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Darkrai/Shaymin/Arceus Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by SpriterRs!, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    ;491;;492;;493; Their Lv raises which each members join and rank gains. Currently Lv 12.

    1, All SPPF rules
    2, Please be on topic
    3, If you are leaving the club or on holidays, contact me
    4, If you cannot post within 2 weeks please contact me
    5, Please do not swear or use other bad words
    6, If you have a suggestion please PM me
    7, We we try not to ban you. If you have 3 strikes you'll be banned
    8, Don't complain or ask for a rank gain
    9, Always have fun!!!
    10, the striking system is below this rule.

    Striking System

    1st rule broken: 1 strike given /
    2nd rule broken Second strike given //
    3rd rule broken Temp Ban ///Gone

    1st ban: 1 week
    2nd ban: 2 weeks
    3rd ban: You go bye bye

    If you are given a (*) it means you are warned. The warn will be taken away if you haven't been banned for 1 week.

    If you are given a ///Gone that means you cannot post here again. If you do I'll report you.

    If you are banned from the forums you are banned here too. Once the ban is lifted from the forums, you'll recieve a strike.

    Owner~ SpriterRS! ;493; 12 post

    Co-Owners~ (4 is needed)
    Shiny_Pokemon-Freak* ;173; 9 posts
    Light Venusaur ;173; 3 post
    Genesis Gackt ;173; 2 Post
    Pojo ;173; 7 Post

    Elite Members~ (3 is needed)
    Mew Keeper ;173; 3 Post
    Pojo ;173; 6 Post
    Gita Sousha ;egg; 1 Post

    Club Designers~ (5 or maybe more)
    Pojo ;173; 7 Post

    Bazzer ;egg; 1 post
    Sloth._.13 ;egg; 1 Post
    rogueoeht ;egg; 1 post
    Darkrai360 ;egg; 1 post
    CoreyGrandy ;egg; 1 post
    Angel-foX-cresent 1 post

    Warnings List~

    Banned List~


    ;egg; 1 post

    ;173; 2-9 posts

    ;021; 10-19 posts

    ;123; 20-29 posts

    ;338; 30-39 posts

    ;337; 40-49 posts

    ;131; 50-59 posts

    ;359; 60-69 posts

    ;091; 70-79 posts

    ;297; 80-89 posts

    ;416; 90-99 posts

    ;282; 100-109 posts

    ;437; 110-119 posts

    ;426; 120-129 posts

    ;169; 130-139 posts

    ;009; 140-149 posts

    ;478; 150-159 posts

    ;330; 160-169 posts

    ;475; 170-179 posts

    ;251; 200-299 posts

    ;249; 300-399 posts

    ;250; 400-499 posts

    :386-s: 500-599 posts

    ;380; 600-699 posts

    ;381; 700-799 posts

    ;491; 1000 to 1999

    ;492; 2000 to 2999

    ;493; 3000+

    What the owner can do:
    ~accept members
    ~upgrade members
    ~ban people
    ~start new topics
    ~give strikes
    ~verify members
    ~Make banners and other art stuff

    What the Co Owners can do
    ~Allow members
    ~give strikes
    ~start new topics
    ~ban members
    ~upgrade members

    What the Elite members can do
    ~Allow members
    ~Warn members
    ~start new topics
    ~be upgraded to Co~owner

    what the club Designers can do
    ~Make banners, sprites, etc for the club
    ~be upgraded to elite member

    What the members can do
    ~PM me if a member is breaking a rule
    ~Be upgraded to Elite Member

    None for now

    I started this club
    Congrats to:
    Light Venusaur, Mew Keeper, Shiny_Pokemon-Freak and Pojo
    For gaining to ;173;
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2007
  2. kingortiz

    kingortiz The Private Spy

    hey can i join i like shaymin and arceus
  3. shiny_pokemon-freak

    shiny_pokemon-freak The Master

    may i join?

    may i join i have shaymin arceus and darkrai shiny
  4. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    Would you guys like to be a co-owner?

    and you? I'll put you 2 on member position until you reply.
  5. Gita Sousha

    Gita Sousha Cute+Power = Manaphy

    May I join? I love Shaymin....
  6. shiny_pokemon-freak

    shiny_pokemon-freak The Master

    ok i would like 2 be co-owner
  7. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

    May I also join...plz?
  8. shiny_pokemon-freak

    shiny_pokemon-freak The Master

    well i think u can join cuz he siad im co-owner but i dont know
  9. bazzer

    bazzer defender of time

    i wanna join cause i got darkrai, arceus, and shaymin which all rule! which plate does everyone else use for their arceus?
  10. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    Co~Owner spots are filled. All in. Bazzer, you hack to much.

    and for the topic....

    What do you like about darkrai/shaymin/arceus?
  11. Rikku

    Rikku you're so mean! :@:@

    ohh,arceus is my fav.can i enter?
  12. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    Sure thing!
  13. Rikku

    Rikku you're so mean! :@:@

    what do we talk about here? arceus moves or what?
  14. SpriterRs!

    SpriterRs! Shiny Hunter

    Darkrai/Shaymin/Arceus stuff.
  15. Sloth._.13

    Sloth._.13 Fire Trainer

    can i join , I have Darkrai, Arceus and a Shiny Shaymin
  16. Charizard_Millky

    Charizard_Millky Punk Rock > You

    I'll join! I love these events!
  17. Rikku

    Rikku you're so mean! :@:@

    Sloth. .13 and pojo is welcome!
  18. Charizard_Millky

    Charizard_Millky Punk Rock > You



    What's your favorite out of trhe 3?

  19. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

    Out of the 3...my fav is:
    ;492; (coz I've got the Japanese Pearl that has the ;491;;492; glitch in it.)
  20. Charizard_Millky

    Charizard_Millky Punk Rock > You

    ^^ Lucky! I want one of them!
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