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Date Expectations (391)


Another boring episode. I was not interested in the Donphan love problem. And, well, I guess that's all that really happened in this episode.
After watching this episode again, I enjoy it a bit more since it deals with two Pokemon trying to express their love for another. :)
Also, now that I'm a little more familiar with a Pokemon's shiny counterpart, I now see that the brown Donphan in this episode was supposed to be it's shiny coloring.
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I kinda liked that Ash remembered Phanpy when he saw the Donphan here. Ash and friends almost being attacked by Rollout-using Donphan made me cackle and I loved that Meowth wanted to snatch the Donphan for Giovanni to use while bowling. I also giggled when TR got flattened and when Snorunt froze the ground and made the Donphan slip.


At best I liked how Ash remembered his Phanpy but the Donphan love stuff seemed like typical filler and I wish more had occurred. 5/10

Mrs. Oreo

Hee hee I liked seeing the island's wild Donphans just rolling around during their courtship season and I was excited when Ash remembered Phanpy. O and I liked the shiny Donphan as well. :3
The Shiny Donphan looked kind of dull but that's the fault of GameFreak for giving it such a rusty color. I liked the Donphan courtship scenes though. :)
What an "erotic" episode. It was nice to see the Donphan mating season and that the males test their strength against each other just like real life elephants. It was funny to see Chimecho play a prank on Jessie and Meowth with Astonish instead of using Heal Bell.~


Good filler. So the one true love for Shiny Donphan is the one that just happened to be attacked by Mudkip and Corphish? Wow, gotta love the coincidences in this show.


It was quite contrived how the boat malfunctioning was used as a plot device to get Satoshi's group to explore the Donfan island. The courtship habits of the wild Donfan were entertaining though, and it was nice to meet another Shiny Pokemon. I chuckled when a Donfan trampled the Rocket-dan, but Chirean's Astonish attack was eerie.


I call you honey
This episode was okayish since we saw Ash and May have lots of interactions. Donphan was funny too. Showing how May cares about Max and the 'Dolphin Love Dance' was cool too.


One of the things that made this episode kind of underwhelming was the fact that Donfan was the star, which felt tiresome since we'd seen Donfan receive a filler already during the Jouto saga. So I didn't think AG needed a Donfan filler of its own.
Ash remembered his baby Phanpy which was good. May deciding to not catch the last ferry to Pacifidlog Town and instead stay behind to search for Max was sweet and so unselfish of her. And even in the end she was rewarded for it since she still got there in time. Team Rocket's scenes were funny as well and James' Chimecho's Astonish was hilarious.
Shiny Donphan!
Aww Chimecho's funny faces :3 ALSO IT MIMICING WOBBUFFET AT THE END!!!!!!!!
Love the talk between Ash and May, May is willing to forego her dream for her brother, love to see it
Just wish Ash would have asked Brock what romance is and have Brock explain it to him to have him break out of his dense shell.