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Dawn/Hikari Fan Club

Pokegirl Fan~

Good riddance serebiiforums
Welcome! This is the place where you can chat with other people who are fans of Dawn.

In this club, you can chat about Dawn, share pictures of her, graphics you made about her, and many other wonderful things=)
Hope we'll all make this a great club!


A little biography about Dawn:
Dawn is a 10 year old girl from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region. In the anime Dawn dreams on becoming a Top Coordinator. In the games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Dawn is a new beginning trainer and is the playable female character.

1. Please stay on topic.
2. Bashing any character, pairing, or member is intolerable.
3. Respect each others' opinions.
4. Any thing not made by you, please indicate the artist or source where you obtain the image.
5. While posting, follow the general SPPF rules. No double posting, mini-modding, etc.
7. No one-line posts, please.
8. Have fun=)

How to sign up:
Why you want to join:
Why do you like Dawn and what is your favorite thing about her?


That moment I found a lifetime treasure
I want to join because I love Dawn obviously. She's my favorite PokeGirl.
My favorite thing about her is how much she struggles to accomplish her goals. Also she's beautiful and carefree.
Best girl!