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Dawn of a Royal Day (639)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors' started by Serebii, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Emperor Empoleon

    Emperor Empoleon Honor of Kalos

    She wasnt dubbed. Since Togekiss' dub name is the same as it's original name. They'll only dub a Pokemon's voice if it's name is distinctly different than the original ^_^

    I liked the episode too. Though, I was kinda confused as to why no one but Jessie questioned 5 ribbon wining "Dawn" being in another contest o_O They dont have rules against that? Seems like anyone could steal a Grand Festival spot if thats the case D: Even still, Togekiss' debut was fun. Its a cute fit for Dawn :3
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010
  2. ash_forever

    ash_forever Greatest Hero

    Throughout the episode I was rooting for Jessalina as it bothered me how nobody really seemed to care that "Dawn" took part and, moreover, even won.
    I would have expected that at least Brock would have the maturity to object and to tell the princess that this violates the rules of fair conduct in the Pokemon world in general.
    Also, Jessalina's great line precisely expressed what I'd been thinking until the end of the episode:
    "You're to be royally impartial. Nobody likes Princess Prejudice!"
    But thank God we had that conciliatory scene in which Jessie was given the ribbon she actually deserved. It made up for the previous unfairness and I'm glad we got it because this would otherwise have been another example how the writers sometimes throw basic principles overboard
    besides Takuto's winning the Sinnoh League, a fact I still haven't quite put up with
    Anyways, with that happy end it was a really awesome episode which I fully enjoyed. Seeing Dawn as uncouth princess was hilarious and Princess Salvia's comment on Dawn's outfit were priceless, no doubt about that

    All in all, a great episode full of funny, exciting and also profound moments and a reconciling end.

    7 out of 10 points
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2010
  3. DarkZerkerX

    DarkZerkerX Master Coordinator

    Okay...this was one of those episodes that I actually watched on T.V instead of just looking it up on a site or something. In fact, I woke up at 4:45AM and sat through horrible cartoons just to watch it...not an easy feat.

    But anyways...I loved this episode. It takes a novel, The Prince and the Pauper and adds a Pokemon twist to it. Now then...some good factors are Dawn's near perfect twin Princess Salvia and her little dress switch. She looks good in a princess gown ^_^. Jessie does NOT deserve that ribbon, but I guess I still wanted her to compete in the Grand Festival and well...this is a good reason. Togekiss has it's JAPANESE VOICE ACTOR!! YAY!! I mean, I love the American dubbed voice actors, but for Pokemon, the original Japanese actors sound SO much better in my opinion.

    But what do I not like about it? Well I love it how nobody notices that Salvia has that very strong accent. Also, the table scene with Dawn was an epic facepalm moment. Funny...and awesome!

  4. Candy-Sama

    Candy-Sama Kawaii Power

    This episode was quite funny. I liked watching Dawn trying to cope with Salvia's princess duties and sitting through 80-something visits from various rich people. I'm also glad Togekiss kept its Japanese voice. The contest was okay, but the highlights for me was how Dawn and Salvia reacted to the switch, with Salvia claiming Jessie was her friend.

    Did anyone else notice that towards the end, Salvia's accent started to sound really fake?
  5. EXGShadow

    EXGShadow Poison fan

    Something felt weird during the entire episode, yet I couldn't figure out until now. Salvia used Dawn's regular dress for the contest, instead of borrowing the pink one.

    Also, togekiss moves taking a third of Jessie's score bar was just unfair. Once the *princess* took *Dawn's* side, the judges did as well. Jessie would never be allowed to win. There's dirt in pokémon world.
  6. Brumrha

    Brumrha Banned

    Another $%^&ing contest?!! Dawn's supposed to be done with these already!!

    ...Wait, what?? That's not Dawn?! That definitely warrants an investigation!​

    - So the gang are standing at the doorstep of the contest hall in the town that they're in, hell if I know what this town is named...
    - Then, from out of nowhere, they get stopped by the royalty of this town. I thought this stuff died off after WW 1.0! Apparantly not...
    - Seems that the princess, who is named Salvia, wants to parttake in that Contest, but there's one "tiny" problem: she has to attend a bunch of guest meets.
    - Thankfully, Dawn looks exactly like her, so they've agreed to switch positions... & clothing! Suffice to say, Salvia looks exactly like Dawn in her clothing, even though she's a tad embarrassed with the short skirt. Hell, she could've been Dawn's blood sister...
    - As the gang leave with the princess in disguise, Dawn has to contend with the guests - a whole %$^&load of them!!
    - Back at the contest, Jesselina makes herself known to the people & the Judges - how she got to the second phase, I didn't want to remember...
    - Salvia gets her chance to appeal, & she uses her Togekiss. It fired an Aura Sphere into the sky, Sky Attacked it so that the sphere split into several more spheres, & lastly broke them up simultaneously, thus creating a psuedo-aroura.
    - Back with Dawn, the guest meets ar all done, & she's spent. Unfortunately for her, there's more: lunch, but not the kind that we're used to. After all, they're royalty, so they eat like royalty.
    - This kind of meal is waaay too formal for Dawn, as once she fumbled something, the whole thing becomes a disaster area...
    - Back at the contest, Salvia makes it to the second phase, & tells ash & Brock how she felt in the appeals. Her heart was pounding during the appeals? The fact that she's an adrenaline junkie is the last thing I would expect from a princess...!
    - Once the second phase starts, we see that Dawn has to actually attend this part of the contest, on the royal balcony!!
    - Now, the finals are upon us - it's down to Jesselina vs. Salvia!
    - At first, Jesselina gets off to a great start & gets Salvia on the ropes, but just as she's about to give up, Dawn up in the balcony shouts out to her to fight until the bitter & bloody end!
    - Getting a Second Wind, Salvia gives it her all, which manages to give Seviper a case of Dead. The ribbon is hers!
    - Back at the coordinator room, Jesselina is looking down, until the princess gives her the ribbon, seemingly in pity...
    - As thanks for getting her into the contest, Salvia gives Dawn her Togekiss for her to use however she wants.
    - Now that everything is done & over with, Dawn & Salvia take back their respective places, & the gang return to their endeavors.
    - The last thing is, Salvia's butler (or father, hell if I know what he is...) scolds her on her manners in the past, completely oblivious as to what she had done.​

    Talk about pulling a fast one... That's what Salvia had done in order to partake in the contest. Thankfully, since Dawn matched her looks down to the ^$#%ing DNA Strands, it was pulled off without anyone being the wiser. & In turn, Dawn now has a Togekiss. Unfortunately, it's most likely that it's way too late for it to make much, if any difference in her career as a coordinator. Not only that, the fact that Salvia gave Jessie her ribbon was the thing that outraged me. That means I'm bringing my sniper rifle to this Razzle Dazzle Festival.​

    *readies his rifle*​
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2010
  7. AstralEon

    AstralEon The one and only.

    Great episode.

    Having Salvia and Dawn switching roles made this episode an entertaining one. Still, I just can't shake off the fact that Dawn and Salvia should be related to one another. There just got to be some connection between their lineage. This is just as coincidental with Jessie and Jessiebelle...

    What I did not like is when Dawn just had to open her mouth and give Salvia some encouragement during the battle.... Lucky for Dawn for having royalty power or else I would have pushed her off the balcony.

    Great to see Togekiss as well. I'm guessing they kept the original Japanese voice. Sounds more better like that. One thing that bugs me is how Aura Sphere and Air Slash almost looks exactly the same.

    Now with Dawn having Togekiss things should get more interesting.

  8. Rebeccag

    Rebeccag Well-Known Member

    Loved this episode loved how Dawn has a doppleganger and how she struggled being the princess, Wanted Jessie to get the ribbon but she finally got it anyway so yay she can now be in the grand festival. And Togekiss is really cute I love it ^_^
  9. Typhlosion Trainer

    Typhlosion Trainer Fire Trainer

    I liked this episode. It was funny that Dawn couldnt handle being a princess.
  10. Stormheart

    Stormheart Nichi the Chira

    I liked this episode, and I picked up on the fact that Ash was the first to compliment Dawn's looks.
  11. OveReAction

    OveReAction New Member

    Poor Dawn. Having trouble with princess moments. When she yells at Salvia during the contest, i wasn't watching! XD
  12. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    "You can do it, Princess!...I mean, me!...I mean, what do I mean?" XD
  13. poizonsting

    poizonsting Pokemon master

    Dawn's mini-skirt is so mini that even Princess Salvia had to admit that it makes her feel embarrassing XD. Even though she's the doppelganger of Dawn, I liked Princess Salvia more than Dawn because she just has a deeper personality than Dawn. I also liked Princess Salvia's contest battling (again, 10X better than Dawn) and her background medieval music.
  14. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    Jessie must be angry that Princess Salvia (She didn't know it was Dawn) was being partial
  15. I had no idea that Togekiss was so huge!

    We haven't seen anyone get a pity ribbon/badge for a long time!
    Well, at least I haven't.

    So this is the episode where Dawn get's a Togekiss.
    I think it's a an awesome fit for her, and it will make a nice addition for the Grand Festival.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  16. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    This episode was very cool. It was great to see Togekiss for the 1st time. It was funny and interesting to see the Princess and Dawn switch places so that the Princess could enter the Contest. It was very cool to see the Princess end up giving Jessie her 5th Ribbon, instead of keeping it. Togekiss' Appeal was really cool. There were many funny moments with Dawn pretending to be the Princess, especially when she called down to the real Princess and then was yelled at to sit down. I'm glad the Princess gave Dawn her Togekiss, it really suits her.

  17. wind21

    wind21 Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess I'll call it here. Obviously skipped a ton of episodes, but I think this is a great one to be the final one. There's something very very special about this episode. The act of kindness the princess shows Jessie is something I don't really think I've ever seen in any sort of literature before, at least not quite in this way. The idea that the princess could try her best in the contest and win it, but still remember why she entered in the first place is something very pretty. Maybe idealistic, but it's very sweet. It's the genuine case of remembering why you do what you do, regardless of what success or failures come out of it. Awards, ultimately, are kind of meaningless. They are supposed to be a material representation of what you've achieved, or a show that's you've grown b/c of some experience. But if you really grew in the first place, then it'll show in your personality and the way you conduct yourself. I've said often times that one of the best things about Sinnoh Ash is that he doesn't brag about his past achievements; he only mentions them when asked by Dawn or when he has some real comment to make about a situation that relates to one of his past experiences. The best example of that to me was that he never told Paul he beat Brandon until Brandon's appearance in the Sinnoh region, after Paul had really begun to consider himself the better trainer. If you really trust yourself, then you don't need to bring up awards or show off trophies. And I think that's really applicable to the princess. She recognizes that the ribbon is not so important for her; what she wanted was a fun day out with her Togekiss, and she enjoyed every second of it. Seeing that Jessie's dream of entering the Grand Festival will not be realized w/o this ribbon, the princess gifts it to her. It's a really amazing scene. What's even more amazing is that we, as the viewer, realize that this is Jessie's 2nd ribbon that she's gotten somewhat unfairly (the first was with James's impersonation contest win). Yet, the princess doesn't know that; all she sees is that she's beaten someone in the final who really needed this ribbon to compete at the Grand Festival. And this coordinator would always despise Dawn for competing in a contest she didn't need to win. From her point of view, giving Jessie the ribbon is the least she can do, and by far the right thing to do. As the viewers, we know that this "right" thing to do isn't so clearly "right"; we know all of Jessie's story. But in real life, you probably won't be the viewer who knows everything. You will probably be in the princess's shoes, knowing only part of the story of anybody. It's why I believe you should probably not jump to conclusions about anyone just based on initial impressions. People are complicated. Yet, regardless of that, what the princess did, I think, was a really beautiful thing to do. And Jessie appreciates it. B/c she also only knows part of the story. We know the princess doesn't know about how Jessie taunted Dawn after Dawn lost 2 contests in a row, in what was really Dawn's toughest moments in the Sinnoh region. Jessie believes that this is an unbelievable show of character from Dawn, to disregard things like that and give her the ribbon; the princess's motives aren't maybe quite so noble. But that's fine. Something really good comes out of the princess's actions, and Jessie is a little better of a person for it. I think; I guess that's debatable. Jessie's appreciation shows up more at the Grand Festival; Dawn's result at the Grand Festival also has a very big impact on Jessie's future career as a coordinator.

    So that's that. Hope someone somewhere really enjoyed at least some of the reviews I wrote, sometimes. I really tried my best, and I learned a lot. I tried to be sincere about it, and relate what I've seen in this episodes to what I've personally experienced in my nearly 21 years of existence. My inspiration for doing these was b/c of the back reviews S. Suikun (probably didn't spell his name right) wrote a few summers ago; I had so much fun reading those every day. I don't quite have his sense of humor, but I hope someone somewhere really got some joy out of reading these things (I have my doubts after the crap I've read the past few days about my reviews). You might think that b/c of those criticisms I'm stopping, and if so, why did I waste my time arguing? B/c maybe for someone else in the future, that'll help. I would feel comfortable turning in many of these reviews I've written to any of my college professors I've had (I'll be graduating next semester, so it's not like I'm a beginner), and I know that what I've written is not baseless junk or terribly wrong. I know I didn't do anything wrong, and in fact, I think I did a lot right in being honest about my interpretations of scenes. Writing has 2 purposes: honesty and persuasion. Honesty is the best way to go, and it's definitely the way to go when you're just having fun, as many of us are on this forum. Well, anyway, thanks to anyone who maybe read these on a consistent basis (if anyone).
  18. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    Togekiss is soo cute =3 cool to see that Dawn may keep Togekiss with her =D
  19. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    It was a fun episode but to be honest I found a bit unfair. There must be some rules that stop people with 5 ribbons from entering, or else they could win about 12 ribbons and stop loads of people from getting in the Grand Festival? All I wanted was for Jessalina to win but that didn't even happen. But it was a very fun episode and it was nice to see Dawn get Togekiss (even though it was a pretty stupid reason).

    I also loved the music they played when Salvia gave her ribbon to Jessalina, does anyone know what it was?
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2011
  20. TabiPianist

    TabiPianist 'Dis ma game face!!

    This episode was fun. I liked how nice the princess was to jessie.

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