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Darkrai's Midsummer Night's Dream! (1163)


Alola Shill
Cute episode; it’s great to see Dawn come back and her friendship with Koharu. The exasperated and reluctant Koharu with the cheerful, adventurous Dawn makes for a cute dynamic. Piplup storming into the campsite was classic Piplup too; I missed him.

Apparently Unova has Contests now? Only Musicals existed in BW, from what I can remember. That’s interesting. It’s seeming more and more unlikely that Dawn is a Top Coordinator, which annoys me but I’ll withhold judgement until the next episode. It’s good to hear that she’s made progress in so many regions nonetheless.

I’m just excited to see Ash and Dawn reunite. The preview hyped me up for that. I also hope Koharu actually participates in the Contest (and decides to be a Coordinator) but I don’t really think it’ll happen.


Well-Known Member
Unless they bring him back and have Cynthia beat his ass 1 on 6, not interested lol.
It would be a good idea to see Cynthia vs Tobias and it makes perfect sense as Tobias was potentially on his way to face her. But speaking of our fan-favorite Champion I hope her fans are prepared to see her lose that unbeatable diva trainer status on Journeys, unless the writers decide to undo Leon's "undefeated" title (I mean she will probably be Masters Eight right?).
Happy to see that Dawn is consistent... with its version of the Black & White series. Because in the Black & White series, she had so regressed to the point where I can not imagine this girl doing all alone, here it's the same. I complain about the fans of the character, and I more and more afraid of a masacre of May if she returns (compromise, because her seiyu retired, but I will be depressed if we do not make reference to my favorite Maingirl). I have the impression that it will be the opposite of Iris : for Iris there is a lot to say, but we do that only one episode, and for Dawn, there is little to say, but It will take 2 episodes.
I think you nailed with just one sentence why Dawn's comeback apparently isn't generating as much debate and commentary as the Iris episode, and why the pacing on EP74 seems kind of slow (to me it was fine) with little interesting information. The Iris occasion seemed more interesting because it was directly related to PWC and the progress of her character. Plus Dawn hasn't met Ash yet.
You perfectly encapsulated my thoughts with this! All the people saying they wasted time with Chloe in the beginning rub me off the wrong way, the time we got was needed imo to show her in the journey imo and fits her character, plus I like the parallel they did with Dawn! Just seeing that journey of her as we get the buildup to Dawn while Ash and Goh chase after Darkrai was perfect pacing! There could be a problem that next week's episode is a episode that would be better split in two, but this episode pacing was perfect. And CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE MUSIC here? It was amazing!
I just noticed that there were new tracks in this episode, or at least I've never heard them before, one when Koharu was cooking and one at the end, both were really good.


Justice for Avi!
I’m not sure why but I find Dawn’s “it’s fine” more annoying than “No need to worry” maybe it’s because the writers insisted on having her say it 1000x times this episode.
-Chloe, 2021
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was nice seeing Dawn/Hikari again, and I really enjoyed some of the gags such as the Team Sakuragi moment. I'm not really surprised about Dawn/Hikari not meeting up with Ash/Satoshi though. It seems like the trend in Journeys for returning cast members is that they briefly meet Ash's Journeys companions first, before meeting up with Ash/Satoshi, or with Ash's Journey companion meeting an old cast member/character, before they make Ash and his previous companion meet in the second half of the episode. In this case, the second part.

Example being with Iris meeting Gou before she even met Ash, or Gou meeting Gurkinn and then in the second half of the episode, Ash finally reuniting with Korrina, with the only exception so far being Gary, who met Ash and Gou at the same time.


Justice for Avi!
I wonder if the egg Sakuragi is looking after will become something relevant.
It might be Phione! Chloe was holding a brochure with Phione on the back of it.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
Now I’ve watched the episode again with Subs, it was a lot more entertaining (I found the lead up to Dawn on the first watch dragged, but knowing where exactly she comes into it second time round made the episode feel a lot better)

Really enjoyed the episode, it’s great having Dawn back, and think she interacting well with Chloe, it felt more likely early DP Dawn than how she was at the end of her journey.
I can’t wait to see Dawn interact with Ash in some capacity next week and I hope we get a proper reference to Brock. Was nice that she acknowledged travelling with Ash and Brock in this episode.
If TRio are going after Cresselia I hope that means they’ll come across Dawn since last time she returned, she didn’t come across them at all, they only saw her from the bushes, so it’ll be nice to have them meet again.
So apparently Dawn said "DAIJOUBU" 14 times during this episode...
I'm amazed Iris didn't tease Ash that much in her return episode, but this is a bit too much even for Dawn.