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Darkrai Owners

I have a bone to pick with not only Serebii, but almost all the people who have the TRU Darkrai. Firstly, why does every other pokemon trading page allow people to ask for the pokemon, but Darkrai's page only allows people to put up their Darkrais?
Secondly, why does almost everyone who has the TRU Darkrai have to ask for another Darkrai in return? Many people on Serebii (myself included) couldn't get to Toys R Us this weekend, but need Darkrai. So, why can't more people who have a TRU Darkrai ask for something other than Darkrai?


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
Fyi, the event Darkrai can't be traded through Wi-Fi Connection. And most Darkrai prior to the TRU event had been hacked, so I wouldn't advise to you to trade with just any member you meet.
It can be traded, it just cant be put on the GTS