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Date Expectations (391)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Battle' started by Serebii, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    The female Donphan actualy sounded like a female. o_o Though I think they use Donphan's Japanese voice.
  2. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Yeah, I think all the Donphan kept their Japanese voices.
  3. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    This episode is foreshadowing heaven! Just goes to show what can be hidden under the surface, huh?
  4. Kabuto

    Kabuto little punks!

    This episode was pretty good. I can safely say there was nice character development and it is always cool to see a shiny.
  5. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Don't be offended if I say anything mean in the two episode discussions today.


    Advanceshipping should die and go to hell. Now that my rage is out of the way, this episode seemed pretty crappy (even for a filler). Just reminded me too much of Bye, Bye, Butterfree. But one good thing is that Donphan was in the anime again.
  6. Sachiko

    Sachiko ...is gone. =(

    Oh, I think after a few months May would have regretted her decision to miss the Grand Festival. Max would be all right with Ash and Brock for one night, right?? Oh well.

    Gah! Advanceshipping hints... not so bad, but still, I don't prefer it.
    May: "Will I be stuck in this forest with Ash forever?!!" or something like that.
    There were little red marks on her face. WHY, my friends? (ha ha)

    And that shiny!!! They should have caught both Bandaged Donphan and the brown one!!! IT'S A FRIGGIN' SHINY!!!!! *is jealous because she cannot find a shiny* *cries*

    I liked the episode. It was good!! I like "May's Expeditions".
  7. Blizzard

    Blizzard My new lover <3

    Yeah, the whole May going psycho and doing a quadruple blast-off attack sequency thingy made me happy.
  8. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Anyone find it funny that they made the Wynaut episode with May lost with Drew on Mirage island, and then right after they make an episode with Ash/May lost together on Donto Island?

    I just find it amusing they had May get lost with boy boys in two episodes in a row.
  9. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    Not really. I don't find "lost" episodes funny unless it has more people.

    As a matter of fact, they're getting boring altogether.
  10. ghost master

    ghost master the kawaiist thing

    this episode was alright alot of foreshadowing. Although the writers couldnt of made it more obvious. Ash dexing donphan and then saying oh yeah phanpy evolves into donphan. I wonder if Phanpy is alright and then have a little pic showing Ash's Phanpy.

    Did anyone get annoyed when Brock and Max were lost and Brock instead of trying to meet up with May and Ash so she could make her contest he changes his mind and plays love doctor with Donphan. Shows how much he cares for May.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2006
  11. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I find your lack of enthusiasm disturbing. Perhaps all the Iron Tails and Shadow balls have fried your mind.

    EDIT: Did they really have to show Ash scan Donphan? I mean c'mon, they could have used May for that instead of making Ash look dumb.
  12. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    I know this message is pretty old, but "Shiny" isn't an offical term. no where in the franchise are they refered to as "shiny pokemon"

    It's only used by the fan community.

    anyway, the one thing that bugged me was the dumbing down of the "breeding season". They made it so that Donphan form manogamous pairs unlike real elephants who just mate with as many avalable females as it can, but being a kids show, I doubt they would get that into it and make it a Donphan documentary...
  13. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    I'll get more specific then. I don't find anything "funny" about pairing May up with Drew in one episode and then in then with Ash in another.

    But give me "Fossil Fools", "The Island of Giant Pokemon", and "A Hole Lotta Trouble!" any day.
  14. Gravy

    Gravy Contaminated KFC

    Oh come off it V, we all know your sides were splitting from the unparalleled hilarity of it all! Your shrewd attempts at covering it up aren't fooling anybody!
    Wait a sec...there was a splitting-up-the-group plot used in "Fossil Fools"? :/

    But anyway. The nitty-gritty of this post was to comment on how super your signature is.
    You signature is super.
  15. Thriller

    Thriller Its almost time

    Yanno, I'm suprised Dogasu didn't do another April Fools Joke regarding this episode, yanno, 4Kids altering the Shiney Donphan to Blue because brown made it look like it had feces all over it.
  16. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    Not only did Ash scan it. But he called that infernal contraption Dexette. Here's one thing I hope disappears with PUSA takes over and they call it a Pokedex like their supposed to.
  17. Kamex

    Kamex Team Rocket's rockin

    Me too. A male Pokemon trying to find a specially-colored female Pokemon. -_-

    Anyway, the episode was okay. May missed the ferry because of Max? Oh, bleah... I think he's safer with Brock than with you anyway... >_> Lucky Carlos was there to save her (BTW, anyone notice how he seemed to be more deeper of a character than his kind tends to be?).

    Did anyone besides me think Donphan yelled "GIRLFRIEND?!" at one point, when I think he actually just yelled out its own name? I dunno, I seriously could've sworn it said that for a second. o_O

  18. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    I don't like reading my quotes by other people... Mainly because I see grammar mistakes that I did not bother to fix in the original message!

    Yeah, there was splitting up in "Fossil Fools"... when the Omanyte come in, and do some stuff, then some other stuff happens.... BAH! Okay, I meant "Forest Grumps", which probably doesn't bode well for me thinking it's funny and all...

  19. Yoshida Amane

    Yoshida Amane SPPf's #2 Tracey Fan

    I like the monogamous pairs. These are Pokemon, not elephants.

    Was this the Donphan episode that everyone was angry 4Kids didn't dub? "THE Donphan Episode?" Is that why it was aired AFTER the Grand Festival ep?

    It was nice to hear about Gomazou again, and Chiirin was cute, as always.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2006
  20. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    4kids did dub this episode, it's just that KidsWB skipped it for the brain dead reason that Jynx was in the following Contest.

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