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Dashes of Salt & Pepper (Chess & DualRival)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Cap D. Blue, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Cap D. Blue

    Cap D. Blue ボルトチェンジ

    I'll be surprised if anybody even recognizes me at this point... anyways. Just something I thought I'd post this because Chessshipping is rapidly becoming my favorite Pokemon ship, and it's just so much fun to write these characters.

    Characters/Pairings: Black/White, Cheren/Bianca
    Rating: T for vague instances of sex.
    Notes: Just wanted to see how well I could do with drabbles/ficlets. Prompts are in italics.


    "What are you waiting for?" White asks, raising an eyebrow at him.

    Black glances up from the plastic wrapper in his hands. "I'm trying to get this open."

    "Let me see," She says, sitting up from against the pillows, holding out her hand.

    "I… I'll get it."

    She picks up on how his voice waivers slightly, the plastic crinkling under his fingertips. "Do you not want to do this?"

    Black jumps slightly at this, face tingeing pink. "Er..." He wants to do it, sure. But being faced with the prospect of actually doing something is different than just talking about it, and they've done plenty of that for the past few weeks.

    White leans forward and smiles patiently. "I see. Take your time. Let's do this right."

    Nodding, he fumbles with the wrapper again. Why don't they make these things easier to open?


    "White, have you seen my hat?"

    She pokes her head from behind the wall, spatula in one hand, apron splayed down her front. "No, sorry. D'you want pancakes?"

    "Huh? Yeah, sure." He starts looking around the apartment, lifting up couch cushions and moving unpacked boxes out of the hall closet. How could he have lost his hat? He put it on the hat rack next to hers, and now it's not there.

    "Are you sure you haven't seen it?"

    "Yes, I'm sure. Blueberry or chocolate chip?"

    "Chocolate." Once White says breakfast is ready, he heaves a sigh and sits at the table, a plate of pancakes waiting for him. Before he could take the first bite, the familiar weight of his hat arrives on his head. He takes it off and sees it's been cleaned to the point of looking brand-new.

    White smiles and hands him the bottle of syrup. "Happy birthday, Black."

    That would explain the pancakes.


    Black leans down to get a better look, the tip of his nose almost touching the glass counter. Pointing at a random spot, he asks, "Think she'll like that one?"

    Cheren glances at it before staring at his friend. "Unlikely."

    "Why not?"

    "Because it's a bracelet."

    "Oh," Black straightens himself, scratching his head. "This is harder than I thought."

    Cheren adjusts his glasses to cover the act of rubbing his temple in frustration. "We've only been here five minutes, Black. Think it over carefully."

    "Hmm." Black starts wandering around, looking into all the glass cases in the store, leaving Cheren to lean against a wall and watch. After a while, Black motions for Cheren to join him.

    "How about this one?" He jabs his finger at a ring sitting in the corner of a shelf in the counter. It's a bright silver band with a modestly sized clear diamond on top, outlaid with small, darker stones.

    Cheren looks at his friend's eager (yet worried) face and gives him a small reassuring smile. "She'll love it,"

    Black's eyes light up and he buys it without a second thought. "Thanks, Cheren. I'll let you know how everything goes."

    "Just put some clothes on before you answer the door this time, okay?"


    "Where's Black?" Bianca asks as White steps out of the apartment lobby.

    "He's finishing his costume." Replies White, adjusting the nurse's hat on her head. "He didn't want me to see it until he was done. I like yours, though."

    Bianca giggles and swings her fake tail in one of her hands. A headband with cat ears pokes up from her blonde hair. "Cheren asked me to be Liepard this year."

    "I didn't ask," snaps Cheren in response, pushing his glasses back up his nose. He wears a blood-stained lab coat over scrubs with a fake hand flopping out of his breast pocket. "She just decided to be a Pokemon."

    "Let me hear your Pokemon's voice," hisses a voice in Cheren's ear, and his heart almost leaps out of his chest as he whips around.
    The brown eyes and evil grin of Black gleam at him, disguised by a green wig, white shirt and khakis. He spreads his arms out to show everyone his costume, a Menger sponge hanging from his belt. "Well? What do you think?"

    "Scariest damn costume I've ever seen." Mutters Cheren as the girls struggle to contain their laughter. "Why'd you decide to go as N, anyways?"


    Black comes home to find White sitting on the couch, an open box of chocolates in her lap. The girl hums and dances in her spot as she peels off the wrapper and pops the candy into her mouth. She spies him as she chews and beams.

    "Can I have some?" Black reaches for the box but White snatches it away, shaking her head.

    "Nuh-uh." White licks her lips and smiles innocently, holding up another piece. Black tries to grab it but she moves it out of reach and eats it.
    "You're being greedy." Mopes Black with a frown, sitting next to her.
    "If you want it," She holds up another piece, the drizzled frosting zigzagging along the top. "Come get it."

    He tries to grab it, she moves away, he leans forward, she leans back, her arm up high, the chocolate falls…

    And lands right down her shirt. Black and White look down at where it had fallen then at each other.

    The box of chocolates lies forgotten on the coffee table for the next hour-and-a-half.


    Black sips his glass of orange juice as Cheren staggers into the kitchen, looking exhausted and hung over.

    "Hey there, sunshine," teases Black, shooting his friend a smirk.

    "Wha' happened last night?" grumbles Cheren, his eyes bloodshot behind his red glasses.

    "You and Bianca got drunk and ambled into our bedroom." Says Black matter-of-factly.

    "… What?"

    "You and Bianca got drunk and ambled into our bedroom." Repeats White as she walks in, giving Black a kiss. She grants Cheren an innocent smile, eyes twinkling evilly.

    Cheren moans and buries his face in his hands, mumbling incoherently. He only looks up when Bianca comes in, wearing Cheren's shirt instead of pajamas. The blonde smiles and asks what's for breakfast.

    As White takes Bianca to lend her some clothes, Black hears Cheren mutter, "Her father's gonna kill me…"


    "Do you ever think about things?" Black asks Cheren as they walk behind White and Bianca in Shopping Mall Nine.

    "More than you do, I bet."

    "I think about why we get dragged along here a lot."

    Cheren eyes the numerous bags being carried by the girls before he answers. "Extra baggage space, perhaps."

    "How did they persuade us to come along?" Black wonders aloud, hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling.

    Cheren doesn't answer at first, because the girls seem to have heard Black and are now leading them into a lingerie store. "You should start paying more attention, I hear it does wonders."


    Sometimes when White gets out of bed first, Black wakes up too and watches her brush her hair. The bathroom opens right into the bedroom and gives him a decent view.

    White's hair is almost the exact same shade of brown as his, but hers is much longer: her sideburns coming down to her shoulders, and the rest normally gets pulled up into a ponytail, but when they go to bed she lets it down.

    She takes her time, brushing carefully, humming to herself as she does so. Black props himself up on his shoulder, just out of view of the mirror over the sink, eyes roaming all over her. Once she finishes she puts it up in her ponytail and turns back to see Black smiling at her.
    "What are you so happy about?"

    "Nothing," Black replies, pulling her on top of him. She's still in her slightly over-sized white t-shirt that she wears with her usual outfit. "Just glad to see you."

    Even with a good morning romp, Black takes care not to mess up her hair. She had put so much work into it, after all.


    Once, in the name of social experimentation, White borrowed Bianca's Musharna in order to see what Black was dreaming about. Musharna would sit on Black's head while he slept, and his dreams would be reflected in the pink mist drifting from the Pokemon's forehead.

    Sometimes it would be simple stuff: winning a tournament, battling strong Trainers, that sort of thing. Other times, he'd have nothing, and occasionally he'd have a nightmare that would require White to recall Musharna before her boyfriend woke up and comfort him. There was also a dream or two that ended up Black waking up in the best way possible.

    After a while, his dreams got repetitive, so White returned Musharna and decided that thinking about what Black dreamt about would be more fun if it was left a mystery.

    Although sometimes she resented the fact that he didn't share his sex dreams with her…


    "Rrgh," White moans and curls up in the bed, blankets and covers pulled over her head. Every month she goes through this and every month it never gets better. But at least it's tolerable…

    "Okay, I got everything." Black comes into the room, looking at the tray in his hands, counting all the items off a mental list. "Tea, chocolate, The Notebook on DVD, thermal wraps… that's everything, right?"

    "Just shut up and get over here," grumbles White from under the covers, and Black sets up the movie and scurries over to the bed, sitting down.

    "What do you want first, tea or chocolate?"

    "Chocolate." White says, so Black hands her the candy bar, settles against the pillows, and plays the movie.

    "Aw, damn, I forgot the tissues…"


    On occasion, Black and White have Cheren and Bianca over for a slumber party. During the day they have Pokemon battles and do some exploring, and at night they stay up late watching movies, and playing video games. The nights usually end with White and Black collapsing on the floor, with Cheren and Bianca on the couch.

    Tonight, though, Bianca might've pushed herself a bit too far, as she passed out around one in the morning while the other three were still going strong. Cheren put a blanket over her and watched as White and Black got into a disagreement about how Green Shells bounced in Mario Kart.

    Finally, around four in the morning, everyone had fallen asleep. Cheren sits up against the couch, head lolling as he breathes. He shifts and turns his head, facing Bianca's. Meanwhile, Bianca stirs a little and sighs Cheren's name, head slipping just a little off the couch cushion.
    When White wakes up around nine, she notices both Cheren and Bianca are now smushed together on the couch, entangled under the blanket, both still asleep. As she passes by on her way to the kitchen, she notices some of Bianca's lipstick on Cheren's face. Smirking a bit, she thinks, "Well, it's about time."


    Cheren doesn't scare easily. He tends to take things as they come, only granting them an eyebrow raise or a snide comment, depending on what's more appropriate. He's even done stuff normal Trainers (not counting Black or White: they're not normal in the slightest) would cower at: fighting off Team Plasma at Dragonspiral Tower, taking on the Pokemon League, training for days on end in the depths of Victory Road.
    But now, Cheren realizes the true meaning of fear, because it's sitting at the table across from him, staring at him with unreadable eyes.

    "So… been seeing my daughter now, have you?"


    "This is Admiral Johnson, requesting permission to launch the sub-nuclear torpedoes…"

    White steps into the bathroom and folds her arms, trying her best not to smile at Black, pushing a plastic Navy ship through the bathwater, only his head from the nose up above the water.

    "Having fun?"

    "Torpedoes launched!" cries Black, ignoring her, making an explosion sound and submerging a second toy ship. "Direct hit! Target has been sunk!"

    "Black~" coos White, leaning down. "Do you want to play with some grown-up toys?"

    "Huh?" Black looks up at her, bubble bath sticking to his matted-down hair. His eyes widen as White pulls off her shirt in front of him. "… I can play with my boats later." He says, flinging them out of the tub.


    When they all go to the park, they split off in different directions: Bianca usually ends up chasing a Pokemon peering down from a tree, Cheren finds a shady spot to read a book, Black climbs the jungle gym, and White hangs from the monkey bars.

    On occasion they get weird looks from parents for being on the playground at their age, but they don't care; they're having fun. Occasionally Black and White disappear together for about an hour, and Bianca usually sits with Cheren after having a tree branch fall on her head.

    Then one day some creepy guy hits on White and Black challenges him to a battle. The ensuing destruction usually ends up with all four of them banned for a week or two.

    "Worth it," says Black as White drags him into the bedroom, leaving Cheren and Bianca in the living room to watch a movie.


    "Y'know, I'm really surprised we got to come back to the beach." Says Bianca, stretching out on a towel underneath an umbrella.

    "Why's that?" asks Cheren, looking up from over his novel, eyebrow raising.

    A sudden shout from the ocean answers his question, and the two look over to see Black and White literally Surfing on Black's Samurott, the samurai sea lion cutting through a giant wave rising up from the ocean.

    As the Pokemon slides into the sandy shore, its riders high-fiving each other in celebration, Cheren returns to his book, saying, "Yeah, you're right."


    The four Trainers stare in disbelief at the Pokemon collapsed at their feet. Black's Samurott and Bianca's Emboar knocked-out each other with a cross-counter of Razor Shell and Brick Break. Meanwhile, White and Cheren's Serperiors tied themselves into a knot due to a clash of Leaf Blades.

    "This… has never happened before." Remarks Cheren, too stunned to help White try to untangle the two Regal Pokemon before they pass out from blood loss.

    Black, while upset that he didn't win, turns around so the others don't see him trying not to laugh. Bianca kneels next to her Emboar and reassures it gently before recalling it.

    "Remind me never to let Black suggest a free-for-all battle ever again." Says Cheren, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration, as the aforementioned Trainer finally kneels over and bursts out into a fit of giggles.


    On occasion White wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks. No, she reminisces. About how she, Black, Cheren, and Bianca have been friends forever. How they all got their first Pokemon and set out on their journey. How they all grew from children into seasoned Pokemon Trainers.

    Staring out the bedroom window and watching the moonlight filter in, White gets overcome with a longing to travel back in time, relive some of the experiences that went by too fast for her to remember clearly. Then she looks down at Black sleeping beside her, a dopy grin over his sleeping face, and she realizes that she's gained too much to yearn for the past.

    White lies back down and shifts closer to Black, feeling his body heat radiate onto her. As she drifts back off to sleep, she thinks that while she misses her past, she's also very much looking forward to the future.

    I already have a second set of drabbles published elsewhere, so depending on how well this is received here, I may be inclined to post them... so see that little box down there? Yeah, you know what to do.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2012
  2. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Nice drabbles. Their all very cute. I was confused at some part because of the lack of description of telling me what as happening. Either way it was a lovely read.
  3. xorain

    xorain i'm in shock

    These drabbles are lovely! Some of them are too cute, some made me laugh, and overall, I enjoyed reading all of them.

    I really like how you portrayed the friendship and relationship between the four of them. I also love the drabble featuring Bianca's dad talking to Cheren, haha. Adorable!

    I do have to say that I had to reread some of the sentences for it to make sense, but it's nothing big. Keep up the good work! :D
  4. Cap D. Blue

    Cap D. Blue ボルトチェンジ

    Oh goodness, I wasn't expecting any replies after so long... I guess it's alright for me to respond to things, then?

    I was kind of going for a minimalist style for these, with them being drabbles and all. I think in general my writing style involves a lot of assumption on the part of the reader, but I'm slowly working changing that.

    Oh yeah. As I said way up top, I love writing these characters. As opposed to Cheren and Bianca, there's not a lot of characterization for Black and White, unless you count their Pokemon Special counterparts, but that only means there's a lot more room to make things up, ha ha. I will admit that there may be some sentences that you might have to read a few times, but I always seem to have trouble getting things written out exactly as I have them in my head.

    Thank you both for your reviews!
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2013

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