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Dawn vs may vs misty vs iris

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who was your favorite out of these companions and why for me it is
1st may just because she's from hoenn and awesome ;)
2nd misty a childhood fav and water types
3rd iris she has an axew !!!!!!
4th dawn sorry I don't know how but she ruined mamoswine for me and my best friend



Just to be backwards.
I will try my best not to say who I want to win. But, I cannot resist. Misty all the way. Yes, with the Gyarados, Starmie, Politoed, and Corsola.



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Ok, seriously I propose we just stick to our own opinions on this one. No backhanded comments, no why character a is better than character b, just enjoy the topic. Quote this if you agree.
No, seriously we need to commit to this. Sound good guys :)?

Ok, here's my favorite in order. I'd like to keep it simple and not go off on the merits of each, but I'll talk briefly about my favorite :p.

1. Misty. Was a favorite from the very beginning. She enjoyed many memorable adventures with the gang and she was a great friend.
2. May
3. Dawn
4. Iris
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1st May
I put May first because I liked her character development and how she was caring. She was not always insulting people. She was more mature in many ways (no pun intended).

2nd Dawn
I put Dawn second because I don't like Misty or Iris... So that moved her to second...

3rd Misty
I never really never liked Misty. She was arrogant and I don't like the way she treated Brock or Ash. She was always pulling Brock's ears instead of telling him to stop hittin on girls or that he got carried away again. I also did not like the tomboy aspect of Misty. What sealed her in third place is the Misty fanboys and fangirls. Yes some are perfectly fine but many of them are just Misty this, Misty that... Blah blah blah... It's like the Charizard fan's. Some rotten apples spoil the bunch.

4th Iris
I don't like her attitude. I don't like how she calls Ash a kid all the time. I stoped watching the BW series at episode 3 because I was annoyed of Iris.

I did not write any of this to offend anyone I am only stating my point of view.

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1) May, I love her and I like to ship her with Harley :D
2) Misty, dam you nostalgia!
3) Iris, she is basically Misty reborn <3
4) Dawn, I still love her but she just doesn't appeal to me like the other girls do :(


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Iris > Hikari > Kasumi > Haruka.

- I love Iris' personality (in the anime, of course) and design. Plus, her episodes are always the best... And her team is niiice, besides the annoying Kayriu, of course.

- Hikari was such a fun character, specially in the late episodes of D&P. I loved the episodes centered on her.

- Kasumi, well, I don't get why people hate her so much... The only thing I have against her is that she hates bugs lol.

- Haruka... I am not familiar with AG, so I don't know -that- much about the character. I lover her design, nonetheless.

And I absolutely love Hikari and Iris' catchphrases. Dai-jo-bu~ and Kodomo ne~
Haters gonna hate :p


1. May
2. Dawn
3. Iris/Misty

Misty was getting old and boring as she didnt do anything, so May was a breath of fresh air. She actually battled and for the first time, the show had two main characters instead of only Ash. Dawn arguably had more character development than May, as she lost quite a few contests(including two in the first round!) before winning her first one, but since she appeared after May, the whole contest thing had become a bit predictable. Iris and Misty did nothing and i believe Togepi and Axew had a lot of potential, but i think the writers failed with them. I only follow the dub, so i dont know what happens later, but so far, Axew has been a huge disappointment, simply because Iris didnt battle enough, and when she does battle, she doesnt use Axew. Axew learning Giga Impact by 'battling' Cynthia was cheap in my opinion, simply because Axew has barely battled in its life. I feel Iris had a lot of potential, but was wasted completely. Lets see what happens later.....
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