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Date Expectations (391)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Battle' started by Serebii, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Date Expectations

    On their way to Pacifidlog Town, Ash & Co. find that it is Donphan's Mating Seasons. They watch as the Donphan show off their Rollouts to impress a brown Donphan. However things get a bit out of hand when Team Rocket show up. Can Ash & Co. Protect it?

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  2. Thriller

    Thriller Its almost time

    Since this episode involves Johto Pokemon I'm gonna predict that things worked out whether the gang was there or not G_G
  3. Was this a good filler? or was it a load of Boring?
  4. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    People, keep your predictions and questions to the Speculation Thread until it's closed when some information regarding the episode has been posted up here. :p
  5. £añkaÑ

    £añkaÑ ~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~

    Well...from the looks it has been a good ep...i don't get why you should hate Johto Series...and hate the pokemon that appear in the other seires...
  6. Porygandrew

    Porygandrew Well-Known Member

    the best parts about this episode:

    1). Ash remembers Phanpy

    2). the MUSIC is great! I sincerely hope kidsWB leaves it intact

    3). May has some tender moments. Heartfelt.

    4). Chimecho's scary face is to die for!

    5). Team Rocket's pretty good in this episode

    6). Snorunt kinda learns ice beam (ooh, sparkly! No, Snorunt isn't a shiny)

    All in all this was a very decent episode. One of the better fillers I've seen for a while. It certainly adds to character development all over the place as well as show the use of pokemon that haven't been seen for a while.
  7. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    Definite character development here. Haruka was willing to give up her chance to be in this year's Grand Festival in order to find Masato.
  8. That Chimcho face was funny!

    Kids Wb don't dub the eps 4Kids do!
  9. Breeders

    Breeders bored out of my wits

    i'm sure that it was a big letdown to have to see May lose her big opportunity and make her dream come true. i sure was hoping for A pokemon co-ordinator's epi.
  10. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    She hasn't lost her chance; it just appeared for a while that she had. The boat they were taking to Pacifidlog broke down, and on the way to the harbor where they could catch another one, the group got separated, with Ash and May away from Brock and Max. Ash and May got to the harbor just before the last boat of the day (which was also the last one that could get her there in time for the next day's contest) was going to leave. Ash tried to get May to go on alone, promising that he'd find Max for her, but she refused, and the boat left without her.

    [spoil]In the end of the episode, they ended up getting back onto the boat that had brought them to the island, as the captain had managed to fix the engine problems.[/spoil] (highlight to see the resolution)
  11. Shiny May

    Shiny May Guest

    wow definite character development for May, it seems like we get to see some real brother/sister love the last few episode. Because when Max met Ralts she was also comforting him and now she doesn't want to go on without him. Wow !! They really start to show the brother/sister love. THat's sweet :D
  12. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    Another bit that is not to be missed: We get to see what happens when Haruka loses her temper. Shortly after the scene described above, Team Rocket tries their capture-the-Pokemon-of-the-day trick. Satoshi is about to deal with them, when Haruka steps forward.
    "If it wasn't for YOU GUYS always getting in the way, I'd already be at Kinagi Island by now!"
    And she proceeds to send out all four pokemon at once, foil TR's plan, cause them considerable pain, and set them up for a blastoff by way of two Donphan using Rollout.
  13. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    Interesting. It's nice to see Chimchou do something new. And Dusktox is used again, yay! I'll never get tired of seeing him in battle. Why? Because not only is Dusktox one of the best designed Houen Pokemon in my opinion, but is also a Team Rocket Pokemon and so gets extra Plus Points from me. :3 *huggles*

    OMG. Underusedshipping. Chimchou x Dusktox. *coins it*

    Anyway, so what the hell happened in this episode? You know, like... what did happen to that loserish looking Donphan with the bandage? And the Shiny One?

    Side note: Yay for going back to using the English names. I guess I'm just too used to them. XD
  14. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    The bandaged Donphan finally managed to win over the shiny Donphan with the mating ritual/dance thingy. And it's actually Ash and friends that are responsible for the bandages. When that Donphan appeared to be attacking them, they fought it off using Corphish and Mudkip, but the Donphan was sent flying and struck a rock, hard. They didn't mean to hurt it, so Brock bandaged it up.

    Yeah, I loved the character development for May here too. Definitely not a random filler.

    Looks like Snorunt has learned Ice Beam, but hasn't gained complete control over the move yet.
  15. Thriller

    Thriller Its almost time

    Ineterseting episode.

    It seems there were only 3 Donphan and none of them had a trainer.

    Exactly what was Chimecho using? Chimecho can't learn scary face.

    Just out of curiousity, when Ash remembered Phanpy, did he use the term "little"?

    I think we should take Meowth to a Pokemon Center and get his brain checked because the Boss Dream of the day was so stupid I cried while I laughed. "Oh yea the Boss will have a great time practicing to be a clown by walking on the Donphan."

    Did anyone notice while TR was blasting off that Chimecho had a Wobbufet type face? That was funny.
  16. Ninetalesuk

    Ninetalesuk Cascade Trainer

    I've seen the shots, they look good. Chimy there looks really weird... What sort of move is that if he can't learn Scary Face...? And what was May talking about with Ash when there was a flashback about her and Ash...?

    Now, I'm more worried about the next episode. I'm postive that it won't be dubbed because of Jynx.
  17. frednmethod

    frednmethod Banned

    Maybe it's chimecho just making a scary face, instead of actually using the move 'scary face'. Anyways, it really scared the crap out of Team Rocket, that was funny.

    Black face = Ban.
    Purple face = No Ban.
    Don't be too worried about episodes being banned. We've had lots of episodes where people speculated that they would be banned, and were proved wrong. (Love at First Flight, Love Petalburg Style etc.)
  18. TeddiUrsa

    TeddiUrsa Well-Known Member

    Chimecho´s scary looking face can be astonish maybe? ^^" Who knows..Or was astonish shown in the episode in which musashi entered the contest with chimecho?

    It would be logical to be astonish, because they were shocked from the move like the attack atonish can do, and chimecho can learn astonish, too I think.

    I liked the character development for haruka very much. It´s strange..even bad looking episodes turn out to be very good.

    but it´s a pity that Takeshi´s part in this episode wasn t very big...I expected much more for him to do ^^"
  19. Thriller

    Thriller Its almost time

    Thats a good point excecpt I thought Astonish ment to Amaze someone.
  20. This episode was better than I thought it was going to be. I like the Advanceshipping in it and May kicking Team Rocket's butt at the end when she used all 4 of her pokemon.

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