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So Sheer Force Darmanitan is epic. especially in sun with a choice scarf. i was just wondering if there was any way to make Zen Mode remotely usable.
Maybe with Lefties and Substitute? Fire Blast, Psychic. I don't know, just an idea. i never see them competitively. probably for a good reason
Its pretty useless. Shame, since its such a cool idea for a Pokemon. If it kept its speed it might be somewhat useful but even with the improved defenses its not going to last long at 50% HP. 140 base special attack at 50% HP or less is far less impressive than 140 base attack + Sheer Force Flare Blitz at 100% HP.


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Darmanitan-Z can almost never be used competitively. Why? Well the "tank" is really slow, allowing anything to do whatever it wants. Second, having big defenses doesn't outset the 50% you have to stay at ALL times. Also, what about those times when you have to run special attacks on darmaittan when it's at 100% or more? Those defenses aren't too good, so darmanitan could be ko'd in it's noraml forme.

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Maybe a mixed wall breaking set with Flamethrower, psychic, Flare Blilz, and Sub. Out clased by mixape (If you use it) and it will work about 1 times out of 20. It can also be KOed by Stab attacks with only 50% left. Switching in on rocks can help it get down to the 50% range, but still, It won't work that well.


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Unfortunately, in my entire competitive experience (about 2 months), the only use I've found for it at all is in the Pokemon Arena Thread. It's really too bad, it might have some use if GF had given it an item that let it stay in Zen Mode at all times, rather than after it's health dropped, kind of like the Griseous Orb and Girantina's Origin Forme.


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The ability is a gimmick. Its typing gives Darmanitan-Z more weaknesses than resistances. With only 50% Hp, it would get killed really easily. Plus, how would you get there? Substitute is kind of an option, but that would require getting hit a lot, possibly more than Darmanitan can handle. Even then, it has such low Speed it would die before you can use Substitute.


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The quickest way to 50% is either switching into Stealth Rock and using Sub, or using Belly Drum, though the latter is useless on Darmanitan-Z.

Just use regular Darmanitan and a powerful Special sweeper, no use mixing them, makes them useless.


maybe trick room? it is really slow..
edit: i don't plan on using it, it's just i feel like it's such a cool ability to go to waste.


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maybe trick room? it is really slow..
edit: i don't plan on using it, it's just i feel like it's such a cool ability to go to waste.
Yeah, I'd stick with TR or paralysis support if I had to use it.

I agree with you, it's a really cool ability, but it's just far too gimmicky.

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I relaly love the idea of changing a pokemon's form when at lwo hp but i just find it useless on darminant. i agree with the first one hwo posted. Althought maybe it would do better with another pokemon.
Just maybe if darminant got REcover or MOrning sun.


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If it used a recovery move, it would put it over 50% health again and ruin the Zen mode.


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Its very lacking in usability. Number one, you need to be at half your health (not a good situation). You also need a versatile moveset because of the form changing, but this means it would be difficult to have a focused Special moveset. The fact that its agonizingly slow can be easily countered on Trick Room teams, but overall it's pretty bad.

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Yeah, i agree with what most people are saying: It's not Darmanitan Zen's stats or movepool, it's the fact it has to be at 50% at all times. If it was an alternate form that was changed by, say, a held item, it'd be usable


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There really is no point to it as the standard darmanitan is so much more effective.


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It's really hard to decide on a nature for, as instinctively you'd use Quiet, but that ruins normal form's great Speed.


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There's just absolutely no reason to use it. It sits at 50% HP. Do you know how laughably easy that it to dwindle down? Its movepool and whatnot is ok but it's just not worth using. It requires to much work to set up, it's really, really slow, and once it IS set up, it'll die pretty soon.