Allow me to escape the shackles
That bind my limbs

I stand here
And the light, it fades away
I stand here
And the dark, it creeps closer
Every day
I stand here
And pray, that the light returns
Returns one day

Dark days wiegh me down
No end in sight
Tired of the burden given
I just want to rest for a time

So I await for the light
That shall set me free
I pray for the light
That will come and deliver me

I stand here
And keep a small flame flickering
I stand here
And watch the distance for a shimmering
I stand here
And wait for the sun to rise again​